Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photo-booth fun

Just a couple more pics from the fun photo-booth that Kim from Kimberly Yau Studios was generous enough to run at the event when she was a featured photographer.
I'm kind of a big deal...  In another galaxy.
The X-man and me <3  He's wearing an eggplant velvet blazer I stalked H&M to get and matching slim cut trousers.  It was actually really reasonably priced and he has gotten lots of use out of it.

This is actually a future little artist beside me.  My friend's son is very creative and takes art lessons.  I told him if he ever gets a good collection together will give him a showing :)

This is one of my friend's boyfriends and I really like the pic.  It makes me think of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and I have no idea why and also, I mean it in a good way.  Whatever that means.

Best friends.  I just love this pic of these two best friends.

This awesomeness is obvious.
That's Kim the photographer holding the hand up above!!!! ^
It was such a great night.  I wrote a little about it here if you are interested and a little more info on some shows we did previously in this post here.  The link to all the crazy pics are on my PinkCheetahVintage Facebbook, which, if you are in the Tampa area and are interested in future events then you can 'like' it and you'll always be invited when we have another show.  Tentative dates are already being discussed for November, but I might do something fun in between-- haven't quite decided what yet.  Might have to wait for some inspo!
<3 <3 <3 <3

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coffee Date!

I wore this outfit to go grab a coffee with one of my best friends this week.  I rarely get to see her because she works full time and has four kids and we are about an hour's drive from each other. So, it's always a treat.
The shirt is new from Target's Prabal Gurung collection and I think it is only available in stores right now.  But, a lot of the collection is available online. The colors and pattern remind me of bright paint drips or something.  I love it because of the bright pattern and because it is thin material.  I will be able to wear this in the summer when I need some sun protection.  THE NECKLACE and boots you've seen before and the thrifted vintage blue leather skirt and the Payless purse, also.  Some things surprise you.  I almost didn't keep this blue leather skirt and it is now a staple in my closet and the $16 Payless purse goes with everything-- even with the ultra bright Ikat pattern.
I look a little crazy in these pics but I was feeling pretty good lolzzzz
Linking up to Patti's Visible Monday for some fun :)
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ren Fest 2012

The Renaissance Festival comes every year and the X-man and I pretty much love it.  We don't full out dress in character, we just sort of dress dramatic.
My tank is a thrifted sorted of metallic gold knit that snags like crazy and is a bit worn out, my necklace is a vintage shell necklace from the Antique Addict, my belt is a crazy old belt from Steinmart of all places, and my dress was part of a sort of Victorian costume I'd bought from Ebay for my friends themed wedding-- she wanted everyone to dress in costume.  I hated the horrible top that came with and eventually sold it.  I should of sent it back and had it re-done or something, but I had so much going on in my life at the time I couldn't deal with it properly.  I mean, it was that bad.  But, anyway, I adored the long brocade skirt part.

Oh, I and my super cheap tiara that I wore when I got married and got for like $10 dollars from some mall store lolzzzz  I am the Queen you know! Oh, and The Tote, just mentioned in this post here for the  first time but soon to be notorious because it is one of my major go-to summer bags.  You know, because in the summer you need sunglasses, including the kids sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottles...  You need a tote.  I love the Om symbol on it and all the hieroglyphics and the fact that is kind of pink and purple tie dyed.  It adds another element of patterns and colors.
Here is Girl London at the magic wand making booth and the wizard who helps with the activation spell every year.
Pure magic, I tell you :)
The Renaissance Festival does travel so if it's coming anywhere near you, you know you have to go.  Pics from this year will come after we go-- hopefully sooooon!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Separate and Together

Just a few little outfits that I've been wearing.  Mostly separates-- shirts and skirts.
This first one is a thrifted 80s striped long sleeve top that I made an exception to the 'no long sleeve' rule and kept because it was so utterly me.  I love the 80s.  The skirt is a retail (sale) online purchase from Victoria's Secret.  I know...  A bit odd of a place to shop, but occasionally they have some stuff I like.  It's just a really well made black pencil skirt that I'd almost given away when I was quite a bit thinner and now I'm happy I held onto it.  It is quite high waisted which works well for me in general because I am long waisted, but, particularly with this top because it happens to be quite short--not crop, but just really short.
Bat wings?  YES please!!!
That came off a bit Jesus-y...  haha Just trying to show off a bit!
The necklace in this next pic was a bit pricey for me.  I bought it a month ago and for me it was a splurge.  It is from FreePeople and on sale online.
The skirt is thrifted and boots are Vince Camuto in both pics so far and all previously shown here, short green necklace is vintage and shown here and here, tee is semi sheer consignment shown here.  Earrings are old gift from my parents, silver dangly ones with some turquoise they got from a trip out west.
I like this outfit a lot.
The necklace was inspired by a vintage one I've been lusting over this past year after seeing Karen fro Where Did U Get That wear this one all the time:
Obviously hers is more statement style, vintage, and all around AMAZING.  But the one good aspect of mine is that I do like how I can pair other shorter necklace with it because of how wide and long it is.  That being said, I'd still rather have hers.
Next outfit was a major run around work day and I looked so sloppy I'm almost not sure I should show you, but, whatever!

