Sunday, February 17, 2013

"A little much?"

I jokingly asked the cashier at the thrift store as he rang up my men's Loudmouth golf pants.  The tall dude with long dreaded hair who is there all the time quietly responded, "Naw, these are nice."
I know!!  They are pretty nice.  And aptly named because they are quite loud.

Vintage necklace hand me down from my cousin.  Shirt is cheapo old retail surf shop.  Pants thrifted.  Shoes cheapo F21 faux leather wedges from 2 yrs ago.
They are a tad big.  If I could pick a pair of pants from this newly discovered (for me, at least) brand I would buy these in a size smaller (sold here):
Men's pants actually fit me rather well since I don't have a super small waist.  Unfortunately, the "Magic Bus" flower power ones above not in the budget right now :(
People literally could not help but comment on my pants all day.  It was actually quite funny.  They would usually blurt out "Nice pants", but it was so knee jerk that I got the sense they couldn't help but say SOMETHING.  Anything.
Like I said, aptly named LOUDMOUTH pants! hahaha

It's Sunday, so as I write this, in bits and pieces, I am cooking white bean chili for tomorrow, and getting ready to cook a cabbage/carrots/white rice meal for later.  You can't get behind on the cooking with a family or else you end up grabbing some fast food option that is more expensive and less healthy (which I totally do sometimes!!!).  If it was just me, I would probably just be lazy and eat more easy snack things all the time like soup/pita & hummus or tzatziki sauce/cheese & crackers...  X-man is vegetarian so I try to make lots of veggie stuff.  So happy it's Sunday and everyone has blog posts for me to read as I do my cooking :)
Later I am taking Girl London and Baby Dream to a carnival and Girl London will be selling cookies with her Daisy Scout Troop.  It's GIRL SCOUT COOKIE time.  Oh yeah!!  I have to admit I've been sort of gorging on Samoas and Tagalongs for two days now.
Nom nom nom!!!!
In case you didn't know...  I am super liberal and my daughter is part of a non-religious troop.  I checked into some of the current Girl Scouts Of America's viewpoints on things when we started this year and was pleasantly surprised by how forward the organization is at this point.
The X-man and I are down with all that!

Off to join Patti's Visible Monday and sell cookies!!!!!  Thanks to everyone for all the interesting posts today-- you are making my morning way more interesting and I appreciate it <3


  1. Those are such fab trousers! And by the sounds of it they double up as great conversation starters and social ice breakers. Loud trousers rock!

  2. Love all of the bright colored prints and plain colored pants this season. You are right on trend! Bring the bright on!

  3. Those loudmouth golf pants are bad-ass...the print is frigging fantastic!
    Your post brings to mind Robin Williams brilliant stand-up rant on the subject of golf...
    "The manly sport of golf where you can dress like a pimp and no one will care. You can wear clothes that even a blind gay man would go, -Oh dear Christ, those are loud & this is not carnivale."
    I think golf is a tedious "sport" but I totally dig the pants and I'd wear those retro floral ones in a heartbeat.
    I also find that men's pants are a much more comfy fit on me.
    Good luck with the cookie sellin'...I'd probably eat them all myself ;)

  4. I am grooving on your loud golf pants. Why not be visible, we are Not Dead Yet! : >

    Oh the horrors of "information-based" sex education . . . what will be next, The Vote for Women?? Thanks for linking up, you rock.

  5. I'm pleasantly surprised to find out how progressive Girl Scouts are. If only Boy Scouts would take a humanist stand and quit worrying about the American Taliban.


    OMG I love those pants! They are killer, and must be so much fun to wear. The Magic Bus ones remind me of the Ricky Ticky Stickies we had on our VW Bug. Ah, peace, love and understanding!

  6. Those trousers are so unique and super fun-perfect outfit for gray winter days!

  7. I'm dying over those trousers, I love them. I wonder whether golfing clothes are so loud as the "sport" is so dull! x

  8. The trousers are beautiful, great colours and vibes!
    Good luck with the cookies, I didn't know that girls scout were so progressive, it depends on how old is your daughter, it sounds like a good thing to be informed about all these subjects, often families didn't illustrate them well!

  9. Too much is never enough! Go for it, Becky, the trousers are insanely fabulous!
    Who knew Girls Scouts were such a liberal organisation? Go Girls! My kids go to Beavers/Cubs/Scouts, which are all mixed sex groups. The promise still mentions God but my kids said they didn't mind saying it, even though they don't believe in God, and the leaders laughed and said it was fine! xxx

    1. You are having a busy weekend! My youngest daughter is a vegetarian (so was I for some time) and we spend about an hour preparing 2 large bowls of kale salads and of greens and quinoa!
      Great pants! I'm into men's shirts, socks and pants. Because I'm short I cut them and turn them into capris.

  10. LOVE those fab pants. Who knew about the Girl Scouts - I thought they were ultra conservative right wing freaks!

    Sarah xxx

  11. Those pants are OUTRAGEOUS!!! Love 'em, you couldn't help but have a great time wearing them!
    I'm intrigued by this white bean chilli?!
    Yay for the Girl Scouts! I always wanted to be one, weirdly.

  12. Ah, I'm having a flashback remembering selling Girl Guide cookies in Canada! I think the pants are super fun, and they don't need to be skin tight, a slight bagginess works. You may have to show a close-up of that vintage necklace! Xo

  13. Love the pants! I say the louder the better and the heck with everybody else:)
    I remember my days as a mom cooking on Sundays for the whole family and Izzy was a Girl Scout and selling cookies as well! they are good those cookies hey?

    Ariane xxxx

  14. Oh honey, me so horny for your new Loudmouth pants! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! If you ever tire of them, which I know you NEVER will, I know a loving home where they would be welcome with legs a-ready!!!! They are so, so amazing, the best pants on the planet EVER!!!! I'm so glad they went home with you, in fact I like them better than the florals:) You look gorgeous and like you're about to do a happy dance:))). Cookies - YES! The Guide's mission statement - YES and YES!!! xoxoxoxo

  15. Becky if it's too loud your too old :) Yah for crazy ass pants and killer platforms and I would also rock those flower power pants. I have just finished my box of tagalongs, delicious, I think it's great your kid is a girl scout, keeps them outta trouble if you ask me. Are you in FL?

    1. The Tagalongs and Samoas are killin' me!! Or my waist line hahaha Yeah, I'm in Florida-- that's why I'm always against long sleeves and jackets!! We haven't had a winter for 2 years now :)

  16. Hey cute site, I'm a new follower :) Love those pants! Yes they are very loud, but that's why they are so fun! Love to see what else you can wear them with.

  17. Not too much ... they mix well, and you look cute as a button. On the fly, and I agree with you on the Girl Scout issues!

  18. I'm on board with how wonderful the pants are and the viewpoints of the Girl Scouts!

  19. I love the top in the first set. The Loudmouth pants are to die for!!! I'm envious! ๐Ÿ˜Š