Sunday, December 30, 2012

Begin/End/Begin Again

2012 was an exciting year.  One of the enormous accomplishments I feel proud of the most was opening the consignment booth in February.  I am no business woman and the learning curve has been steep for me.  The summer was so rough that it cost me an arm and a leg to even keep the booth going. But, I love it.  We have used the space to get to know other people in the community who have similar values as we do and we have thrown art showings in order to help support local artists.  All things I envisioned myself doing in my life.
The booth is located inside Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor.
More pics :)

I just couldn't of done any of this without my husband, the X-man.  I am <3-ing him so much looking back over these pics.  If anyone is ever in Tampa and you love vintage clothing, cool retro home decor, or antiques come check out the store.  It has so many cool vendors that I have gotten to know this year. I've also gotten to know and work with other artists, stylists, models, bloggers, photographers...   All these new people and areas of adventure stemming from my little venture.  So amazing.  Plus, we already have a big art show/event planned for the New Year!!!  More deets sooooon :))

Now, I also have a bright vintage 80s dress here that I sort of thought was going to be for me...  Buuuut, it's not quite me.  I have a weird feeling when I'm in it that I should be headed to the office or something.  I hate that feeling!  It's obviously too sophisticated or, or, or, I don't know what-- nice, maybe?  I am a bit more grungy.  So it is now for sale here.

I love bright 80s dresses, though, especially 100% cotton midi- length with POCKETS!
Here is one that I've worn to death, sewed, re-sewed...

Only 8 months (and 25 lbs) ago!!!!  Love me some bright 80s sundresses.  This one has the criss-cross cut out back that I adore.  I will wear this until it is rags and I am always looking out for the NEXT perfect one ;).  
If you dig this style, too, I have a similar extra large size one for sale here like this:

People always compliment my sundresses and are always so shocked and surprised when I tell them they are 80s.  They 80s was not all crazy red leather zippered jackets and parachute pants (although I LOVE that stuff!), there was lots of super fem dresses.
OK!  Time to wrap this up and head over to Patti's Visible Monday.  I love how she's made it so easy to check out everybody's hot looks!!
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So stuffed from eating too much!  My husband's mother is in town from Puerto Rico so we spent Christmas with his family at his brother's house.  I thought I was going to get to wear my old velvety animal print blazer/jacket:
Buuuut it was too warm, so I took it of right after this pic and threw it back in the house.  I get a lot of compliments on this last season cheapo Payless purse:
The blue leather skirt was a NOS with tags that I thrifted.  I wasn't going to keep it at first because this cobalt blue is not a color I normally wear, but it fit, I love leather (and my other two leather skirts and pair of pants are currently too small), soooooo it's my new (to me) skirt.  I plan on wearing it like a neutral.
                                                             I should go on ANTM...
I was trying to show off my vintage white glass ring, crazy cool octopus & skeleton tee (it was thrifted and has no name on the tag-- I've always wondered who made it), and my thrifted cheapo necklace that I wear with EVERYTHING:
But it turned into kind of a horrendous close-up!  I also love my earrings.  They are vintage Native American orange and indigo blue silver L. Ganado Sterling, but they have a sort of art deco look (at least to me!!) I bought them for a steal from another vendor in the Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor Store (talked about the best jewelry from this place before in this post.
A better close-up since mine was a FAIL.
Also, my fav little leather booties I stalked for a year from All Saints about 2 seasons ago.  I ended up having to order them from the UK website and my bank had to call me to authorize the transaction because they thought my card was stolen.  NO, just me, buying shoes from across the pond!
You can't see how cool the heel is from this angle...
Anyway, dressed like this ^^  we headed straight over to my brother in law's house.
Coquito:                                                                         Pictorro:
Sweet rice, tons of homemade treats, pasteles,  arcapurrias, rice & beens, Puerto Rican candies...


The new year is coming!!!!!  Time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future :))
Nowwww, off to enjoy some blogs!! :))

Thursday, December 20, 2012


2012 FLASHBACK ALERT***** my life is totally dif now, but my love of fashion is same same!

I (obviously) got my hair cut and dyed recently and I love it!!

Green dress now 4 sale HERE
I love, love, love changing hairstyles.  So, now that X-man does hair I can get my hair done as often as we can both escape from the kiddies!!  Which is practically never!  The irony in this doesn't escape me.
If you live in Tampa or are just curious about my hubby the hairstylist then check his website HairByXavier.  Peek at the gallery to see some of his work.  I think the website came out great and I am so proud of him <3.
Here's how I feel with my new do:
I've started wearing it puffed up and slicked back.  My daughter hates it back and made me wash it and wear it down (bangs and sides down, mom!!) when I went in to volunteer at her kindergarden class. Oh honey, she has no idea the level of embarrassment that is coming her way if this innocent do already has her shaking her head no.
My earrings are these seriously cool black and red handmade danglers from my friend from high school, Little Lisa.  She runs a bad@ss store called drifted that is all handmade and up-cycled jewelry and accessories.  The pieces made from surfboards are so, so awesome.  My husband has one of the amazing belt buckles which I will have to feature in the future.  So impressed and in awe of her biz and mad skills.
My tee is a very silly one from F21.  I couldn't resist this crazy cat.  I just couldn't.  And I live in t-shirts most days.  This is a bit of a uniform:
T-shirt, cheap stretchy black pencil skirt from Target (it's my lazy version of leggings) and Cheap Monday cut-out booties.  I am a HUGE fan of the cut out shoe because it gives me another option that is hot weather friendly that isn't a flip-flop.  Plus, I have wide feet and it lets my toes be free, thank you very much.
The posing was being guided my extremely professional photographer, Girl London, who is 5.  She insisted on what I will refer to as the 'stop sign' pose.
My family just wrapped up our version of a holiday photo.  We have done 3 so far.  I am not going to share the holiday card, but I will share another version of it that I also love:
Believe it or not, the inspiration for this pic starts back in the 90s (I love the 90s!!!).  I have had the pants I am wearing since the 90s.  I thrifted them (because I could never afford retail of the stuff I liked) and they were a huge score.  They are plaid with zippers and have that late 80s punk vibe that I will always love.
Fast forward to winter 2011.  Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Mini collections are featuring clothes made in the EXACT same pattern.  I mean the exact, hold it 5 inches from your eye, that shit is seriously the same, fabric.  So, I obviously buy the pants for my older daughter, Girl London, and the little jumper dress for Baby Dream.  They fit them perfect for this year's family pic.  It is so silly, but it made me so happy.
(My hubby just had to wear black and white to match.  Funny thing is, I've had him since the 90s, too ;)
I honestly can say, that I love her little Harajuku Mini collections she's done and so does my daughter, who is waaaay picky about her clothes.
Happy Holidays everybody <3

