Sunday, January 13, 2013


I guess I should of seen this coming.  If it was really that easy to let go of things (by things I mean clothes) and live your life (by life I mean closet) all streamlined and organized then everybody would have closets like this:
MIne is more like this:
But messier.  The piles on top and bottom can't really be contained and kind of tumble out...  You can't actually shut the doors anymore.  It was too embarrassing of a pic to post.  I have my limits.
So you'd think with a mess like that, 2/3 of which does not fit or I don't even wear, that it would be easy to purge myself of this albatross of a wardrobe.
Well, it's been harder than I thought.  But I keep going.
Patti's continuing blog post series, this one focusing on mistakes, has been encouraging.
Prime example of something I have struggled to let go of, spent a lot of $ on, but have only worn once in about 8 years:
Michael Kors Dalmatian print jacket.  Bought retail.  I LOVE it.  It is beautiful, chic, stylish...  Like I said, I love it.  But it NEVER seems to be what I want/need to actually wear.  I feel like a lawyer, or Hilary Clinton (I put her in because she is very important and people take her seriously--I don't know if she'd really wear this!!), or a serious business person, or maybe a bratty lady with $.  It's the type of thing my mom would tell me how good I looked in it all day if I wore it.  But it's not me.  One time in about 8 years.  So, I put in on one last time and took it to the booth.
Confession:  I haven't taken my leather pants yet.  I'm struggling.  But I did take a bunch of jeans and two pairs of Banana Republic pinstripe trousers (one pair still with tags--  I am obsessed with pinstriped pants,but apparently don't actually wear them) to the booth, too.  I also donated a cheaper, more destroyed pair of old Target pinstripe pants.
I am also thinking about organizing a straight up clothes swap with some friends.  More in hopes of seeing what I can just give than what I can get in exchange.
The struggle continues and it's totally #firstworldproblems
But, the good news is I've been getting tons of use out the blue leather skirt that I thrifted.  It's getting lots of use because I like it and it FITS (novelty concept). Plus, I found (you lose lots of clothes (albeit temporary, when your closet is a mess) one of my silly fave Billabong tees.  It is from a teenager-ish consignment shop, Plato's Closet.

The necklace is the one I always wear, thrifted, and will hereby be referred to as THE NECKLACE.  I wear it too much and that brings me great joy.  I actually enjoy wearing things out.
The boots were a splurge.  Retail (sale) Vince Camuto.
Sorry about the crap shots.  You'll see why my photos are the quality that they are in a minute.
Earlier this year I got rid of these old distressed vintage leather engineer boots:

I loved them and had them since I was about 20.  Bought them on a New York street corner.  They were pretty much perfect.  But after weight gain and 2 babies these feet are now size 9 and steel toed 8.5 boots are NOT forgiving.  They were still amazing, but no longer viable.
These new black boots fill my need for an engineer (boot) in my life.  But, I am still probably going to eventually need a good distressed pair of boots again.  I can wait for those, though.

Want to see a small behind the scenes shot of my ever so sophisticated and glamorous life of fashion shoots?
I thought so!
Baby Dream a.k.a. Photo-bomb Extraordinaire

Girl London a.k.a. The Photographer a.k.a. The Thumb

OK, off to Visible Monday to see what Patti and all the other bad@ss ladies are up to (wearing)!!


  1. Great post - I love following your journey through wardrobe editing! I know what you mean about the fabulous jacket that you wore once, I have had the same experience many times. I am guessing it's just too conservative or severe for your joyful style. Thanks for sharing all the info and pics with Visible Monday, and keep on looking great!

  2. What a great post, and I love your photo-bomber in her little pinkishness! I hate to tell you this now, but I think I would have taken that dalmatian jacket and changed the button to something colorful, or maybe done a Sharpie tie-dye print all over. Although if it's a certain kind of fabric it would still feel like Mrs. Clinton's jacket.

  3. well whenever you want to do a swap, I'll swap something for the dalmation jacket...
    and love the blue leather. That's a keeper!

  4. Well, how cute are you! love your hairstyle! new follower!!

  5. I think you are all kinds of adorable and same with your cute kid!!!! I'll tell you last year when my hubbys grandma died and we had to clear out her house I about died! She was a clothes hoarder for almost 20 years and the amount of stuff was suffocating! After spending months in that house looking at things that she never wore but held on to for whatever reason I find it easy to let go of stuff now. I can't have a love affair with things, people now that is way more like it. Try and let go a little more I promise you will feel better as the load lightens!

  6. Oh I do empathise with the need to cull and reduce but finding it all a bit overwhelming. Like you, I am TRYING! But it takes a while, and it's tricky to decide if some things should stay or go... But anything not worn for a while (once in 8 years? Naughty!) are definitely OUT!
    You look great in that fabulous skirt. And I have all sorts of ridiculous photos "assisted" by my kids - well, the girls anyway. They are terrible blog hogs. Supermodels don't have to work in these conditions, do they?! xxxxx

  7. Ditch the Hilary jacket. So it's not you - whatever - mark it up, sell it on, it's only stuff! So long as you keep wearing that blue leather skirt because you look frickin FANTASTIC in it! Love those last two pics - you're so lucky to have your own personal photographer! Sarah xxx

  8. #firstworldproblems - haha! So true! Does all this *really* matter in the universal scale of things? Probably not! But it's problems we have to cope with all the same! I hear you on the wardrobe thing - I'm much more second picture and wish I was the first - not being able to shut doors, things spilling out and then just never getting around to getting rid of stuff (or being unwilling to!) - it all builds up. Sounds like you are making progress though.
    Your daughter is a real cutie! Love that blue leather skirt and your new boots! Look forward to seeing the leather trousers when they're done!

  9. If you're going to keep that jacket, then you need to "un-Hilary" it by putting it over a fun t-shirt and ruffly skirt, or something similary. Otherwise, I'm with Sarah, and I'd say cut your losses and put it in a clothes swap. I love the fit and colour of that leather skirt - that would be a piece I would wear a lot.