Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thoughts on How to be Super at a Lot of Things if U just Listen to Me

Since the kids usually outnumber us on any given day it actually isn't that surprising that a lot of our projects involve activities with the kids and/or are inspired by the kids.

Here is a little example of how the Wrecking Krew has inspired us all creatively.  We had an old second-hand wooden fold-out table because we are a family of 7 and need a big table!  It was slowly getting beat down and we had to repair quite a bit of it.  So, CandyMan decided to spruce it up.

The Wrecking Krew have some aka's and emoji's (E-mo-G) (we pronounce things weird over here.)

Coco Loco in the corner with her future monkey face emoji getting prepped.

CandyMann painted ip up. 


CoCo Loco is a a natural tinkerer and artist and generally inspired. 
After the Wrecking Krew emoji table was in the process of being painted she whipped up some miniature delights also inspired by the Krew.

I thought it was so sweet how we have some major family friends, Lisa (from THE BIZNESS) and Jon, that were represented by two title heaters.   Friends & family are where it's at!!!!  

Work in progress, but still pretty cool :D

Fashion News

Some cute dresses in large and extra large sizes in the shop.
Some have some minor flaws, but so wearable and fun.  

Winter lewk with lots of old pieces like my vintage 90s camel colored velvet The Limited or Express pants, T@rget jacket that is rather worn now, but I still love.  Thrifted 90s orange and blue GAP button-up shirt.  Lots of old necklaces, including my engraved Rebecca heart locket.  Old rings. Vintage leather boots bought a few years ago for cheap off Etsy. 

Love & Light, 

MEME LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of my bday and bday month and year and basically the The Age of Aquarius and The Dawn of Aquarius or other bullshit that involves me and my birthday and cake and stuff let's present this absolutely wonderful handcrafted and super personal, not to mention COOL, meme made in my honor special me I'm the best it's my day BIRTHDAY MEME from my super cute boyfriend CandyMan. 

I'd also like to discuss how happy I was to see Killer Mike and RTJ except I can't articulate or incapsilate into words yet.

I love Killer Mike.  More on him later. 

Too real!!!  

I need the whole team lolol

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

OUT OF THEIR WAY aka The Bizness

The Rundown: My mom was leaving our house to visit my Grandma about 3 hours away...  When she arrived she found some dresses in her mom's closet and persuaded her to pass them on to me.  She was less than 3 hours from me, but Sam was on her way from ATL and they met up and delivered some vintage dresses, yo!!!!!

All I'm saying is these ladies all went way OUT OF THEIR way to be generous and we put those dresses on right away!!!!!!

Link to the shop here!!!!  So many really reasonable priced dresses.  The first few I put up are large and extra large 60s dresses.  I think I have one or two more scooter style to list.

I have been continuously working and just stopped for a second this morning from listing and writing.   I'm glad CandyMan grabs and stops me for a second sometimes, and we'll look at each other.   We'll stop and ask if we really know how lucky we are, even to have the problems we have---we are always thinking about this whole family.

*******OUT OF THEIR WAY******
It's like a little reminder of who is constantly kind and generous.  I have a lot of good examples.  All my friends and family.  They go out of their way for others and their kindness trumps everything.  One of these ladies has been Grandma level filling a role of Chik-fil-A trips and one is driving all over a state to help my small bizness and family and orchestrate a "Donut Heist" when a little girl needs it to go down.  

CandyMan and the whole Wrecking Krew, all the friends and fam, I swear are what makes things great lately.  I have really gotten to know a few people and I love how they are getting to know me.
I was recently described as LOGICIAN and I felt like it fit, but the first two guys who heard said no...   It's like, do they even know me, are they sexist, maybe logician is not accurate????  (see MEME LYFE below for confirmation on what's what tho---planets!) lolololololol
It did mention my personality liked to question things, which made sense to me.

Love & Light


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

No Flex Zone P.P. Knuckles aka Party Pants aka Wrecking Krew QT and Halloween Pumpkin Carving

They Know Better <3 <3 <3

The best (belated) Birffffffday Wishes post to P. P. Knuckles!!!!!
Little member of the WreckingKrew!!!!!!!!!!

A little 2016 flashback!

It was a backyard shenanigans fun-filled frisbee throwing kinda day.  Cake by CandyMan and friends and family.

Also, old 2016 Halloween Pumpkin Carving pics and trashy outfit choices including badass vintage cowboy boots from an amazing vendor friend who I can't quite remember, but have probably referenced before and super tight acid wash skinny jeans.  Our friend hosted this cute event for all of us and it was such a blast.

CandyMan had to help carve 4 pumpkins!!!! 
4 pumpkins for 2016
Dit it.

2016 definitely had a friends and family focus for us. 
I can get a little obnoxious with the camera, but I like finally having some pics!  

Aforementioned outfit 

Love & Light, 


Trust me, CandyMan can fix a computer.  I knew before he was my boyfriend he could because we had some computer shit go DOWN and he had to take care of it.  That is the stuff people.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Keep It Going

More stuff straight from the closet to the shop.

Was loving this striped shirt, but it's in the shop now.
I'm wearing it here from a while ago:

I was blonde!!!!  Probably a year or two ago.  I want to dye my hair so bad rn, but too pricey and I've damaged it b4 with home dye.  I'll have to save up.  Right now we are scrimpin' for gas $$$ for NY.

