Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Trippy Vintage 60s Styled with Totes Boots and Invisible Man

So, this was a trippy vintage 60s shirt, shown here & even earlier as a blonde here, but I have to admit these are new Amazon bought boots.  They were $29 form the brand Totes.  I tore up my silly daily winter boots I had last year and everything secondhand was super pricey.  

This originally posted on IG here.

Just read Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and it def made me 'more human'.  Great book.

Really puts the small potatoes idiocy I have to deal with into perspective.  Grateful for his contribution to the literary arts.

One good thing about getting older, and hopefully a little wiser, is you slowly tighten up the shoe laces of your character, so to speak.  Bit of a struggle, but worth doing every day for sure. 

I'm also, at 42, doing some planning for the future.  Including deciding what I might do for work 10 years from now.  It's exciting.  I do like to think about plans with other people, but if you really want something you work towards it yourself.  

Where do you see yourself?  

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Vintage 50s Dress and Vintage 70s Dress and Sunglasses are Perfect for Sunny Days

A couple of weekends ago at Burial listening to live jazz.  I was meeting a friend on her way in from oot, but I was there earlier than her so I ordered chicken wings while I waited.

Wearing a vintage 50s dress, also shown here and gifted vintage 70s sunglasses, talked about and shown here.

Super cute dog we met!

Wearing a vintage green dress again, also shown here 6 years ago.
Leather harness and vintage Rebecca locket and vintage mom locket, that was my mother's.

I'm also on IG.

Love & Light, 

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Running a two day sale now in honor of Shop for Equality.  Lots of Asheville business' are participating to bring equality for everyone in the South. 

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sometimes It Do Be Like That and also I Love Hand Me Downs and Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon

 So, a little bit ago I was taking some soup and a dress (coincidently) that was too long on me to my friend Krista's house and she had a couple shirts she was going to donate, but decided to let me check them out.  I loved them!
I started off with no make-up and tried to take a good pic---it was a total loss lol
Everything was looking like this and worse.

I kept trying all day.  Later with make-up.
These are the BEST ones ppl.  
I had to call it a wash.


We're also having Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon here in Asheville.  Here is my cute dog Foxy in the snow.  We have power and everything still, so we are pretty comfy and lucky so far.

This fine selfie below is me bumming around in another hand-me-down, an oversized t-shirt from my cousin's husband.  I noticed the tag in this picture indicating that I was wearing it backwards---

We've done birthday parties, spend the nights, playdates, cookie making, and sledding this weekend.

I'm 42, so below you will see end of the night MOM LEVEL-TIRED below.

Well, being snowed in Sunday is letting us all really relax now.  
All my clothes are secondhand or thrifted.  Even these shorts are my friend's Sam's old shorts she gave me.  

And FRANCE-----I see the people over there are demonstrating their demands!!!
I'm here in my secondhand work onsie blogging about how much solidarity I feel with u.

Admittedly, I've eaten way too many cookies.

Love & Light,

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Visible Monday

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Detail Oriented Projects & Layering Techniques (Power of a Pretty Dress Cont...)

Hello everyone out in BloggerLand!

This will be a quick outfit post <3 

Remember "Power of a Pretty Dress"?
Well, I'm still wearing that black floral sundress (shown here), but I added a tight off the shoulder blouse----you could do the same over a dress or sundress.  Just add a knit top or sweatshirt.

Handmade crochet choker also shown here.  My vintage from my childhood Rebecca heart locket shown here & my Mom's vintage heart locket I had given her years ago.

I wasn't trying to make a fist or anything, but I ended up liking the accidental picture.

I'm about to eat Burger Gang Burger Gang Philly Cheese Steak Burger and Chicken Pot Fries----info on IG here. A burger pop-up in Asheville.

I'm doing tons of organizing for work and also for little house projects.  Doing a massive closet overhaul that I'll be discussing soon as well as the importance of the secondhand shopping movements and similar ways to stay stylish while minimizing your negative impact on the environment.  There are several ladies I really admire on the forefront rn and now is the perfect time to get involved and get INSPIRED to be really fashion forward---with the future truly in mind.

Love & Light,

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Visible Monday

Monday, November 5, 2018

VISIBLE MONDAY Go VOTE!!!!!!!!!! Get Political!

My entire stock room/store is under construction.  I have to store my stock completely different and I'm having physical storage issues.  I have to reconsider how I'm going to do everything (all myself of course) and the project is daunting.  Vintage clothes are just extremely suspectible to damage and caring and storing the items isn't always easy.

In fact, a lot of things aren't easy.  We're having elections here in the US and it's critical.  Much like the environment, we are fast approaching critical mass politically.
I'm a single mom running two small businesses.
I'm very concerned for everyone around me.
It is not okay that GREED has hijacked politics, healthcare, education, spirituality, the earth itself...  It goes on.  Through systematic racism and misogyny entire lives are disregarded as nothing more than just a way for those in power to mine more for themselves.  Truly awful.

This is me earlier this week in a thrifted blue modern peasant style blouse.  I tied a black ribbon around my neck.  Blue was my fav color as a kid and I'm weirdly into mixing black and blue.

This is me Monday morning.  In my hand-me-down 80 year old cousin's blue shirt with a blue collar.
My face is kinda somber, but it's a reflection of my mood.  
The shakedown is real when things get tough and I worry about the less fortunate and vulnerable. 

PATTI is doing an amazing VISIBLE MONDAY featuring PinkCheetahVintage.

She looks so FABULOUS!!!!
And I want to peak my head out and be visible with her.
It's the most perfect Visible Monday----right b4 elections.
Go check her out <3 <3 <3

I'm proud to be political.

Love & Light, 

P.S.  I have a lot of lovely stuff to write about and share when I get sorted and I will be catching up on your posts!!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Vintage Velvet Little Black Dress Looks, 80s Wrap Skirt & Harness Looks, and Family Photos

Some fun looks on IG

This one is my mother's vintage 80s wrap skirt, a gift from my father's mother from a trip to the middle East. A thrifted tank top & my old harness.  Edited on PhotoGrid for fun :D

Same outfit, dif shots & filters.  

Another IG look. 

Wearing a vintage black dress.  This is from last fall/winter when I had these bangs.  Getting ready for more dressy looks.  More PhotoGrid editing fun!!

Soooo, quick look at this Savannah family selfie and then...

Take a look at this sims character or whatever it is my Girl London just made of us:

Her outfit reflects my tank top & skirt in my top looks.
Serving face below.

Love & Light, 

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Montford Park Players is the absolute BEST is you love theatre and Shakespeare

Just sort of devoting this post The Montford Park Player's "North Carolina's Longest Running Shakespeare Festival - celebrating 46 years of producing theatre under the stars!"   
I've been in Asheville approximately 5 years and discovered this wonderful place first talked about here (was married in this post, but not anymore!!!) and it's the best.  

"The play's the thing"

Taken at intermission.  Gorgeous night for theatre.  And Hamlet.  THANK YOU.
because this performance art company wants art to be accessible to everyone. 
My heart <3 <3 <3 

If you are ever in Asheville or anywhere near please check it out. 

My secondhand thrifted J. Crew dress (here again) still getting lots of wear.

Temporary tattoo info here,   Necklace I've had for at least 5 years now shown here (I'm blonde, married, and still live in Tampa!) Choker and better picture of my bra here (single in this one on a night out with SamIAm and Laura).  All so good. 
Also, small reminder: repeat outfits ftw.

 As a single mom who runs two businesses and lives in this town chock full of fun stuff to do I stay busy in a good way :)

Love & Light, 

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