Friday, June 23, 2017

Button-Up mean BIzness!!! Women's Club Wrecking Krew Avl 828 Summer To Do List Porn In The Dropbox Jealousy

PinkCheetahVintage shop going down 4real in this button-up tho

Our kids are going on vacay for 10 days with their other parents and I'm sad thinking about it---
I worry about sunburns and staying hydrated----and I miss them all like crazy.  

People!!!!  If u haven't used that crazy app to put a dog face on your face you should.  Dog faces are way cute and it makes you immediately 10x cuter.  Immediately. 

Summer to do list.
Get radiator fixed.  
Get bathroom floor done.
Organize entire store.
Build a bedroom.
Build an office.
Put in a new toilet/shower.

These all seem like nightmares and some need to be done asap.

Also, my bedroom got destroyed again in a tornado of clothes and all I'm doing today is working.
Like a dog.



Jealousy.  I def get jealous.
Like, if my man thinks about sending a sexy pic or gets too flirty----I'm r here to remind himmm :)  I'm not sexist in my jealousy, although I battle being sexist all the time, I will tell dudes to back off, too. 
These socks up here started a convo on jealousy ^^^

He's pretty cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!  
Anyways, I've noticed nobody likes to talk about jealously and in this new age of social media----basically endless levels and ways to contact, connect, 'touch' each other---
I'm def watching, paying attention with disappearing pics and stuff like that there are new social territories and new boundaries.  These are not the old days of Playboy Magazines stashed in closets and stuff-----so don't act like it.
It used to be rude to telephone someone past 9 pm and now we debate pm'ing in real time with people at 2 am as 'business'?  Not for me.  My vibe at 2am is personal.

I don't like to act like I have to portray a perfect persona or relationship online---that I never get upset, argue, or get jealous or be real.
I do all those things!
With this lucky guy LOLOL!
Original post here.

We're all the good stuff u see and more---everything. 
OMG he rly better stop it!!  On IG!!!

I guess the new-age feminist thing to do is let him be sexy, r???
Did somebody say take ur shirt off???
I need SamIAm to write a blog post in regards to Florida/NewYork boys and the relationship between being shirtless. It's gonna be intense.  Probably a pic heavy post...

Some fun breakin' the rules fashion or whatever----yes I'm over 40.


Vintage super small eagle tee tied in a knot in the back, late 90s bebe brown suede super short mini-skirt with long fringe, Cheap Monday cut-out leather able boots, vintage squash blossom necklace, ponytail on high...  cuff gifted from Vix!!!!  Loads of random jewelry ;)

c u round!!!

Love & Light, 

Screenshots & Meme Lyfe on Instagram:

Also, u know maybe #CandyMan lololol

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Threads and Beats Fathers Day New Years Day Friends dnb djs Timos House Vinyl Records Panda Girl Bunny Ears

Maybe best pic ever yet so far :D <3

Father's Day with ThreadsandBeats was a treat!!!!
dj oneiric and kristagargano going down here!!!

Laura's flyasfuck crochet goodies were hottt!
She had a foot fetish model stop by to score a pair!

I def fuk with these cute photo apps!

Bunny girl inspo 

Panda girl inspo 

I luv dese guys :)


Music & friends :)

Shopping fun!

Cute bizzes!!!!

CandyMan and I have a lot going on...  Notice him low-key giving me the bird!!!!
We had west coast Cali friends stop by for taco and vinyl at Timo's later w/o us---so cool to see them again :)


My photo series have a bedroom & door scenario obsession.

Secondhand thrifted sundress, old shirt tied up, vintage necklace, gifted cuff from Vix, loads of stuff, mall kiosk rhinestone hat...

Love & Light, 

Mother's Day Everyday is Father's Day GIF pronounced jif
Screenshots & Meme Lyfe:


Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day 2017 Dad GrandDaddy Kids Family Asheville Pride Porn In The DropBox Hardcore Vests Bunny Ears Cat Girl Athleisure Wear for Casual Looks

CandyMan is a super great dad and I rly did not imagine I would be experiencing the incredible family life that I am now with him. 

