Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Take a good look at because it will soon be gone.

Going short and blond.  I am crazy for super short hair pixie cut styles.   Had them even when I was a teen.  BUT, I got burned with a bad one about four years ago (when I was preggo, no less) and it has made me weary of returning to some cropped locks.  Plus, with the weight gain come the double chin.  I just don't care, though.  I want what I want. And I want cool short hair.  My husband is my hairdresser and with two little ones, it becomes a matter of finding the time to get it done.  So I wait.
While I wait, take a closer look at all my fun thrifted and second hand jewelry.  This stuff is in heavy rotation.  The firebird on the left is a new to me ring from Etsy :).
Next up is my lovely OOTD.  This is a run around with kids and pop by the booth to work style.  The dress is a grungy 90s floral that I LOVE, but had to rip the super fem capped sleeves off that did not flatter me.  Then I tied some of the scraps around what was left of the shoulders to give the dress a tank top feel.  I wear this dress constantly, often layered.  Right now I had a sweet Patricia Field sparkly shrug over it.  It is uber thin, so it's perfect for Florida.  My husband actually chided me on keeping this saying how it should go in the store.  R U kidding me?
The boots you know from from this post.  I have also mentioned I love patterned hose and I just dug out my old thigh high fishnets.  I <3 them.
They add that little flash of texture, grunge, and sexiness-- the perfect element to add with a midi or calf length dress or skirt. These are the rubber at the thigh kind that stay up with no garter.  Much cooler that the to the waist hose, and in Florida, coolness is a big factor! For realzz.


  1. The boots, the dress, the shrug, the jewellery and the hair, I love every element of your outfit, you look brilliant! x

    1. Thanks Vix!! Big compliment coming from you :) I hope this is actually a reply to you and I'm not just commenting on my own blog... I don't know what I'm dong yet!