Friday, February 1, 2013

Get ready already

Getting everything ready for the Art Show on Saturday the 9th.  I was cleaning, tagging, and sorting stuff to take over to the booth.  I'm slightly dreading the complete overhaul to the booth we do right before an event--the majority of it will happen this Sunday.  It's a lot of work.  I've been wearing a lot of work/everyday attire.  At least, my kind of work attire:
Consignment tee, thrifted elastic waist skirt, Cheap Monday boots, and horrid hair.
Don't mind me!!  I just like to take pics where I smirk worse than a teen:
Here is a little peek at our flyers from A Hypebeast Production:
If you know anyone in Tampa the spread the word!!!!  The more the merrier :)
I haven't actually gotten to see the work the artist are bringing to the show yet, so my anticipation and curiosity is running high!!!  More details soon <3


  1. What a fabulously colourful outfit, the tee and maxi skirt look great. I'm envying you being able to rock bare toe-d shoe boots, it's a couple of degrees below freezing this morning and woolly socks all the way!
    Those fliers are very cool! x

  2. Great flyer, the event sounds amazing, best of luck with all the preparation.
    That's my kind of work attire, sod bloody uniforms unless you happen to have a job that actually requires protective clothing (doctor, refuse collector etc). Dress codes don't sit well with me and I've actually left jobs in the past cause I couldn't hack spending my days in a ridiculous uniform. Your fabulous Tee reminds me of one that I had in the early 90s.
    Lot's of love,

  3. You look cool and cute and ready for anything - even if "anything" is actually a load of really hard work!
    Good luck with sorting your booth and the event itself, the fliers are excellent.
    And I like your smirk! xxxx

  4. Love your open-toed boots! They dont work well here in the winter in

    Cant wait to hear about the show..please keep us informed!

  5. Love the tee and skirt with those boots. And I really like your flier!! I'd definitely be there if I lived in Tampa!