Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I wanted to create a Lookbook for my website.  I had never attempted any project like this before and so I blindly jumped right in... Clueless.  This is the collaboration I mentioned in this post here.
First things first, I asked Kimberly Yau (Kimberly Yau Studios), if she wanted to be the photographer.  Now THIS I did right!!  Meaning, I picked a friend to work with who I felt very comfortable navigating unknown territory.  Next, I asked Jamie from refinedrag to be one of the models.  Another smart move.  She is very photogenic and a natural model.  Plus, since I have been working with her already, albeit from a distance, I already know she is easy to work with and super great at styling.  Here are some of Jamie's pics:
 The white strapless 80s dress is for sale here.
 We did the shoot at Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor, so literally everything you see in the pics is for sale! lolzzzz The couch, the mirrors, the dressers...  I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Keith, the owner, really lets us have a lot of freedom as vendors and is really cool about all the things we want to get creative about and do in the store.
 All the jewelry in this particular pic is from Karen's jewelry case up front.  Tons of rhinestones and crystals!  She is another vendor who was lovely enough to let us use her accessories :).
This next young lady is Jelly and she is a gorgeous friend of mine who agreed to model, also.  She is actually a musician and specializes in guitar and is a professional Kindermusik teacher.  I have started a TeachGirlsToRock fundraiser (see it on the side of my blog) to try to raise money to pay for music lessons for Girl London and hopefully other little girls in Tampa...  And this is the music teacher for the program!!!  She is perfect because, as an amazing woman who plays, she can be a role model for the little girl students :)
 This maxi dress is available here.  The owl necklace is a huge vintage owl pendant (I had to use my own chain-- Tim Gunn make it work moment!) from another booth in the back of the store run by an amazing couple of guys.  They gladly handed over the necklace for the photoshoot :).  It's in the store now so if you know someone who, who, who loves owls it might be the perfect gift!  The other necklace was from Keith's booth.  I had been eyeing it a while and couldn't resist purchasing it for myself, but I already showed it off in the previous post here.  All the bracelets are from the PinkCheetahVintage booth.
Doesn't she look like some sort of beautiful Indian princess or something?
I wasn't the only one who couldn't resist buying stuff at the shoot!!!  Jamie ended up buying this orange velvet 60s chair and matching foot stool:
How could anyone resist that chair!!  If she hadn't bought it I was going to get it.  I have to admit she looks damn good in it!
There was a lot of work that day that is not obvious in the pics.  I learned so much.  Next time I will take some behind the scenes pictures.  Wish I'd gotten a photo of all of us.  Oh well!!
If you'd like to see the complete Lookbook it is here.  If you'd like to contribute to TeachGirlsToRock just click the 'Donate' button on the right.  Every $1 helps a girl learn to rock :))


  1. Oh man, I would have bought that fabulous orange chair too!!! Sarah xxx Ps I will pay you fifty bazillion dollars to remove the Word Verification from comments - it's unnecessary and DOES MY HEAD IN! xxx

    1. The chair!!! Such a great chair. Orange velvet w/foot stool... {sigh} Word Verification removed!!! At no charge <3 Thanks for the heads up because I didn't even know it was there :)) Slowly learning...

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    1. Thank you so much Sabrina!! BTW, your blog is fantastic!

  3. Good for you for just plunging in! Your models and your stylings look fantastic.

    1. Thank you so much Bella!! I worked my tail off that day, but doing the photo-shoot turned out to be my absolute favorite thing I've done since starting this vintage business. If I could work/manage shoots everyday I would :)