Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Take a good look at because it will soon be gone.

Going short and blond.  I am crazy for super short hair pixie cut styles.   Had them even when I was a teen.  BUT, I got burned with a bad one about four years ago (when I was preggo, no less) and it has made me weary of returning to some cropped locks.  Plus, with the weight gain come the double chin.  I just don't care, though.  I want what I want. And I want cool short hair.  My husband is my hairdresser and with two little ones, it becomes a matter of finding the time to get it done.  So I wait.
While I wait, take a closer look at all my fun thrifted and second hand jewelry.  This stuff is in heavy rotation.  The firebird on the left is a new to me ring from Etsy :).
Next up is my lovely OOTD.  This is a run around with kids and pop by the booth to work style.  The dress is a grungy 90s floral that I LOVE, but had to rip the super fem capped sleeves off that did not flatter me.  Then I tied some of the scraps around what was left of the shoulders to give the dress a tank top feel.  I wear this dress constantly, often layered.  Right now I had a sweet Patricia Field sparkly shrug over it.  It is uber thin, so it's perfect for Florida.  My husband actually chided me on keeping this saying how it should go in the store.  R U kidding me?
The boots you know from from this post.  I have also mentioned I love patterned hose and I just dug out my old thigh high fishnets.  I <3 them.
They add that little flash of texture, grunge, and sexiness-- the perfect element to add with a midi or calf length dress or skirt. These are the rubber at the thigh kind that stay up with no garter.  Much cooler that the to the waist hose, and in Florida, coolness is a big factor! For realzz.

Monday, November 26, 2012

1995 Fashion Satisfaction

This purchase has been a long time coming.  I absolutely love the actress Parker Posey.  In 1995 she was in a super fun little movie called Party Girl.  Great movie!!!  Anyway, her character's clothes and style were spot on for me.  I was obsessed (and clearly continue to be obsessed) with her red sort of candy cane spiral striped pantyhose and shorts ensemble.  Here is a sort of horrible still from the movie:
Ever since seeing a sort of similar pair at American Apparel I knew I would have to get them.
They are sold at AA here and I got this color above, truffle.  American Apparel is not second hand, but they are made in the U.S., which is another idea I support.  I hate that companies get greedy and try to undercut labor costs by moving manufacturing overseas to countries w/o wage regulations or standards. Plus, they were 25% off today for cyber Monday.  
Been digging this look since 1995 folks, 1995.  
Talk about delayed gratification.  Fashion satisfaction finally fulfilled.  

Cyber Monday Sale!!! ALL WEEK LONG!!!
20% off any purchase use code GIVE20 (online only)
Good 11/26/12 thru 11/30/12

Spread the word :))

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vintage Bigfoot

  A lot of you probably know this trick if you've been thrifting a while.  Wait, I should clarify, a lot of you ladies with bigger feet should know this...  Since most vintage shoes are quite small it is a good idea to occasionally pop over to the men's section to look at shoes & boots.  I wear a 9 in women's and a 7 in men, maybe 7.5 if it is big time vintage.
Case in point; these amazing red tone vintage Italian leather men's size 7 boots I'm wearing here:

The color of these boots are amazing and the mid calf height is now my favorite (that and ankle boots-- I love taller boots, knee and over the knee, but I am finally accepting that they don't usually flatter my short legs).  These even have a great small heel!  
This dress I got from a young lady who contacted me to buy a lot of vintage clothes from her and I decided to keep this one for myself.  It is a vintage Banana Republic shirt dress (with elastic waist!) and it has a tiny black and white houndstooth print.  It is made of a super worn in flannel-like cotton.  Way comfy and perfect for everyday run around with the kids.  Plus, I can still fit it!
The Dooney is vintage from another vendor in the Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor store.  I love what a sturdy classic little bag it is :)).  What I am NOT feeling are these opaque navy tights.  Maybe if they had some runners or something...  The past few years I have been digging patterned pantyhose. Will slowly have to build up my supply.  
My 5 year old has been taking my pics and I have to say she has been doing a good job.  With her as my new assistant I may be able to update regularly!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new (to me)

