Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!! And I Actually Think Some People Need It

It is a commercial holiday, which is lame.  But, not everyone has a romantic personality and they need a reminder.  If you're romantic all the time---that's wonderful!  That's how I am!  Not everybody tho, not everybody...

I am about 2/3 thru my workday and earlier I dropped of Valentine packages to my kids at school since I won't see them today.  I've been single for Valentine's Day and in relationships for Valentine's Day----but, b4 all that started my mom was my OG valentine.  So, I like to do it for my kids <3

This is me sitting on my couch in the window to enjoy the sunshine in a thrifted chocolate brown vintage 90s men's Cremieux cable knit sweater.  I was chatting with friend Sam and all I can think about are these 'Danny's Donuts' in Gainesville, GA that she says are just incredibly delicious.  I want them in my mouth lolol  They are hours away from me unfortunately.

Here's me in my old 90s dark floral dress---worn a lot, but this video is discussing how I ripped up the top to be more my liking.  Wearing a long sleeve velvet crop top over it now bcuz winter.  And dese boots again---worth every penny so far. 

And now for Miss Beautiful Lacy!  She was my first renter 4 years ago in Asheville and we've been friends ever since. She's an absolute Mermaid and always looks amazing and we're always supposed to take a picture and we always forget!!!  Love this little millennial ✰✰✰

And some vintage of course!  Not all vintage has to be totally off the charts wild---I feel like people miss some easy opportunities to incorporate everyday vintage clothes into their life.  Here are some fun vintage separates.

Love & Light, 

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Lovely Low Key Weekend of Working & seeing a few friends & some 90s fashion

I was sort of low-key working thru the weekend.  Winter is sort of a slow season here and I feel it, too.  My friend Jo messaged me who now works out of town that she'd be around Sunday evening and we ran around a bit and she treated me to dinner at one of her favorite spots PLANT.  It's a renowned vegan restaurant.  For the record, neither she or I are even vegan.  I have no photos, but it was fantastic and worth checking out if you have an opportunity.  It was so nice catching up with her face to face and she is thriving, which is fabulous.  We also did non-fancy things like drop off her grill and look at mountain bike equipment!

It was cold so I was underdressed at the restaurant in a old 90s Roxy sweatshirt---my winter wardrobe lacks dressy options.  Note to self lol

This one below is Saturday day night.  Was super happy about to pop out and hear some music and I got to hang with a few friends.  Always nice to catch up in person face to face <3     
 Wearing an old favorite disco silver lurex shirt, also shown here.  Vintage chain mail necklace worn b4 here.  Contemporary black skinny pants and winter boots shown here
Also, cheap NYX matte eyeliner.
I snapped one photo b4 heading out---ridiculously smirky for no reason lol

Fun ways to level up some lewks.  
This semi-sheer vintage 90s FANG mandala print shirt is listed here.

This 90s black LBD is listed here.

This is me from the actual 90s in a similar simple classic LBD.  Crochet and bead choker, small black sunnies, & asymmetrical pixie cut.  Red lippy!  Cue hanging out in the parking lot. 

Love & Light, 

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Just more people I love... Some selfies... Plus a Pin Up girl at Woolworth's!

 So, in January, my brother and his wife Chacha and their son Joseph, got to come visit us.
Baby Dream, Baby Joseph, Girl London, Ciella (London's good friend), Chacha, Me, Richard---it was wonderful.  We are at Green Tea Sushi and it's London's favorite sushi restaurant.

Cousins 😍😍😍

My adorable little nephew----he's unbelievably cute.  We are at Woolworth Walk, one of my favorite affordable art galleries in Asheville.

While we were there, my brother spotted this local pin up beauty at the remodeled soda fountain lunch counter.  How perfect is she in front of the Coke display in her smart red caot &hat???  Check her blog ThatPinUp here and her IG here.   She was extremely lovely and let me take her photo 😻😻😻


Busted out my vintage embroidered chambray shirt (seen here b4) for a morning when it was warmer.

Later change into this vintage green dress I've had for quite a while.  Seen b4 here and here for other styling.  Wearing it with a sweater I thrifted 'new to me' over it today.

Slightly ridiculous video of me trying to showcase my ootd. 

So I really wanted to keep this handmade animal print duster style vest.  I adore layering this type stuff over strappy dresses and tank tops in the spring/summer.  But, winter is hard and my gut, and my bank account, says list!  Mostly my bank account lol!  Anyway, it's very Steven Tyler and I think a small rocker dude would look killer in it, too.  Listed here

Can't wait to see what you're wearin'!!!!

Love & Light,

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Monday, February 4, 2019

February is here 😍 This Monday is a Workday for me, but I'm into it!!!

Baby Foxy with all the Shiba stuffies from the weekend with my kids.  Just cuteness overload.

The sun came out on Sunday.  I couldn't find a hairbrush.  I was working, but I didn't care.  It's nice after a cold spell.  Wearing an oversized men's hand-me-down from my cousin Fran's husband. 

Shopping my closet wearing this fun off the shoulder top over a different dress.  Shown b4 here.  This top really goes great over dresses.  
I'm 43 and I dye my hair to cover the grey, but I love being blonde, too!!!  So much.  Just literally can't afford to be blonde rn.  That takes frequent double processing at the salon and the costs add up!