The NECKLACE is thrifted, tee is cheapo retail shown previously here, and this hippie tie dye tote bag which I bought at the Renaissance festival years ago and is an all time summer favorite.  I loved it so much I started carrying them in my booth.  Thrifted skirt last seen here with the same retail Big Buddha booties.  And big sunnies-- cause it's Florida.
Back to work!!  Been working all morning and needed a break.  I put a few new listings online this week and made a little Facebook album if you want to check it out.  I always like hearing which pieces different people like.
<3 <3 <3

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"A little much?"

I jokingly asked the cashier at the thrift store as he rang up my men's Loudmouth golf pants.  The tall dude with long dreaded hair who is there all the time quietly responded, "Naw, these are nice."
I know!!  They are pretty nice.  And aptly named because they are quite loud.

Vintage necklace hand me down from my cousin.  Shirt is cheapo old retail surf shop.  Pants thrifted.  Shoes cheapo F21 faux leather wedges from 2 yrs ago.
They are a tad big.  If I could pick a pair of pants from this newly discovered (for me, at least) brand I would buy these in a size smaller (sold here):
Men's pants actually fit me rather well since I don't have a super small waist.  Unfortunately, the "Magic Bus" flower power ones above not in the budget right now :(
People literally could not help but comment on my pants all day.  It was actually quite funny.  They would usually blurt out "Nice pants", but it was so knee jerk that I got the sense they couldn't help but say SOMETHING.  Anything.
Like I said, aptly named LOUDMOUTH pants! hahaha

It's Sunday, so as I write this, in bits and pieces, I am cooking white bean chili for tomorrow, and getting ready to cook a cabbage/carrots/white rice meal for later.  You can't get behind on the cooking with a family or else you end up grabbing some fast food option that is more expensive and less healthy (which I totally do sometimes!!!).  If it was just me, I would probably just be lazy and eat more easy snack things all the time like soup/pita & hummus or tzatziki sauce/cheese & crackers...  X-man is vegetarian so I try to make lots of veggie stuff.  So happy it's Sunday and everyone has blog posts for me to read as I do my cooking :)
Later I am taking Girl London and Baby Dream to a carnival and Girl London will be selling cookies with her Daisy Scout Troop.  It's GIRL SCOUT COOKIE time.  Oh yeah!!  I have to admit I've been sort of gorging on Samoas and Tagalongs for two days now.
Nom nom nom!!!!
In case you didn't know...  I am super liberal and my daughter is part of a non-religious troop.  I checked into some of the current Girl Scouts Of America's viewpoints on things when we started this year and was pleasantly surprised by how forward the organization is at this point.
The X-man and I are down with all that!

Off to join Patti's Visible Monday and sell cookies!!!!!  Thanks to everyone for all the interesting posts today-- you are making my morning way more interesting and I appreciate it <3

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spread the LOVE

So, Valentine's Day is tomorrow.  Honestly, I don't really care that much about that stuff.  I like my romance a little less scheduled, commercialized, and force fed to me...  But!!!!!
That being said, I'm not against people who love Valentine's Day.
So, I figured I'd spread the love in a different way.  I am going to talk about my friend, Amanda, who I have known since high school, and is now running her own beauty product company.

She is a licensed aesthetician and makes all her products using only natural ingredients.  Her company is called Olio Luxe and so far, I absolutely love the products I've started using.
Just to be clear, she is NOT paying me, nor did she ask me to write about her.  I just want to share info about it because I really do love the stuff I've used.
My very favorite so far is the Emu Luxe Facial Serum.  I use it as a moisturizer after I use my Roc Deep Wrinkle Cream (that is if I have any because the Roc stuff is about $20 a tube so sometimes I can't afford it).  I have oily skin that is prone to break-outs and yet, I am also starting to get wrinkles in strategically dry areas, so I am picky about moisturizer.
I've also used her Apothecary Salve and I am anxious to try the new Naked Luxe Balms.  It is free of fragrances and I think the extra big push tubes would be perfect for my 5 year old daughter who has to put on balm every night because of her eczema.

I am very picky about what I will let my little girl use on her skin.  My husband and I have actually made our own organic soaps and balms (we have made an all organic balm with sunflower oil and beeswax for my daughter because sunflower oil is supposedly good for eczema), but we don't do it constantly and I need alternatives I can buy.  This is my new go to balm now for my daughter.
I am going to buy my Emu Serum and my big tube of Naked balm on Friday (when I get paid, yo!).
Annnnd lucky me, Amanda just posted this little announcement on her Olio Luxe Facebook page:

Valentine's special! Any order placed at olioluxe.com from now thru Feb15th will receive a free Rose Petal or Lavender Rose bath tea! ♥ +FreeShipping!
***Must purchase a full size product or $15 minimum purchase.

