Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Price Point ^

Ouch!!  This one hurt a little...
Remember Krista's post about coats here?  (Calling you out again Krista!!! lolzzz)  Well, she happened to stumble upon what I would consider MY dream coat in that post from Hellhound Vintage.
I actually bookmarked it, which was ridiculous, as it is a $328 coat that I will in no way ever be purchasing.
Ok-- background established.
So, when I went thrifting yesterday and saw this
I just knew I had to have it.  Even though I don't need a coat.  Even though it was in the 'boutique' section and cost $52.57.  (FYI for me that is a little pricey, not terrible, but I am on a pretty strict budget).  X-man was there and he was NOT feelin' it, 'it' being the $52.57.
Long story long...  I got it anyway, but I knew I was going to have to give something up.
There goes my other suede, embroidered, faux fur, (short length that I actually love), coat
straight to the booth!!!  And I put the bird poncho as my STEAL OF THE WEEK on Facebook.
BIRD PONCHO!!!  It's like a sweet little 90s drug rug, but better, 'cause it's a poncho.  With birds.
I don't know.  Maybe I should just give up all the coats and keep the poncho.  And move to Mexico. Or someplace where creditors can't find me.  JK!  (Not really.)

All this coat talk made me think about my mom's old leather coat.
I love it because I remember her wearing it all the time and it was fabulous.
This is me wearing it because she gave it to me:

This was about 2 years ago.  My mom decided to take X-man and Me to Bern's for dinner in celebration of me finally graduating from college!!  (If ever in Tampa, Bern's is very much worth popping into-- delicious locally sourced food, known nationally for steak, decorated in red velvet like a bordello, and a super cool dessert room.) Anyway, college; it took me dropping out 3 times over a course of 15 years to finally graduate.  I used to have reoccurring nightmares about being in class and not having my work or still being stuck in high school.  When I finally graduated college they stopped :)  Honestly, having my first daughter, Girl London, is what prompted my final return to school and graduation in my 30s.
Now no more school nightmares...  Just nightmare student debt :(
Want to know what's under the coat?
It's a Target (I know, I know!) dress that I fell in love with years ago when they had the Rodarte collection.  I was totally pregnant when it was for sale and it was kind of pricey.  But, when it went on clearance I snatched it up.  I didn't get to actually wear it for AGES because I had to wait until I wasn't pregnant and then lose some baby weight.  So, this is me finally getting to wear it after a looooong wait.    So girly and fem.  Girl London loves this dress and used to try to steal it to try on until I hid it farther back in my closet! lolzzz

Here's one more coat...  A FLASHBACK coat tribute to the 70s, baby!!! (Because I was a 70s baby :)
San Fran '78    Me: 2   Mom: Forever young <3

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  1. Bloody hell, that first coat IS amazing, but that's a hell of a price! I have something similar, but shorter, that's way too small, but I can't bring myself to give it up....(weren't you just talking about such things?!)
    I adore your Mama's leather coat.Totally sexy AND has sentimental value-what a winner!
    O, the Rodarte for Target frock is just lovely! They're quite clever. We don't have Target in NZ, so we miss all those exciting collaborations.

  2. That dress that you're wearing is so gorgeous!

    <3 Melissa

  3. OH. MY. GOD! NO fecking way! YAH good for you I am so happy you found one similar, it's stunning and will look so fresh on you! Great price if you ask me! The dress from Target is so girly is it bad that I would dye it PINK? The picture of you and your Mom is so sweet!
    take care love

  4. Lovely coat! you were right to buy it even tough it was a bit expensive
    I see them coat once in a blue moon in thrif shops but as nice looking as yours
    Your mama's coat is divine and sentimal values yes i understand i have those as well
    The pic of you and your mom is so cute

    Ariane xxx

  5. amazing that you found such a similar coat and it wasn't too expensive... we it wasn't over $300 anyway!! I bet it looks amazing on and well done for recycling the old one. Love that dress, so pretty

  6. Not all purchases can be $5 scores- and that coat is wonderful and worth 50 some bucks. I am glad you got it. When we pick quality pieces and wear for years, I say you can rationalize even a 350 dollar investment. That's my rationale any ways.

    Can't wait to see you rock your new coat!

  7. I love the coats, I've always wanted one, but still haven't find an affordable and beautiful piece like yours!They always remind me of the amazing Brian Jones style!The Rodarte dress was my obsession last year, but we don't have target here and on e-bay the shipping cost was too expensive, but I'm glad to see that I wasn't wrong to believe that it is fabulous!!
    you are stunning in the photo with the leather coat, I like your hair very much!

  8. I loved the first coat when Krista featured it on her blog, but yeah, that price means it remains a fantasy! The one you found is great, and not so expensive when you compare it with retail or really high end vintage shops. So it's a Good Buy, I reckon, and you played by the one-in-one-out rule, so you did good!
    The coat from your mum is fantastic too, very 70s chic, which is right up my alley! Great pic of you and your mum. And good for you for graduating - it doesn't matter how long it took, you got there in the end!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, I really appreciate it!
    Love Curtise xxxx

  9. OMG that coat is amazing, I would have given up something for that too, thou its not a practice of mine (I admire your discipline). Cute kid pic; I was a 70s kid too.thanks for visiting my blog; you have a new fan now. :)