I used to be a total clothes hoarder.  But, after I started my little business last year, I am starting to learn to let go.  For me, this has actually gotten easier.  Sometimes I just keep an item in my home for a while to look at it or appreciate and then put it in the shop.  I have reached a level now where I enjoy the downsized or edited version of my "stuff".  (We had to downsize drastically because of a recent decision to leave out home and stay with my mom-- so much less room!) So when I buy something now one of the first thoughts that goes through my mind is "What to trade out for it?"  My things (except for a few favs & sentimental pieces) are now on a sort of temporary basis position in my closet. If something better comes along, then the old equivalent of it will go.
This week's example:
This old Aldo black beaded bag was given to me at least 6 years ago by my bf Sam.  She a had a load of hand me down purses in the trunk of her car gifted from her boyfriend's mom (it was a big score!!) and felt she could spare a couple (there were like 20!)  So, she chose her favs and then I picked a couple.  This little black Aldo bag being one of them:
Ahhhh friends....  Sometimes they bring you purses :)  Anyway, since I am living my life in a perpetual state of brokeness (sometimes referred to as poverty) I was so happy to get this bag and it became my constant "go out" bag.  I had to sew the little decorative metal plates on again and again as they would get loose.  But, my adorable and eager to shop husband, who loves to thrift and often comes home with great finds, recently came across a little clutch.  It was thrifted and I can't really tell if it is real leather or faux, but what is definitely IS... is cool.  It is a black leather envelope clutch with a nail novelty print lining.  It has no tag or brand indicator at all.
Here it is:

It is the new go out black bag.  Out with the Aldo!  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Got a chance when I could wear my Matiko Lyon platform sandals that I bought months ago.  I got them on sale at Piperlime (here) for about $50.  They were on sale, plus I had a discount, and it was free shipping...
I love them.  They are super comfy.  They do run a bit narrow, but are otherwise true to size.  For some reason it took me a while to wear them.  Not sure why.  I guess some clothes/shoes are just like that.

This is an old thrifted dress I wear constantly.  It is a comfy go to item.  Plus, it has an elastic waistband for times like this when I have gained weight again :(( Working on that, though!!  Started a diet--- we'll see how it goes.  I've got some JBrand jeans I need to get back into THIS winter!

Monday, November 19, 2012


of an outfit!!!!

So, this outfit was just everyday run around with the kids and do some quick work at the booth-- nothing amazing.  But the funny part was how I tweaked it several times as the day continued.

It started like this...
Kind of a boxy loose crop top, tank underneath, and a long maxi skirt.  It was not really that flattering :(
Then, after I dropped off my pre-schooler and returned home...  Ah!! Ha!!!  It hit me!  Knot up the crop top in the back to define what is left of my recently expanding waistline.  It helped make the outfit much more flattering.  Since I was wearing a tucked in tank underneath, I felt comfy knotting up the crop top.

Later, it got a lot cooler, so I added this Hot Kiss chambray snap up blouse I've had forever (and used to be able to actually button it up and wear as a shirt) as a sort of shirt/jacket.  I weirdly feel it goes with everything-- you'll learn that kind of stuff is my favorite.

(Sorry, these pics are total rubbish!!!)
And now for the jewelry.
I found this ring in a thrift shop and almost passed it by, but the intricate detail on the band made me pause and change my mind.  The stone part is this strange and kind of ugly melted looking "stone".  But the band is delicate, intricate, and so pretty-- and fem-- which, jewelry-wise, is not usually me-- but I like this ring.
It is either a cracker jack piece of crap or an actual antique ring (sometimes it's hard to tell the difference!), but either way, it has struck my fancy.
And the big ring!  I told you I was wearing it constantly!!!
Rings: thrift, Skirt: Target, Shirt: retail (old-can't remember), Shoes: All Saints (old)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Think about it...

This is a great pledge that Citizen Rosebud, check her blog here, just put up this week.  Honestly, it is how I already felt and tried to act in my own aim for conscious consumerism, but she encapsulated the whole thought so nicely and put it in this cute little picture, that it just felt right to use this here post he made :)  Pass it on!!!  Just link it to her if you don't mind.  Such a great message in general, but I feel it really resonates as we approach the holidays and gift giving season.  As a small business owner and huge supporter of other local, small, and independent business owners, I really see how community support of one another impacts our lives and families first hand.  BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE.  You don't have to be perfect to make a difference, but every little bit helps.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Best Jewelry Evahhhh!