Here is the listing:

The necklace is now listed here:

I really have a few key pieces that I just wear constantly.  A lot of the jewelry I'm wearing now are this long rectangular silver and turquoise pendent I've had for years, this scorpion necklace, and the vintage heart locket that was a gift ages ago from my aunt I think...

Some clothes that are staying are this shirt with a Red Camel Made in Bangladesh label.  CandyMan immediately said camel toe! And I thought the Bangladesh sounded exotic and I'm not 100% sure I spelled it correctly.  Obvi a very sexy lumberjack style top.  I think horseback riding gets mentioned when I wear it.
Jeans are some second-hand high-waisted button fly American Eagle Outfitters.  I wear a lot of crazy jeans and a LOT of jeans and clothes from surprisingly preppy stores.  



Beaded belt close-up.

KENDRICK LAMAR  The bass got my attention, but the flow & lyrics...  CandyMan and I are kinda loving him constantly.

Love & Light, 


I think CandyMan and I sent this to each other and he rolls his eyes...

Sneak peek at the new My&MyAdidas shirt <3 
Slow down there freshie!!!
He knows me. 


Tuesday, December 13, 2016



December is scaring me a little.
I'm not ready.  The gifts are not ready.  Rent is due.  Taxes due.

I just pulled up a bunch of jeans to sell.  I'm trying on all my clothes.  Sort of a 'wear it or lose it' situation.  Lots of cool stuff on the way out.

This leotard had been on hold a while, so I put it to the test.  I wore it!!!!  So it's a keeper for a bit.  Although, I feel like it's a bit snug---even though it's comfy.   Keep for now.   Idk idk idk!

My camera and the pics on it are totally suspect.  I try to save pics and I can't find them.  I feel like the camera is shady and made to fuck with and hide my own pics.  It's made movies and sent them to me.  It's like, hey camera, fuck off.  These are my photos.  This thing is like AI level jacking my content and producing shit on it's own.  Making suggestions and showing off stuff I never even asked for...  
I don't need this aggressive technology.  
Update harassment and whatnot!  
So, since editing that one pic did not go smoothly, we'll save more ootd stuff for later.

Some 'wear it or lose it stuff' is on the move tho.  

Serious bizness sorting through my closet----I know u know!!!!!  

Love & Light. 




Monday, December 5, 2016

Yesterday and Today 12/4-12/5

Lots of stuff on both these days.

A year with this guy as of the 4th:

This was taken on Thanksgiving.  I didn't have my girls with me for the first time ever.  I got to spend time with my dad's side of the family for this holiday, which was different, but SOOOOO GREAT!!!!
 I didn't have my girls because they were with their father for Thanksgiving this year.  Holidays will be a little different from now on because, as of today, I am officially divorced.  It took a while because of some of the separation/divorce requirements NC sets, but is now done.

The 4th was also the anniversary of CandyMan's father who passed away in 2001:

I never got to meet him, but I've heard so much about him.  He was an amazing soccer coach here in the U.S.  I think it would be cool for CandyMan to do a post about him one day.
Plus, it's time to start catching up on the people and things I've been doing this year.  I've been a spotty blogger for sure lately.  Fill in the blanks and updates in order.

Everyday wear clothes talk right here.
It has been super warm this fall, but has finally has cooled down a bit.
This is a quick pic of me wearing a borrowed sweater.  Let's not forget how good BORROWED clothes are people!!!  Nothing is better than borrowing/lending clothes.  This sweater is from CandyMan's friend Lisa, who is now a friend of mine.  She lived in NY and Tampa and now Asheville, but had a ton of extra warm clothes from being in NY and her style is dope!

Since we live only 10 minutes away I now have this sweater and a few other items on semi-permanent retainer!

Another random fall outfit post.  Goodwill button up modern second-hand flared jeans and a vintage 70s black and silver lurex shirt and vintage Scorpion medallion necklace and other vintage rings and bracelets and stuff.

Had some horrible issues with the store, but it is back up and running again.  The perils of small biz are that any set back or small shut down can be extremely detrimental.  

Hooking up to Visible Monday :)

Love & Light, 
SHOP: PinkCheetahVintage   

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Grow Up Already!!!!!!!!!!

20 Trends You're Too Old To Wear But Actually Who Cares

I saw this article and thought wellllllll lemme see if I break the rules.

LOLOL it was like almost every rule.

Literally bins in my room overspilling with over-the-top denim.  See here, too.
More vintage 90s super tight and crazy jeans shown here on IG.

'Peek-A-Boo bra straps' are a NO apparently 

Entire bra showing in post here.

NO outrageous socks, platform footwear, and sleazy dresses.
That sums up a huge portion of my entire aesthetic.  

Below I'm breaking a number of rules including short cut-off shorts and crop-tops lolol

Let's not even discuss how all my shoe shopping ventures have me literally on  or something.  Srsly I stalk these silver glitter shoes lol!!!!!


I was going to all systematically go through this whole article showing how I don't follow any of the rules, but I'm already bored of my own post.  
Off to check blogs and see what you're wearing and doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hooking up to Visible Monday!!

Love & Light, 

Meme Lyfe


This is just real.  I totally let other people how I'm dressing when we're going out.  I love a good outfit discussion believe u me 
But, for real tho I do.
I also enjoy hashtags. And memes.  I might luv IG a lil bit.  But, not enough to marry it.