Here are some throwbacks to me as a blonde in my 90s Body Central Mondrian style print top.

This one is from this blog post.

Some prints just always catch your eye.
This similar print 100% silk blouse listed here.

I adore these little fuzzy furry vest.  This one is 90s and real fur and leather. 

I honestly love dressing up to the nines, but I also just like wearing weird regular clothes.  I wear a lot of odd pieces, from different people.  Sometimes just changing my clothes makes me feel better. 

Love & Light, 

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My Birthday Month is Almost Over!!!!!!!

Pizza party.  Turning 9.  Atlanta '85.



Balloons.  Perfecto. 

Around this age I was a Daisy Scout/Girl Scout.
Still absolutely love the Girl Scouts. A throwback to when I was still in Florida and my older daughter was able to be a scout for a bit.  
Me in my old way too tiny sash below.

My current 9 year old for comparison---Baby Dream & Foxy The King πŸ•

Better do my other baby for good measure!  Girl London 🐾

Shopping my closet for lewks!

This coat is listed here, but trust me, was under heavy keeping consideration.
Vintage 90s Large Petite Misdemeanor zebra print jacket.

 And if you've got Valentine's Day on the mind...  
This NWT 90s backless sexy lingerie style dress is πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£

Off to check your lovely blogs for inspo & ideas πŸ’•

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

WINTER LUAU was the best dnb & jungle party we've had in Asheville πŸ”ˆπŸ”‰πŸ”Š

Okkkkkkk  at least it feels like that!!!!!

These pics are from Krista (talked about here & here---one of my best little insanely creative & talented friends) and the concept of the Winter Luau started with her inspo from a tiki mug cocktail beverage---I mentioned it here, as well with links to all the hosts.

These pics are from Vinyl Revisions  her vinyl DJ party productions & promotions org. and they're all I've got--- I took no pics lolol

People danced their booties off non-stop until 3am proper!

Tommy, Krista's wonderful man (luv him!) 

Tommy aka DJ LaMorte, me, Krista (aka DJ Alusia), & Eric (aka DJ Oneiric)

Krista's friend, Duane (aka ND-Skyz) & Krista
It was so wonderful to hang out with everyone. Srsly positive vibezzz only & hospitality weekend.

Everybody got lei'd! 🌸🌺🌼

And if you want to hear the music for the evening it was like recorded by DJ Terrance Young of BeatDrifters on his YouTube channel:

This is the event page if you want to follow up on all the DJ's or follow to maybe come to one of the events!

It was incredible and I'm grateful for my friends.  Sam made it from ATL---I have no pics of us lolol it's like I'm back to 25 years ago!

Love & Light,

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Tropical vibezzz vintage romper:

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Two of my friends of 25 years (fbf 90s and a clip from The Non-Binary Nowness for inspo)

I'm 43 and I've been friends with Charles and Sam for 25 years---met them both when I was 18.

This is the apartment I moved into 100% by myself on Waters Ave in Tampa.  I quit my job shortly after lolzzz  Tim, on the left in black, ended up quitting as well (we worked together) and subsequently crashed at my place for approximately 3 months of the 10 month lease.  We used to pay an old co-worker $10 and she'd make a big dish of homemade jerk chicken macaroni and cheese for us...  She was from Jamaica.
Charles is on the right---old best friend and roommate mentioned here (so glad I got a pic of us!) & here.  They are sitting on my old round leopard print chair I inherited from My Uncle Jimmy.  It's gone now...  {{sigh}}

My old school Guinness posters --also gone :( are sort of visible.

Sam & I chillin' on the bed b4 we all head out.
We used to wear extremely wide-leg pants. 

Jen, Sam, & Charles  --- they're so cute!
We are at house party with DJ's.  Super popular in Tampa in the 90s.  

Me, Dan, & Sam...
You can't tell from the pic, but my shirt is silver sparkly.  So funny to see Sam in Adidas because she's always in Puma lol

We are in our 20's in these pics.  It was old school cameras back then, so we have a lot LESS pics of ourselves compared to today's youth.
Like, I think these were the only pics we took that year πŸ˜‚

I still have the vintage 70s black studded jacket--also shown here!!!
Thrifted it as a teen in Tampa.  
Pic is horrible---but that's film people!  You had no idea until it was developed it sucked. 

Me, Jen, & Sam :)

It was '98 (according to the pic date) so I was 22 here.  
Still just as into electronic dance music--- techno, jungle, house, and whatnot... is all edm now.

Nostalgia.  Lots of Adidas!  You can def still see the 90s style influence today.  (I'm wearing blue suede Puma's tho---can't be seen in these particular pics.) 
So glad to know these two for two and half decades.

Here's a little video I really liked about learning to be accepting.  If you believe gender is a social construct, then your language should reflect that---ya' better come correct!
The future is non-binary :)

Back to 43 years old here---thanks for strolling down memory lane with me.  Birthdays can make you take stock of good stuff---lots of love.
Wearing a strawberry themed Youtube hoodie that's my daughter's and a bit big for her...

Layered with a secondhand 90s Harve Benard red coat that is new to me and vintage silver heart locket <3
It's too cold for me!

Full pic of coat.  I love it.
Secondhand ftw!!

Love & Light,

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