SHOP HERE: PinkCheetahVintage

Visible Monday

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh BOY!!!!

Chame, chame, chame, chame, chame, chameleoooon...







This was a little holiday party dress tribute based on and dedicated to the awesomeness of Boy George.
Sort of hard to get into the blogging spirit since it has been such a depressing few days.  Everyone I know is just emotionally crushed and heartbroken over the innocent lives lost at the school in Newton.  So I figured something utterly silly would be best.

The cranberry red dress is a velvet 60s number that is a bit short and tight, especially since I've put on so much weight!  I can never get it to photograph well, but the color is gorgeous in person.  The tights are the ones I mentioned in this post here.  You will be seeing them lots ;).  The gold dress is a vintage one that is now available for sale here.  The green dress is an Ali Ro I bought on clearance retail years ago for about $20.  The material is a sort of thick starchy muslim-y type with a metallic sheen that doesn't really come across with my bad camera and photography.  The structure of the dress and big bow makes me feel like a present.  And my husband loves this odd little number of a dress.  I have another Ali Ro that I bought the same day (hey, who can resist $20 party dresses!!) that is much more typically sexy...  Maybe there will be pics of that in the future.

Here are all the fun patterned pantyhose:
Candy Cane Stripes
Sparkly Stars

Sheer Black Diamonds
 I absolutely love patterned pantyhose.  They add so much fun to a look and they cover my pale veiny legs.  What's not to love?
Now, to head over to Patti's Visible Monday & #saturdaysharelinkup & #iwillwearwhatilike to be inspired by all the stylin' ladies :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I wanted to create a Lookbook for my website.  I had never attempted any project like this before and so I blindly jumped right in... Clueless.  This is the collaboration I mentioned in this post here.
First things first, I asked Kimberly Yau (Kimberly Yau Studios), if she wanted to be the photographer.  Now THIS I did right!!  Meaning, I picked a friend to work with who I felt very comfortable navigating unknown territory.  Next, I asked Jamie from refinedrag to be one of the models.  Another smart move.  She is very photogenic and a natural model.  Plus, since I have been working with her already, albeit from a distance, I already know she is easy to work with and super great at styling.  Here are some of Jamie's pics:
 The white strapless 80s dress is for sale here.
 We did the shoot at Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor, so literally everything you see in the pics is for sale! lolzzzz The couch, the mirrors, the dressers...  I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Keith, the owner, really lets us have a lot of freedom as vendors and is really cool about all the things we want to get creative about and do in the store.
 All the jewelry in this particular pic is from Karen's jewelry case up front.  Tons of rhinestones and crystals!  She is another vendor who was lovely enough to let us use her accessories :).
This next young lady is Jelly and she is a gorgeous friend of mine who agreed to model, also.  She is actually a musician and specializes in guitar and is a professional Kindermusik teacher.  I have started a TeachGirlsToRock fundraiser (see it on the side of my blog) to try to raise money to pay for music lessons for Girl London and hopefully other little girls in Tampa...  And this is the music teacher for the program!!!  She is perfect because, as an amazing woman who plays, she can be a role model for the little girl students :)
 This maxi dress is available here.  The owl necklace is a huge vintage owl pendant (I had to use my own chain-- Tim Gunn make it work moment!) from another booth in the back of the store run by an amazing couple of guys.  They gladly handed over the necklace for the photoshoot :).  It's in the store now so if you know someone who, who, who loves owls it might be the perfect gift!  The other necklace was from Keith's booth.  I had been eyeing it a while and couldn't resist purchasing it for myself, but I already showed it off in the previous post here.  All the bracelets are from the PinkCheetahVintage booth.
Doesn't she look like some sort of beautiful Indian princess or something?
I wasn't the only one who couldn't resist buying stuff at the shoot!!!  Jamie ended up buying this orange velvet 60s chair and matching foot stool:
How could anyone resist that chair!!  If she hadn't bought it I was going to get it.  I have to admit she looks damn good in it!
There was a lot of work that day that is not obvious in the pics.  I learned so much.  Next time I will take some behind the scenes pictures.  Wish I'd gotten a photo of all of us.  Oh well!!
If you'd like to see the complete Lookbook it is here.  If you'd like to contribute to TeachGirlsToRock just click the 'Donate' button on the right.  Every $1 helps a girl learn to rock :))