Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ren Fest 2012

The Renaissance Festival comes every year and the X-man and I pretty much love it.  We don't full out dress in character, we just sort of dress dramatic.
My tank is a thrifted sorted of metallic gold knit that snags like crazy and is a bit worn out, my necklace is a vintage shell necklace from the Antique Addict, my belt is a crazy old belt from Steinmart of all places, and my dress was part of a sort of Victorian costume I'd bought from Ebay for my friends themed wedding-- she wanted everyone to dress in costume.  I hated the horrible top that came with and eventually sold it.  I should of sent it back and had it re-done or something, but I had so much going on in my life at the time I couldn't deal with it properly.  I mean, it was that bad.  But, anyway, I adored the long brocade skirt part.

Oh, I and my super cheap tiara that I wore when I got married and got for like $10 dollars from some mall store lolzzzz  I am the Queen you know! Oh, and The Tote, just mentioned in this post here for the  first time but soon to be notorious because it is one of my major go-to summer bags.  You know, because in the summer you need sunglasses, including the kids sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottles...  You need a tote.  I love the Om symbol on it and all the hieroglyphics and the fact that is kind of pink and purple tie dyed.  It adds another element of patterns and colors.
Here is Girl London at the magic wand making booth and the wizard who helps with the activation spell every year.
Pure magic, I tell you :)
The Renaissance Festival does travel so if it's coming anywhere near you, you know you have to go.  Pics from this year will come after we go-- hopefully sooooon!


  1. What a cute outfit you've cobbled together. And every girl deserves a tiara!

    I've never been to a Renaissance Festival (and can't even spell it) because I didn't know what goes on there. I'm looking forward to your future report.

  2. Looks like fun! I love that brocade skirt, and the tiara!

    Have you read Modern Colors blog? Hollie is also involved in a Renaissance fair. I think she's in east Texas. You should look at her blog just for the banner - it's the cutest banner I've seen - I think.

  3. Never heard of this before - interesting!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. That sounds like my kind of festival! I LOVE that skirt! You look wonderful in it and perfect for a modern take on Renaissance!

  5. I love a festival! You've got me even more excited for Glastonbury now and it's months away!
    I adore your dress (and pendant). xxxx

  6. Sounds like a cool festival. You look magical. I hear you on the tote - I just bought a huge Indian tapestry one that I anticipate shoving all kinds of mummy and baby stuff into this summer! Xo

  7. I'm going to the last week of our Ren Fest in Deerfield Beach!
    I love to eat their turkey legs and dance to the bands dress as court jesters, ladies in waiting and fairies!

  8. Your brocade skirt is beautiful, Becky, and doesn't your daughter look just as gorgeous as her mummy?
    The Renaissance Festival sounds a lot of fun.
    Oh yes, a big tote bag that fits all your stuff in is essential! xxxx

  9. The Renaissance Festival sounds brilliant. I'd love to make my own magic wand; I could wave it at people at my next market & get them to buy my stuff ;)
    I love the last pic, it does look pure magic.
    I think your outfit is ace,dramatic with a laid-back festival vibe, you look gorgeous!

  10. I really like this look--it has a modern-ren look to it--hey make be you can start a trend!

  11. I love this romantic floaty look, bit like Galadrial! You look fab in all white and silver. We don't have Renaissance fairs in the UK and I'm a bit jealous cos they look like a blast! Xxx

  12. I haven't been to a Ren Faire in ages, this takes me back to some really good times! You look like a fairy princess and Girl London is pure magic!