Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Skirt Alert

There are some things that I like a lot, but are not my style.  This swing dance outfit is one of them.  Very fem & cheerful and if I did wear it I would try to turn it into some de los muertos kind of outfit.
My husband hated it!!  But, I told him even though it wasn't quite my style either that it was still incredible and needed to go into our booth here.  So, it's there now :)
Recently, I was shopping at one of my fav vintage clothing store and I came across another swing skirt.  This one had a bit more of a rockabilly vibe.  It was still a little on the out(skirts) of my style, but the elastic waist and open hips won me over.
I couldn't find my weird tight faded black eagle tee I wanted to wear so I borrowed my husbands tee.  It was thrifted and is probably some goofy brand like AA.  (Next time my eagle tee or a black tank top).
I am also wearing my Vince Camuto two-tone brandy boots.  I have wanted them forever.  Last season I waited until they went on sale and then they didn't have my size, so I bought them right away this year when they went on sale :)  They are already sold out from Dillard's where I got mine, but they still have some here if you are interested.  Now for obligatory twirl:
I'm not a twirler.
But I do love the skirt.  Cotton, elastic waist, busy weird paisley patterns that hide a multitude of sins (stains)...  This is everyday wear for me with two little ones and work on my website and in my booth.
Needless to say, I was at the booth later and after I finished working I couldn't help but peruse the other vendors.  LeShawn, two booths down from me, is a super nice cool lady who always has fun little things at great prices.  I had to buy this small vintage pony-hair cross body purse.

It was only $8.  I am in a small purse phase this year because I had to carry massive bags for so long (I used big purses in lieu of diaper bags for my babes) and that shiz is ovaaahh now!
I might do a post soon featuring all the other vendors because they have such amazing things.  I always encourage people to check out the store, Seminole Heights Antiques & Home Decor and I know they think I'm self promoting 'cause my booth is there, but the entire store is incredible!!!  Once people go they all agree and realize I wasn't kidding :)
After we worked, we went to Bo's (little local place) for ice cream.  This is winter & you can sit outside & eat ice cream.  Now you can see why my obsession with short sleeves and cotton is practicality based.
We only had the Girl London with us...
And I told X-man NOT to make a gross licking face when I took his pick.
I'll let you be the judge of if you think he followed my instructions or not.


  1. It wouldn't be my first choice either but it looks amazing on you, you've styled it and made it rock!
    I can't believe you can sit outside and eat ice cream! It's 2 below here! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix-- pushing my own fashion boundaries! It's basically ice cream weather all year here. In Florida we only have different variations of the same temps... Hot and damn it's hot!!!

  2. I love the skirt, the funny thing is that we really can wear everything if it's restyled as we love best!The bag is lovely and as a mom of two little girls I understand the need of chosing smaller bags!

    1. Thnx edie p. I have a hard time with certain styles. Nothing is worse than feeling ackward in what you're wearing.