Monday, November 26, 2012

1995 Fashion Satisfaction

This purchase has been a long time coming.  I absolutely love the actress Parker Posey.  In 1995 she was in a super fun little movie called Party Girl.  Great movie!!!  Anyway, her character's clothes and style were spot on for me.  I was obsessed (and clearly continue to be obsessed) with her red sort of candy cane spiral striped pantyhose and shorts ensemble.  Here is a sort of horrible still from the movie:
Ever since seeing a sort of similar pair at American Apparel I knew I would have to get them.
They are sold at AA here and I got this color above, truffle.  American Apparel is not second hand, but they are made in the U.S., which is another idea I support.  I hate that companies get greedy and try to undercut labor costs by moving manufacturing overseas to countries w/o wage regulations or standards. Plus, they were 25% off today for cyber Monday.  
Been digging this look since 1995 folks, 1995.  
Talk about delayed gratification.  Fashion satisfaction finally fulfilled.  

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