Friday, November 23, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new (to me)

I used to be a total clothes hoarder.  But, after I started my little business last year, I am starting to learn to let go.  For me, this has actually gotten easier.  Sometimes I just keep an item in my home for a while to look at it or appreciate and then put it in the shop.  I have reached a level now where I enjoy the downsized or edited version of my "stuff".  (We had to downsize drastically because of a recent decision to leave out home and stay with my mom-- so much less room!) So when I buy something now one of the first thoughts that goes through my mind is "What to trade out for it?"  My things (except for a few favs & sentimental pieces) are now on a sort of temporary basis position in my closet. If something better comes along, then the old equivalent of it will go.
This week's example:
This old Aldo black beaded bag was given to me at least 6 years ago by my bf Sam.  She a had a load of hand me down purses in the trunk of her car gifted from her boyfriend's mom (it was a big score!!) and felt she could spare a couple (there were like 20!)  So, she chose her favs and then I picked a couple.  This little black Aldo bag being one of them:
Ahhhh friends....  Sometimes they bring you purses :)  Anyway, since I am living my life in a perpetual state of brokeness (sometimes referred to as poverty) I was so happy to get this bag and it became my constant "go out" bag.  I had to sew the little decorative metal plates on again and again as they would get loose.  But, my adorable and eager to shop husband, who loves to thrift and often comes home with great finds, recently came across a little clutch.  It was thrifted and I can't really tell if it is real leather or faux, but what is definitely IS... is cool.  It is a black leather envelope clutch with a nail novelty print lining.  It has no tag or brand indicator at all.
Here it is:

It is the new go out black bag.  Out with the Aldo!  

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