Friday, January 4, 2013


Or STRESS?????

Sometimes it's hard for me to tell the difference.  So, Krista's sweet little post about her commitment to ART made me want to write about my ongoing commitment to art and how that expanded last year when I opened my booth.
When I opened my consignment shop I decided I would host art showings, at my own expense, featuring local artists.  Since I am not an actual artist, it was a way for me to get involved and support the art community in my own way.  Provide the forum, organize the event, promote...  Stuff I can do.

Some pics from the first event:
 We had a very small both here and had just opened.  We had tons of homemade cupcakes and lots of wine.  I did not know the artist well, she was suggested by a friend.  The show was rushed and therefore not executed to it's full potential.
Let's just say I LEARNED A LOT from this first experience.

The 2nd art show of the year was amazing.
My husband and I really teamed up and A HYPEBEAST Production was born.  The event was our baby.  We had time to create flyers, pick the artist, do the music, and get a food-truck.
The artist was Cory Robinson.  His work was incredible and he was a dream to work with, very professional-- and I appreciate this soooo much.
This is this artist and his lovely girlfriend:

 He was also very much in tune with our green vibe.  His art is painted on glass and he uses old window panes and reclaimed frames.

 We fell in love with and bought the puffer fish:
His art is VERY reasonable.  Please check his website and show him some love.  I would definitely work with and purchase more art from him again.
We also had the pleasure of working with some friends who decided to start their own business and run a food truck call 3SunsOrganic.  Shane and Natalie (high school friend!) own the business and obviously believe in organic, whole foods, buying local... The whole biz.
They were so amazing, professional, and their food is ridiculously yummy!!  They helped make the event!!
If you are in Tampa look them up and EAT at their truck.  You won't be sorry :))
My husband and I organized the music, 4 hours worth of some of our favorite tracks from the British show Skins. One of our little guilty pleasures ;)

Now it is 2013 and we have a new art show that I am in the hot seat of organizing RIGHT NOW.  I feel stressed because everything is not falling into my lap easy---  I am werkin' for it, folks.  It is bigger this time, 2 artists & a photographer (possibly 3rd artist) another booth is involved (he is one of the artist), and I am pulling teeth about the food truck.  My DJ idea did not work out (this time) so hubby & me are about to start working on the soundtrack for the evening.  I am lucky my husband is a musician and basically has professional equipment and the know how to put it all together...
(Secretly, I think he is excited we get to do it again...)

I feel stressed-- but I think if I just call it excited it sounds better, right?  Are they almost the same?  Just negative vs. positive connotations of almost the same feeling...

The show will be February 9th so if anybody is anywhere near Tampa or St. Pete and wants to come to a FREE event with art, music, wine, an entire shop filled with cool stuff, ME...  Then just go to our Facebook page to get the latest details!


  1. You have me super excited for you and OH how I wish I could come check out your booth and see your stuff and all the art for sale. What a wonderful collaboration you have here, I really admire what you and your husband are doing. I think art makes life more enjoyable and I hate the idea of staving artists so I want to help fill their bellies and wallets by showing some love. Thanks for the mention, you are an absolute doll!

    Good luck my dear! It will all work out in the end.

  2. There is something just so civilised about art!
    I have always dreamed of being wealthy enough to be a real old fashioned patroness of the arts.I admire talents I do not have, especially the skills of drawing and panting! What you are doing is AWESOME!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!