Friday, March 24, 2017

Mr. PSB is LEGIT Bday Party Terrence Young Bass Music DJ Oneiric Wrecking Krew

Mr. PSB, aka The Debater, used to nap a LOT on the couch and was aptly coined by Savory C one as Mister Pretty Sleepy Baby.  Although, it is really a full length title/nickname----Mr. PSB is so dope even his nickname has a nickname.  Abbreviated and shit fo' realzzz.

He comes by it naturally.  Honestly.

CandyMan vs. Mr. PSB

And we celebrated his bday this past week.
This guy has the lewk!!!  He accessorizes like a mf with hat, hat pins, lip ring, ear gages, rings, he wears joggers---he is supa fly!

Vintage dress from Milk & Honey Vintage 




BACK UP!  She has her own show!

This Beauty to my right is Queen.

Party light!!!!

The meaning of life right here celebrating these moments with family friends.


Thanks to Mr. PSB's friends for sharing it with us.  

A few Magic Men 

In full effect is Jon aka Pizza Jon, Health Code, Lover Boy.  No matter how sternly you say it's 'not appropriate' I will never pretend to believe u again!
#sangria #cocktails

More out of my closet: 

34A ILGWU Longline Bra

Love & Light 


The Debater
I'm here 4 u

MR. PSB!!!!!!  Civic duty!


Beckham's son lololol

Get this kid out of here and bring me BECKHAM
Rememeber who your daddy is!!!  lolol

I think I might need to move on here...  

Relatable...  Mr. PSB, Fancy Boy, CandyMan, I mean damn 
(Mr. PSB doesn't even drink it's, but his attitude level)

This was a mf party damnit!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Make It Up and Keep it Casual

I'm always trying to get stuff done.  Always working a lot.  Always thinking!
We've had a LOT of creative projects happening in this house.
Coco Loco and P.P. Knuckles are always gearing up:

P.P. Knuckles work!

Because of the inclement weather or 'winter' and cold, wet, windy, whatever...
Lots of work is being done in the bedroom.  It might be the tiniest bit aggravating, but CandyMan is very supportive.  (Bizness all up in personal space is totally annoying and he is actually super cool about it.  Some people are not cool with being flexible with personal space. Thnx bb <3 small biz ain't ez)
I wear lots of vintage jewelry, vintage jeans, vintage boots.  I am super rough and clumsy so I work in older studier outfits.

Rough, but I'm hauling boxes and clothes and containers around all day so u know how it goes lolol

Destroyed t-shirt and all my jewelry. The engraved vintage heart is from a wedding I was in when I was young.  One of my aunt's I think...  When I put it on I think about trying to be kind all the way in my heart. 
GENEROUS.  of. spirit. 
Being nice.  
Kindness is an admirable quality. 

Really going through my closet and doing an edit.  It is a constant process.  It's also keeping my work personal.  Small biz yo.  What am I wearing', r??? My black winter boots worn above are totally beat.

My vintage sweater now listed here:

My vintage velvet 60s dress listed here

It's still chilly and cold hereeeeeeee!!

TALENT ALERT!!!  I know how to work the photo/edit and collage situation big time now peeps.  Big time.
I'm not a professional yet, but I'm not gonna lie, it's already come up amongst us here.  I mean, if anyone wanted to pay me to digitally collage for them I would consider the work or career move seriously.  Right now, it's just something, a gift really, for myself and my friends and family.
A fine example that I will generously share with u from my private collection is this one below.  I told myself, or actually CandyMan said, something along the lines of "that IG pic sucks, what next?" and I was like...  idk So I am trying to decide on that issue as well.

Skillzzz and special talent!

Confession time: I may have almost eaten an entire package of cookies by myself.  Not on purpose, just by chance.

Love & Light,



Dedicated to CandyMan aka WhiteChocolate aka SpicyMayo...

I have an actual eating evolutionary theory that is based on the often stereo-typical raccoon's diet and/or lifestyle.  Just one pro-carnivore pillar of my ideology.  The raccoon.  Yesssssss.  Fat.

I care. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

CRAZE scratch DJ set that made us go find him on Friday the 13th

THIS SET THO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking back and more stuff that we made happen in 2016.
DJ Craze 

Outside of Tempt in Murfreesboro, TN.  It was a dope little club!!!!  
CandyMan and FancyBoy have to take a moment bcuz u know we do!

Srsly a sick little club!

Worst pic ever and the camera died.  Even CandyMan is like...  This is a rly ugly one!!!  
Oh well, It's me and Craze.  Only pic we've got!

I take the worst pics.  I have to take like 20 pics for 1 ok pic lolol


This is an 80s Victor Costa dress.  
I always felt it screamed CANDY!
CandyMan says it screams CIRCUS!
I know it's a PARTY dress tho 

I'm working, but I'll be aroundddddddddd :D

Love & Light, 


Revival of this one bcuz too real!!!!

Also, still good.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thoughts on How to be Super at a Lot of Things if U just Listen to Me

Since the kids usually outnumber us on any given day it actually isn't that surprising that a lot of our projects involve activities with the kids and/or are inspired by the kids.

Here is a little example of how the Wrecking Krew has inspired us all creatively.  We had an old second-hand wooden fold-out table because we are a family of 7 and need a big table!  It was slowly getting beat down and we had to repair quite a bit of it.  So, CandyMan decided to spruce it up.

The Wrecking Krew have some aka's and emoji's (E-mo-G) (we pronounce things weird over here.)

Coco Loco in the corner with her future monkey face emoji getting prepped.

CandyMann painted ip up. 


CoCo Loco is a a natural tinkerer and artist and generally inspired. 
After the Wrecking Krew emoji table was in the process of being painted she whipped up some miniature delights also inspired by the Krew.

I thought it was so sweet how we have some major family friends, Lisa (from THE BIZNESS) and Jon, that were represented by two title heaters.   Friends & family are where it's at!!!!  

Work in progress, but still pretty cool :D

Fashion News

Some cute dresses in large and extra large sizes in the shop.
Some have some minor flaws, but so wearable and fun.  

Winter lewk with lots of old pieces like my vintage 90s camel colored velvet The Limited or Express pants, T@rget jacket that is rather worn now, but I still love.  Thrifted 90s orange and blue GAP button-up shirt.  Lots of old necklaces, including my engraved Rebecca heart locket.  Old rings. Vintage leather boots bought a few years ago for cheap off Etsy. 

Love & Light, 

MEME LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of my bday and bday month and year and basically the The Age of Aquarius and The Dawn of Aquarius or other bullshit that involves me and my birthday and cake and stuff let's present this absolutely wonderful handcrafted and super personal, not to mention COOL, meme made in my honor special me I'm the best it's my day BIRTHDAY MEME from my super cute boyfriend CandyMan. 

I'd also like to discuss how happy I was to see Killer Mike and RTJ except I can't articulate or incapsilate into words yet.

I love Killer Mike.  More on him later. 

Too real!!!  

I need the whole team lolol

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