Did an amazing photo shoot with good friend Kim this weekend (check her photography website here.)  Jamie from refinedrag was one of the models (check her blog here) and Jelly (a super friend who is also a musician and kids music teacher-- more info on her later!) was the other model.  This was for my store PinkCheetahVintage and it was an amazing collaboration between 4 ladies (and Joe!!!!).  It was a fairly unorganized production-- outfits spontaneously chosen, vignettes & props quickly selected or discarded, an amazing modeling episode with Jelly's daughter Scarlett involving an Anna Nicole Smith bobble head doll...   I LOVED IT ALL!!!  I can't wait for the pics, which I will be sure to share :)

During the shoot at the Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor, where I have my booth and Keith generously let us shoot our lookbook, I incorporated a necklace from another vendor I have been eyeballing for a while into a shot.  Once I saw it on I knew I had to have it!
Man, I loveeee it!!!  

I also score a ring from the thrift store that I can't seem to stop wearing!  I swear it goes with everything and I LOVE things that go with everything.
It's the huge bronze colored one on my forefinger. 
Lately, I have been editing my accessories hard core and making some new purchases (all of which I am happy to say are from independent vendors and vintage stores and/or thrift shops.
More on this idea of shopping local, independent, & secondhand to come!!!!!
Always, Always
Love & Light

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Changed blog name today!!

Or, corrected original blog name that was a complete mistake because I didn't even know what I was doing.  I chose Thunderbird because I am currently obsessed with them.  It is an Indian symbol that is connected with fierceness and vengeance because Thunderbirds were often seen flying before a big storm would hit.  Now, we know they were riding out using low/high pressure air systems or something rather...  So, it had seemed they were literally bring the thunder.  I love the shape that Native artisans created for this bird.  Before I knew it was a Thunderbird, I had mistakenly thought it was the Phoenix (another of my obsessive bird symbols-- I mean, come on, continually rising from the ashes!!). Anyway, so here is the bracelet I got a few months ago that sparked this new fascination.   I bought this bracelet from another vendor in the shop where I have my consignment booth, check it here: Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor The big blue ring is a Larimar stone silver ring I got on a trip to St. Maarten.  I will be selling it in my shop now because I mistakenly bought it in the exact same huge size and shape as my native turquoise ring.  Exact.  Clearly, I love that color, size, shape in a ring.  Do you find yourself unconsciously purchasing very similar items?  Just another reminder to be a more conscious consumer :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Was out with a great friend last night celebrating the election.  Were you celebrating, too?
Vintage 70s studded jacket (I've had it since high school lol), cheap Target black stretch midi, black tank, vintage silver southwest necklace gifted to me by my cousin, and leather All Saints booties-- which are amazing shoes, but not as comfy as I expected.  Hoping, since they are real leather that they get better with time.

Fall Festival

Took kids to the school fall festival.  It was actually loads of fun in an outdoor pavilion with candy apples, games, and a DJ playing things like MC Hammer and stuff :))
Vintage leather jacket from online store again, vintage novelty print skirt, crazy unknown brand tee, Cheap Monday cutout boots, Payless purse.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Early Voting :))

Thank goodness for early voting.  I voted last Monday after I dropped off the kids at school/preschool.  This election is stressing me out!!  Hopefully, I'll be drinking beers with my friend tomorrow night during the election coverage watching my man win!!! :)
Wearing old destroyed grungy floral 90s dress with a tee, vintage leather jacket, and Cheap Monday cut out boots. Bought the jacket from an online vintage store.  I have been wanting a jacket like this since I was a teen.  Finally got it...  And it feels so good!

I need a tripod!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun 2012


Our friend's Mat & Amy threw a fantastic Halloween party this year with tons of delicious treats that Amy made (I particularly loved the white chocolate covered brains and eyeball Oreos) and the lovely Kim Y. set up an amazing photog booth.  This is me and the hubby as a monster and skeleton :).  If you want to see more of Kim's photography then check her website here!