Monday, December 3, 2012

Had Some Plaid

So, I had a little plaid obsession start when I was killing time wondering around TJ Maxx (long story, hadn't been there in years and had nowhere else to go).  I wasn't there to shop, just needed to waste about 30 minutes, so I browsed.  I saw some Tommy Hilfiger plaid pants that caught my eye.  They had a preppy sporty look that I don't normally wear, but it looked a little cool.
I actually like the pants paired with the red/orange version of this shirt better, but my 3 year old was going nuts.  Snapped a quick pick for inspo.
Then, later that same week I ran across these super sweet plaid vintage bells:
Just look at those bells!
Now that's what I'm talking about!!  High waisted and everything.  But too small :(  If you are interested and have a 25" waist they are sold here.
Years ago in high school, like 2 decades, I used to wear my dad's old plaid pants.  But all the pregnancies and subsequent weight gain has made me retire them as of about 7 years ago.  I passed them on to my forever slim hubby.
But, I was gazing at his stack of pants in our closet and the old plaid was peeking out at me and I thought, "Let me try...".

And, of course, the rear shot:
You're welcome :)
I ended up styling mine less totally preppy.  I went with an old Dawn of the Dead tee.  I loved being able to squeeze back into these pants.  They are super high waisted and will now be back in heavy rotation.  Hoping to wear them soon with a tank top and leather belt.
Wearing his pants reminds me of my father, too.  Miss him so much.  Believe it or not, his 70s fashion played just as big a role in my love of vintage as my mother's, influencing my choice of well worn Levi's jeans and cut offs, a fondness for old tees, and incredible leather belts-- just to name a few.
This was my recent journey of the plaid pants.  It turns out, I had some plaid already.  Just a reminder to SHOP YO' CLOSET!


  1. Goodness me those tartan bell bottoms are the stuff of dreams! If I wasn't saving for a trip to India I'd have them like s hot! xxx

    1. The bells are major! Believe me, if I had a 25" inch waist I'd have them permanently attached to my hips :)

  2. 25 inch waist who would want that ;) These are so flattering on you and I love that you paired em' with a t-shirt. How cool that your Dad also influenced you fashion wise.

    1. Thanks Krista! I love plaid and these pants have sentimental value-- so happy to wear them again:)

  3. I took a baby step today throwing three different plaids together. My next step is to find a pair of plaid pants like yours. Don't have any in my closet and never have. Time to change that. You have inspired me!