My father, GrandDaddy, holding Baby Dream <3

We ended up having a really lovely day that I'll talk about in another post---ThreadsandBeats!!

This was taken at Hooker's house in her old school vest from back n the day for real.
This vest legit holds u down.
I have an old pic of H.R. in this vest that may or may not yet have been cleared for publication, so I'll hold off until I have a from go ahead.  Until then, here is me in it.

I used $2.99 hair dye to color my hair bcuz I'm poor and I'm grey.  Special-T helped me out.  Thnx girl <3


One thing I know is that here is Asheville, your gender identity or sexual relationship status can't really be assumed.  We have a wide range here.  The whole spectrum.  It's not always obvious.  I'm def proud of this little city for being super cool. Original PornInTheDropBox post here.

IG pride inspo post here.

Also, sometimes I get embarrassed making dirty jokes.  And I'm not a total prude, so wtf? lol

These ankle boots r old, but badass.  Good thing I luv them bcuz they're cool and in constant rotation.  also, bcuz all my other shoes r getting slowly destroyed. 

Favorite jeans.  Getting quite snug bcuz of the weight gain, but still my fav.

Both these old worn again & again secondhand tank tops back in rotation.

Concho belt getting destroyed daily.
Same FreePeople necklace from 4ever ago.

IG inspo pics rocking nearly identical looks everyday bcuz tank ops, jeans, conch belts, ankle boots, and bunny ears, oh my

CandyMan looking cute in his gifted Tupac on IG

His cuz sure got it right.  He might be wearing his kid's hat lolol

Love & Light, 

This is a GIF pronounced jif...
Ongoing debate here on the pronunciation.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shared Monolithic self-vision Going full Labyrinth Graduation Class of 2017 Caterpillar Plays Talent Shows & also poems salad

We had a lot of end of year activity. 
Mr. PSB graduated high school!  Also, slightly late pic of a clearly amazing prom and his lovely gf Lily <3

CandyMan was dressed up in some shell toes and button-up--fresh haircut 

He might showed off his shoes on IG and u can't be mad.  


I showed off, too.  I wore a mix of stuff :)
P.P. Knuckles was in a school play about The Hungry Caterpillar.

Superstar Beandogg there brought us some cool finds this week :D


 London was in a talent show skit with some friends and sang and danced about flying tacos.

They had on matching iron-on flying taco shirts CandyMan made for him :)

Fixing the swing up a lil' better. 

Winter was in a school music video about time, but we had family business downtown that day and had to watch it later.  Super awesome tho :D

Some of these graphics I've been working on with pics are silly, but that's my level.  I also want to remind u that even at 40...  Or 41 lololol, but that is the point---u can have fun with your LEWK even when you're not a youth anymore.  I luv the silly ears, some fun filters, whatever.   The rabbit look is my fav!!!!! I know there is a go natural movement and I love that bcuz I hate unrealistic expectations on physical appearance, but I want to remind u of the have fun.  Sometimes, when u r older u feel silly still trying to look cute.  Don't. It's fine. It's ok to experiment or not if u r not into it. 

Bunny ears, vintage Billabong tshirt that I wear constantly apparently and shorts.

Love & Light, 

Here is another fun lewk by LondonDaBridge

She is writing a poem this v moment.
Here is one I wrote a while ago that I'll self-publish today in honor of it.
(She also just made a delish cucumber & tomato salad that I'm proud of, too.)


                                   Basement Poetry Corner

I'm not even allowed 
to say I don't like u
That's how protected u r
Polite cage
I know why
Only the jester
I'll be the fool


Cheese is like a pool its cool
cheese is like a toy there's more than 1 kind  
cheese makes me pleased whenever i eat it
Cheese is like a dream it's the best
Cheese will make you rest when you are stest
Cheese will make you happy when you are sad
Cheese is like a phone it's never alone
Cheese is in a lot of diffrent things like  mack,n,cheese,or cheese puffs,or milk,and cheese
Cheese is the best but i'm sad that i can't tell you the rest so i will go eat some cheese!
                                          A chart of food
#4...walfols     by london :)    

and accompanying pic holding a mug she painted herself that says 'cheese'