Friday, November 16, 2012

Best Jewelry Evahhhh!

Did an amazing photo shoot with good friend Kim this weekend (check her photography website here.)  Jamie from refinedrag was one of the models (check her blog here) and Jelly (a super friend who is also a musician and kids music teacher-- more info on her later!) was the other model.  This was for my store PinkCheetahVintage and it was an amazing collaboration between 4 ladies (and Joe!!!!).  It was a fairly unorganized production-- outfits spontaneously chosen, vignettes & props quickly selected or discarded, an amazing modeling episode with Jelly's daughter Scarlett involving an Anna Nicole Smith bobble head doll...   I LOVED IT ALL!!!  I can't wait for the pics, which I will be sure to share :)

During the shoot at the Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor, where I have my booth and Keith generously let us shoot our lookbook, I incorporated a necklace from another vendor I have been eyeballing for a while into a shot.  Once I saw it on I knew I had to have it!
Man, I loveeee it!!!  

I also score a ring from the thrift store that I can't seem to stop wearing!  I swear it goes with everything and I LOVE things that go with everything.
It's the huge bronze colored one on my forefinger. 
Lately, I have been editing my accessories hard core and making some new purchases (all of which I am happy to say are from independent vendors and vintage stores and/or thrift shops.
More on this idea of shopping local, independent, & secondhand to come!!!!!
Always, Always
Love & Light

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