Thursday, February 21, 2013

Separate and Together

Just a few little outfits that I've been wearing.  Mostly separates-- shirts and skirts.
This first one is a thrifted 80s striped long sleeve top that I made an exception to the 'no long sleeve' rule and kept because it was so utterly me.  I love the 80s.  The skirt is a retail (sale) online purchase from Victoria's Secret.  I know...  A bit odd of a place to shop, but occasionally they have some stuff I like.  It's just a really well made black pencil skirt that I'd almost given away when I was quite a bit thinner and now I'm happy I held onto it.  It is quite high waisted which works well for me in general because I am long waisted, but, particularly with this top because it happens to be quite short--not crop, but just really short.
Bat wings?  YES please!!!
That came off a bit Jesus-y...  haha Just trying to show off a bit!
The necklace in this next pic was a bit pricey for me.  I bought it a month ago and for me it was a splurge.  It is from FreePeople and on sale online.
The skirt is thrifted and boots are Vince Camuto in both pics so far and all previously shown here, short green necklace is vintage and shown here and here, tee is semi sheer consignment shown here.  Earrings are old gift from my parents, silver dangly ones with some turquoise they got from a trip out west.
I like this outfit a lot.
The necklace was inspired by a vintage one I've been lusting over this past year after seeing Karen fro Where Did U Get That wear this one all the time:
Obviously hers is more statement style, vintage, and all around AMAZING.  But the one good aspect of mine is that I do like how I can pair other shorter necklace with it because of how wide and long it is.  That being said, I'd still rather have hers.
Next outfit was a major run around work day and I looked so sloppy I'm almost not sure I should show you, but, whatever!

The NECKLACE is thrifted, tee is cheapo retail shown previously here, and this hippie tie dye tote bag which I bought at the Renaissance festival years ago and is an all time summer favorite.  I loved it so much I started carrying them in my booth.  Thrifted skirt last seen here with the same retail Big Buddha booties.  And big sunnies-- cause it's Florida.
Back to work!!  Been working all morning and needed a break.  I put a few new listings online this week and made a little Facebook album if you want to check it out.  I always like hearing which pieces different people like.
<3 <3 <3


  1. Well aren't looking fab in your bat wing tee and pencil skirt, I am digging that look. I like how you saw something someone else had and were inspired by it, your free people necklace is so pretty! I also have to say I love your running around look, still bright and happy with a bit of funk thrown in. I checked out your new stock and that green dress with the ties is adorable and if I could fit my 38D's in there it would be mine. I also dig that white t-shirt dress with the pastels.

  2. I never used to like batwings, but now I do! ROCKIN!
    Your daily frockage is fabularse, colourful, funky, practical, rock n roll AND glam! Al;l at the same time! You seem to be able to throw things on in an effortless style...wish I could do that, it always looks contived if I do! I HAVE to wrok at it, dammit!XXX

  3. I love the batwing top and pencil skirt, that is such a good look on you! And you had to do the Jesus pose to show off the batwings!
    The print on the skirt in the second outfit almost looks like stained glass, it's beautiful. And for a "sloppy" running around outfit, the red skirt and t-shirt and tote bag look great! xxxx

  4. I love that first outfit - great shape, and it does suit you! The second skirt is really pretty, too. What fun, trying things out!

  5. Three fabularse outfits there, Becky!
    Love the Jesus pose to show off the batwings full glory. It looks so cool with the ankle boots and
    the pencil skirt, very rocker chick!
    I love Free People, I've never bought anything but can lose hours looking at the gorgeous clothes. the skirt's lovely and the necklace makes my knees go weak.

  6. I love and want every single outfit, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a fantastic weekend, my friend.

  7. I am more and more enamoured of the batwings as time goes by - and I LOVE it with the black pencil skirt!

    Sarah xxx

  8. Batwings are so dramatic. They make the piece special.

  9. Giant sunnies are always good, I love the relaxed 80s hippyish look in the last outfit, especially the skirt. I love the 80s too, so I love the batwing stripey top and black pencil skirts are always a must have. Looking great! xxx

  10. The sleeves on that batwing top are amazing.