Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vintage Bigfoot

  A lot of you probably know this trick if you've been thrifting a while.  Wait, I should clarify, a lot of you ladies with bigger feet should know this...  Since most vintage shoes are quite small it is a good idea to occasionally pop over to the men's section to look at shoes & boots.  I wear a 9 in women's and a 7 in men, maybe 7.5 if it is big time vintage.
Case in point; these amazing red tone vintage Italian leather men's size 7 boots I'm wearing here:

The color of these boots are amazing and the mid calf height is now my favorite (that and ankle boots-- I love taller boots, knee and over the knee, but I am finally accepting that they don't usually flatter my short legs).  These even have a great small heel!  
This dress I got from a young lady who contacted me to buy a lot of vintage clothes from her and I decided to keep this one for myself.  It is a vintage Banana Republic shirt dress (with elastic waist!) and it has a tiny black and white houndstooth print.  It is made of a super worn in flannel-like cotton.  Way comfy and perfect for everyday run around with the kids.  Plus, I can still fit it!
The Dooney is vintage from another vendor in the Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor store.  I love what a sturdy classic little bag it is :)).  What I am NOT feeling are these opaque navy tights.  Maybe if they had some runners or something...  The past few years I have been digging patterned pantyhose. Will slowly have to build up my supply.  
My 5 year old has been taking my pics and I have to say she has been doing a good job.  With her as my new assistant I may be able to update regularly!

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