Sunday, January 27, 2013

Casa Tina Yum Yum & Fum

We went out with another family Saturday night to an awesome little restaurant called Casa Tina.  They make deliciously fresh Mexican food (I know!!! More Mexican food!!  We have so many good restaurants here...) and they also feature a performers from the Dance & Circus Arts of Tampa Bay.
I wore a fun little dress I bought from Target with a birthday gift card from one of my best friends.
I thought it was ok at first but upon actually wearing it out it really is a bit short for my comfort level.  I am probably going to have to wear some little capri black leggings with it.  This sort of thing is what I am now trying to avoid in the future.  I don't really want to many items that need an assist--- that need to propped with something else to work for me.
I do love the bold design, print, and shape of the overall dress.  It is a little odd color wise, but I found myself pairing it with lots of different shoes and boots and felt like it weirdly worked with unexpected things, a plus!
Wearing it with the vintage men's boots I talked about here.  They are kind of a red leather and were almost new (even though they were vintage) when I got them.  They are turning into a truly fav pair, especially now that they are looking a little more worn-- makes me love them even more.  I have a penchant for worn distressed things :)
The necklace was a $7 cheapo from F21.  Here is a close-up:
What I love about it is the length, the geometric rectangular elements, the little metal fringe, and most of all, the fact that the chain is wide enough to make pairing it with shorter necklaces easy.  I didn't wear it with another necklace here, but I usually do.
Now for Casa Tina.  Sorry about the discrepancy in the pics, some came from my camera and some from X-man's phone.
The decor:

The performers did swing acts, ribbon acts, and hanging hoop acts, but I didn't capture it all--  I was busy watching!!!  They were literally a few feet away from our table!!  Incredible up close live performances! Here's a couple pic:
This girl was my fav!!! ^

Ahhhhmaaazing!!!!  Sorry, no food pics!  By the time I remembered I had already dug in :)))  The food was sooooooo amazing.  They even had stuffed chayote, which made the X-man a very happy man!
Anyway, heading over to Patti's Visible Monday & #iwillwearwhatilike!!!!!!!!  Just wanted to add that usually I'm a little more thrifty/vintage-y with my outfits and this time only my boots were...  Except I did add a vintage thrifted jacket later, but it's not in the pics :(


  1. Very cute dress and it works really well with the boots! That looks like a cool restaurant!

  2. Thanks for taking us on a visit with you...I love that necklace! I cannot believe what you paid for it. have a great week!

  3. Those are men's boots? Wow, super cool and you look great. Thanks for sharing the look with Visible Monday!

  4. That is a cute dress, and I love it with those boots. Maybe you could get a little petticoat type skirt to wear with it (ooooo, what color?).

  5. Maybe shorten it into a peplum top?
    Val's petticoat idea a good one.
    I'm all about leggings in those kind of situations.

    AND thanks mucho for intel on Cafe Tina's!
    I'm doing a massive road trip in 2014 and it looks like Dunedin (hysterical name btw) will be on/near my route. Maybe we can meet-up!

    1. That would be awesome! Keep me posted about your trip! Always fun to try to find interesting spots around town--I feel like I'm always discovering places :)

  6. OMG you are KILLING me with your Casa Tina pics honeeeeeeeeey!!!! I love your new dress so much, the print just makes my eye-balls jump around in their sockets!! I know EXACTLY what you mean about clothing items that need "help" - you love them, but don't feel comfortable wearing them on their own. I nearly got rid of a 1970s cotton sundress that way - I used to wear it with leggings underneath because I felt the same way about the length. Soooooooooo, I packed it away. When I got it out again I thought "what the hellz was I thinking?" So I've been wearing it ever since during the hot summer months. Bingo! Maybe just wait until the little inspiration fairy comes to visit:) xoxo

  7. That dress is hot on you and not too short in the slightest! Love that fringey pendant, too.
    Casa Tina looks incredible! xxx

  8. Chevron stripes are so pretty and the dress looks fab on you.
    The pictures are fantastic. The performers are just so flexible. I admire them so!

  9. That place looks amazing!! I love love the decor. The entertainment looks pretty good too. I love the chevron stripe dress, it's really cute, especially with those boots!! xx

  10. Very sleek pieces together. Fun photos (thanks for the peek)but you held your own with all the interesting images!

  11. Happy belated birthday to you!
    I love the dress, but it's a little short but leggings will do the trick
    I love it the way you paired it with men's boots, real nice!
    Awwwwww! Mexican food,i love it too, we a few good ones in Montreal


  12. Lovin' that chevron dress on you- but yeah, I would be afraid of a peep show if it were on me too.

    Happy Birthday- looks like you had a great time!

  13. LOVE that cute dress - I wear longer petticoats under dresses that are a little too short - it can totally funk up an outfit! That restaurant looks like my kind of place! Sarah xxx

  14. Amazing pictures! I need to try out this restaurant!
    Love the dress & necklace, too :)


  15. That is one funky little frock, doll! Maybe some bicycle shorts (I call 'em modesty pants) underneath would make you feel more comfortable? That's my little trick, not that I wear uber short that often!
    OMG I want WANT to go to Casa Tina's!!! It's right up my alley with all that fabularse decor and awesome performances.......and of course, I LOVE to scoff Mexican food!!!

  16. How did I miss this crazy good time! First off this frock is really adorable maybe some leggings would make it even better, but it looks great on you! I want to go out here, this looks like a banging good time!