Sunday, January 6, 2013

Giving Up the Ghost

Of clothes that have been too small for too long.

I am a clothes hoarder.  I loveeee all my clothes, even the ones from 20 years ago, that on an occasional   slim year, I can fit into again!  But, those years are fewer and farther between.  That means a good chunk of my clothes just stay stashed away-- kind of tormenting me in their unwearable-ness.

I've decided to keep a few faves even if they don't fit because I do have two little girls who might one day be interested in wearing them.  But, last year I sold about 3 or 4 (less expensive) leather jackets and bought my (more expensive) dream leather jacket (posted about it here.)  I am realizing how much better it is having the one perfect item versus several cheaper variations...  Worth every penny.  I am now getting rid of my AMAZING vintage leather pants and my awesome jean collection---  all going straight to the booth.
And lots of other stuff that I actually still really like, but can't fit.

It's a big change for me, but hey, the new year has inspired me :))

This is X-man and me at Busch Gardens on New Year's Eve.  We had the kids and my mom came and it was loads of fun.  Busch Gardens is a really great amusement park, so if you're ever in the area you should def hit it up.

I don't have any really good pics ready to go so I am going to use one from last year that shows one of my favorite outfits from last year (sounds longer ago saying it like that.)
I've decided to grow my hair out again, similar to this but with layers.  I want my bangs cut ASAP so I will trying to get over to X-man's salon sans kids.  Once I want my hair cut it is hard for me to have patience.
The outfit I'm wearing it actually a black and white super thin cotton from India dress with a DIY destroyed saber tooth tiger tee on top.  It is super cool and comfy.  So perfect for Florida.  The silver-tone bib necklace is a vintage bib necklace from the store I already bragged about as being the best jewelry store evahhhh here.  Cool thing is that the necklace came with two little bead earrings to match.  I don't like the earrings, but they are good for a link ever falls out of the necklace.
Dress: Retail from Kohl's a few years ago.  
Rings: Consignment
Bracelets:  Retail (?)
Tee: Thrifted DIY
Necklace: Consignment

I also splurged (about $15) on a bunch a new eyeliner.  Eyeliner is my THING.  You know, how ladies talk about the one make-up they always wear or whatever.  Mine is eyeliner.  Usually just the top lid for everyday and I get creative for dress-up or weekends or whatever.  My all time favorite color was Parisian Plum by Jordana.  Jordana is just a drug store brand.  My Parisian Plum pencil was staring to get sharpened pretty low so I went to go get another--- Alas!!!!  It is no more!  So, I bought a bunch in hopes of finding a new favorite.
So far, I am LOVING Denim Blue & Purple Fusion.  I also have very high hopes for Punk Rock Purple and Eggplant (thinking this might basically be my Parisian Plum with a new name).  I have found that when I do wear liner under the eye, it looks good to wear a lighter shade of the color that is on the top lid.  

On a not so happy note: SOMEBODY BOUGHT THE PICTURE I WANTED!!!  Literally, right out from under my nose.  I was working my @ss off at the booth today, arranging, rearranging... And this young lady and her lovely husband/boyfriend/parter in crime scooped my picture up from the other booth and purchased it.  I though about yelling out, "NOOOO, sorry, but I already decided to buy that!!!"  I had to refrain myself several times because I know that is not how these things work.  I should have removed the painting to behind the counter.  I can't talk/write about it anymore.  I'm off to google it to death in hopes of finding it again.  
And I am also off to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style to try to distract myself from loss of art.
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  1. Sorry about your loss of art! You look cool with your tiger tee and light dress (it's pretty warm here in FL these days, isn't it??) Thanks for sharing your fab style with VisibleMonday.

  2. You are off to a good start! Sometimes a lesson like that will remind you to ACT when you need to- in the future you will, thanks to this incident, and I think it might have more impact.
    Happy 2013! Wishing you abundance and happiness!

  3. Art loss...I wish you well in your recovery.
    On another note - I love this cat top with that wild swirly black and white dress. You look great! You have the best eyeliner selection.

  4. I am feeling like you lately regarding my clothes and really only wanting stuff I wear, even if it's just once a year. You are looking beautiful in all of these photos!!! Sorry about the lost art good thing there is plenty of art in the world!

  5. Helloooo, following you now! Love your hair, your fringe/bangs is/are awesome. Love all those eyeliners - and you only spent $15?! bargain. The lion t-shirt is amazing, very jealous. xx

  6. totally agree - one great one goes wayyyy further than a few cheap ones - love the shirt tho - looks like the one I am wearing today :)

  7. sorry about your arl loss
    Cool eyeliner and cheap, love your feline tee so gorgeous

    You look lovely