Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's HOT

when dudes rock vintage with mad attitude.  I think everyone in this video looks sick!!  And I love it <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
It sums up how I feel when I roll out in all my vintage glory :)
I have always liked a sort of urban/vintage mix.  Here is an example of two girls who got it so RIGHT it hurts:
I can't get over the girl on the left.  She's perfect.  The hair/hat/coat/shirt/pants/sunglasses/lipstick...  They are both amazing.
Vintage clothes are just cooler.  There's no way to reach this sweet level of style w/o incorporating some vintage/second hand clothes.  I love how vintage/second hand shopping may finally be becoming mainstream.  Many popular (independent & woman owned *BONUS*) started out as vintage shops and/or still incorporate vintage sections in their online store.  Ex. Nasty Gal They are independently owned and run by a woman, they incorporate vintage and new, and they now design many of their own looks.  It's like, even if you do want a 'new' something, or something 'trendy'  (anybody ever covet some of those JC's, my friend?), why not buy them from the little guy (lady!) instead???
Another little shop I like is ShopJeen.  This is a relatively new small company founded by a young woman who often works with small, independent designers, including many Etsy designers.  How cool is that?  I bought my Cheap Monday cut out boots from her store when she was having one of her massive 70% off sales!!  Shown in this post here.
I've been a bit lazy with my style lately.  Remixing my easy go-to items a lot.
Dress (thrifted) already shown in this post here, jacket, Patricia Field, (thrifted) already shown here, and shoes here, here, here...
The green short almost choker necklace is from another vendor where my consignment booth is located.  You know the best jewelry evahhhh (ex. already discussed here & here)?
I was in a rush to get ready this night, the whole family was running out the door to dinner.  So I threw on the booties, the sparkly jacket, and the necklace to spice up a rather simple sundress.  Usually I would wear longer necklaces in combo with this shorter one.  But hey, sometimes you got to get ready on the fly!!!
Probably time for me to get some work done now ;)
Hopefully I'll be able to show a couple of my fun new finds soon!


  1. I call this song and video our national anthem. I loved it from the get go :) I think wearing thrifted clothes forces you to be more creative with how we put them together and that I love, it's challenging and fun! I love your floral frock and I did click on your link and saw that cute family photo card. Wow what a cute family you have sweetie!

  2. I love vintage, I own some clothes from the past eras since I was in high school, it's the most creative way of dressing, especially if you find your own formula to restyle it and create new forms of self expression.I'm glad that it's more politically correct than clothes we buy in the big stores that are often produced exploiting the work of people and the large use of vintage is also due to the great economic crisis and the rising environmental interest, recycling is better and funnier!Well I don't want to annoy you with my essay, but this post really makes me think to all this!Anyway your dress is stunning, the colours of the flowers are beautiful and I love how you combined it with the lurex jacket!

  3. I fucking love that song and Macklemore is really hot. Those two girls are amazing and your dress is gorgeous!! I really love it. Xx

  4. Those two girls do look really good, and so do you! I love the bright floral print on the dress, and the sparkly little jacket and gorgeous necklace too. Buying vintage and thrifting/ secondhand shopping is a more creative process than standard retail, I think. You never know what you will find, you can't just pick a style or an item and automatically select one off the rack in your size. It's all about searching and being patient and happy accidents and playing with looks, not blindly following this seasons dictated trends. Vintage gals rock! xxxx

  5. I love the floral frock and biker jacket! Cool for school!

  6. Have loved that fab song from the very first listen! Yes those two girls are FABULARSE - I especially love the one on the left too. And you are SUPER DUPER cute in your floral mix up! Sarah xxx

  7. Someone shared that video with me on Facebook and I listened to it rather obsessively for a week. And the words are so true!! The guy in the onesie cracks me up. Love the dress, 80s necklace and sparkly bits.

  8. check out this giveaway sweetie*

  9. Cool pattern on the dress! I absolutely love midi skirts/dresses right now