Yayyyy!  It will still be going on Friday when I can order :)
She also has a sweet little Birthday Program where if you LIKE her Olio Luxe Facebook page and then message her your name, birthday, and address, she will send you a *surprise* Olio Luxe treat.  My birthday package included my sample of the Emu Serum I now love so much.
Now this is something I heard was a best seller and I am dfinitely going to eventually try:
It looks awesome to me!!!  I can only imagine how good my skin would look/feel afterward.  If it's half as gorgeous as Amanda's skin, I'd be happy!!

Can we talk about how stunning she is for a second???  She is wearing a dress she ordered form my store PinkCheetahVintage.  It was definitely meant for her.
Here's the other thing about about spreading the word/love about small, independent, green, and/or woman ran business...  You get what I like to call "double for your money".  Because they, in turn, support other small, local, green, and independent businesses.
Amanda, for one, shops local, participates in her local crop share program, uses all natural products, is a strong outspoken opponent of GMOs, buys vintage and second hand clothes...  The list goes on and on.  So, instead of my money going to some fat, greedy cat at the top who doesn't spread the love back around, when I buy from her, I get a return.  A return to the community.  I think this is where a lot of us are starting to focus as conscientious consumers who do, indeed, have the potential to make strong impacts with where we decide to spend our money and who we choose to support.

This really resonates with me as a small business owner, mainly because it's my truth.
Plus, one more little bit about conscientious consumerism from Independent We Stand. Hit this link to "see what kind of impact you could make on your community by spending a portion of your Valentine's Day budget at a locally owned, independent business."

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

SHOWing off

More like, the show is over!!!  The art show last night was a blast.  I only took pics at the very beginning, of course, but at least you can see a little of the night!!!
I am going to start off with Joe, one of our featured artists.  He also helped organize the event and put so much work into the ENTIRE store, not just his booth, that I can't imagine it being anywhere near as amazing w/o his hard work.  That is just some of his work behind him.
This next artwork is by Erin Dunn, who is also an amazing hair dresser and make-up artist.
Next is some of Kimberly Yau's photography.

She also ran an amazingly fun photography booth in the back of the store.  These pics will come later and they are usually hilarious...  If you ever want to add a really fun element to a party or special event I recommend hiring Kim, or someone else if you don't live in Tampa, because they are not even that expensive and they are soooo worth it.
A little more of Joe's art in one of the outside chillin' areas.

Me!!!  Relaxing with a cocktail and a vintage home decor book in my fab vintage maxi :)

Keith, the owner, insisted I pose with this book lolzzzz!!!

I will have more pics to share another day--- I didn't want to pic overload everyone :)
Now I'm off to Patti's awesome Visible Monday!!!!!  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Uniform

Very into midi skirts and shorter tops right now.  This here is the exact same top half of an outfit from this post, but with a different thrifted skirt and different boots.

 The not so uniform uniform??

This next outfit is a recently thrifted black midi/maxi.  It is cotton with an under skirt and has little sequins.  I actually had to sew up a few holes near the zipper, but totally worth it.  I will be giving away my other black maxi that was not quite right.  This one is a bit boho/gothic and I paired it with a super duper old cheap retail shirt.  They are sort of different styles...  Kind of a pink Beetlejuice meets Star from Lost Boys.  Kind of. And my earrings from Drifted.  Lately they are my go-to earrings, even though they are red velvet and black danglers.  They just 'go'.  The X-man like this outfit!
Had to move a new console into the booth today because the other one sold and things were NOT looking good w/o some furniture in this spot.
You can't see it at the bottom under all the shroom kitchen decor, but it's actually a cool 70s rosewood piece with a leather top and cool silver hardware.
Clothes all ready to go!!  Wanted to take some individual pics because I think everyone would appreciate some of this stuff, but alas, time ran out.  I was even 5 minutes late picking up my 3 year from pre-school I was so busy at the booth!  They know me, though, and it was all good :)
P.S.  Notice the two purple suitcases in the corner???? It was very hard letting those go, I tell you!  Want!!!!!
I also put up my first two skateboard/shelves I bought at a little parking lot/street market for $5.  I saw this in Karen's blog Where Did U Get That in this Shop Fix post she did.  So much inspo from her blog and I love the Shop Fix series she does. My version here:

After fixing up the booth a bit we began to finish up the soundtrack for
the Art Show Saturday night and it is almost done.
Now for some down time :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Favorite outfit this week

This was my favorite outfit I wore this week.  My skirt is newly thrifted and the semi-sheer cropped sweater is old retail...  Something cheap.

Earrings are from my high school friend's shop Drifted, the short green necklace and the thunderbird bracelet is consignment from another vendor where my booth is, and the long was is F21. The boots are thrifted.

The black floral bra-let underneath is a recent purchase from Free People.  I ended up buying two.  They were $19.99 and 20% off.  They have been a fantastic purchase.  I love sheer and semi-sheer clothes, as well as kind of big and destroyed clothes that often have large armholes.  I love the look of these things, but don't always want to show off that much of me...
I plan on getting lots of use from both of these...  I haven't yet worn the blue velvet one, but it should happen soon.
Now to Patti's Visible Monday to check out everybody's sweet pics!!