Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Had a really nice birthday weekend with my family.  Kept it kind of low key with a trip to the thrift shop and then to eat at the Taco Bus.
I decided wear my new (to me) HOT pink/fuschia crochet paneled dress from Etsy store BroughtBackToYou.

I love it.  My first instinct is to 'save' it to wear for special occasions.  But, I am NOT going to do that.  I've decided I am going to wear it as part of my normal clothes.  I had to buy a vintage cotton elastic waist slip to go under because of the placement of the crochet panels.  I was going to order one off Etsy, but I ended up finding one in the Antique Addict.  My necklace is also from the Antique Addict.  It is made of shell.  I am thinking of taking it to a jewelry repair because the shell has worn hair thin where it holds one of the fringe/shells on the bottom.  It won't look even if one breaks off-- so I'm hoping there could be a way to reinforce it.
My other jewelry is a combo of vintage/retail/street vendor and the boots are Vince Camuto shown before here.
I also decided on less make-up for a bit.  In the summer it's so hot here, you can barely wear it anyway, so I'm just getting back in the 'no make-up' groove.
I get a lot more of the whole "Are you tired?" thing when I don't wear foundation.
The taco bus is a 24/7 authentic restaurant/street vendor style eatery and it is YUMMY.  A Tampa classic.  If you are in town... GO and eat here.
My daughter just eats the guac with a spoon :)
Tostada carnitas with a coke.  Delicioso!!!
I got hungry again just posting these pics lolzzzz!  Off for a snack! <3


  1. I don't know what has me salivating the most - the fabulous dress or the delicious-looking food!
    I love the colour and the sleeves and the crochet of the dress, great pendant too.
    Good to know you had a lovely birthday. And you look gorgeous with less make up, not tired at all! xxxx

  2. Happy Belated Bday! Your dress, the colour and the style, is absolutely gorgeous! You wear it well. I don't wear foundation but I have recently discovered BB cream - glorious stuff as it's sheer yet provides a bit of coverage and sun protection too. :)

  3. Happy B-day! That dress is stunning on you and heck yeah for wearing and making the occasion special! I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! I would kill for it. Oregon sucks for Mexican food and since I grew up in Southern CA I crave it like a vampire craves blood.

  4. Nice to hear you had a nice time on your birthday - the red dress is gorgeous! Definitely to be worn out as much as possible rather than saved for special occasions!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Great call on the dress - it's so pretty and a lovely flamingo color. Perfect for Florida!

    Is there something weird about eating guacamole with a spoon? Sounds normal to me :p

  6. Love your red dress - very pretty! I discovered your blog via Miss Simmonds. Greetings from Scotland.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. It sounds like a great Birthday!I'm usually afraid of red, even if my hair are dark, my skin is pale and I often avoid to wear it, but for a dress like that I'm sure that I won't mind to dare!The sleeves and the crochet details are stunning and it looks great on you!The jewels are all very beautiful too and perfect with it!!

  8. Oh my goodness that is the most AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING bit of frockage I've seen in ages - damn you look utterly gorgeous from top to toe!!! GAWWWWWWWJUSSSS I say!!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, thank you so much for your friendship, lovely comments and birthday wishes too - now I'm off to raid the fridge because you've made me very, very hungry!! xoxoxo

  9. Such a perfect dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, again and again.

  10. First off: Happy Birthday! Here's to your best year yet!
    SEcondly- that color on that dress is amaze-ZING!!! on you!

  11. we've got a seriously lack of Mexican food restaurants in the UK, that place had made me feel sooooo hungry now! But wow, your dress!! It's absolutely stunning, it's a sherberty raspberry delight and you look really pretty too! xxx

  12. I love Mexican food but, like Clare says, there's a serious lack of them here in the UK. The food looks delicious but you look even more tasty, that dress is a stunner and so are you, make-up or not! xxx

  13. Yum and YUM! The dress is absolutely gorgeous - FABULOUS colour on you! And the food looks DEEELICIOUS! I want some refried beans and guacamole RIGHT NOW! Sarah xxx

  14. Stunning frock, the colour is amazing...x