Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spread the LOVE

So, Valentine's Day is tomorrow.  Honestly, I don't really care that much about that stuff.  I like my romance a little less scheduled, commercialized, and force fed to me...  But!!!!!
That being said, I'm not against people who love Valentine's Day.
So, I figured I'd spread the love in a different way.  I am going to talk about my friend, Amanda, who I have known since high school, and is now running her own beauty product company.

She is a licensed aesthetician and makes all her products using only natural ingredients.  Her company is called Olio Luxe and so far, I absolutely love the products I've started using.
Just to be clear, she is NOT paying me, nor did she ask me to write about her.  I just want to share info about it because I really do love the stuff I've used.
My very favorite so far is the Emu Luxe Facial Serum.  I use it as a moisturizer after I use my Roc Deep Wrinkle Cream (that is if I have any because the Roc stuff is about $20 a tube so sometimes I can't afford it).  I have oily skin that is prone to break-outs and yet, I am also starting to get wrinkles in strategically dry areas, so I am picky about moisturizer.
I've also used her Apothecary Salve and I am anxious to try the new Naked Luxe Balms.  It is free of fragrances and I think the extra big push tubes would be perfect for my 5 year old daughter who has to put on balm every night because of her eczema.

I am very picky about what I will let my little girl use on her skin.  My husband and I have actually made our own organic soaps and balms (we have made an all organic balm with sunflower oil and beeswax for my daughter because sunflower oil is supposedly good for eczema), but we don't do it constantly and I need alternatives I can buy.  This is my new go to balm now for my daughter.
I am going to buy my Emu Serum and my big tube of Naked balm on Friday (when I get paid, yo!).
Annnnd lucky me, Amanda just posted this little announcement on her Olio Luxe Facebook page:

Valentine's special! Any order placed at from now thru Feb15th will receive a free Rose Petal or Lavender Rose bath tea! ♥ +FreeShipping!
***Must purchase a full size product or $15 minimum purchase.

Yayyyy!  It will still be going on Friday when I can order :)
She also has a sweet little Birthday Program where if you LIKE her Olio Luxe Facebook page and then message her your name, birthday, and address, she will send you a *surprise* Olio Luxe treat.  My birthday package included my sample of the Emu Serum I now love so much.
Now this is something I heard was a best seller and I am dfinitely going to eventually try:
It looks awesome to me!!!  I can only imagine how good my skin would look/feel afterward.  If it's half as gorgeous as Amanda's skin, I'd be happy!!

Can we talk about how stunning she is for a second???  She is wearing a dress she ordered form my store PinkCheetahVintage.  It was definitely meant for her.
Here's the other thing about about spreading the word/love about small, independent, green, and/or woman ran business...  You get what I like to call "double for your money".  Because they, in turn, support other small, local, green, and independent businesses.
Amanda, for one, shops local, participates in her local crop share program, uses all natural products, is a strong outspoken opponent of GMOs, buys vintage and second hand clothes...  The list goes on and on.  So, instead of my money going to some fat, greedy cat at the top who doesn't spread the love back around, when I buy from her, I get a return.  A return to the community.  I think this is where a lot of us are starting to focus as conscientious consumers who do, indeed, have the potential to make strong impacts with where we decide to spend our money and who we choose to support.

This really resonates with me as a small business owner, mainly because it's my truth.
Plus, one more little bit about conscientious consumerism from Independent We Stand. Hit this link to "see what kind of impact you could make on your community by spending a portion of your Valentine's Day budget at a locally owned, independent business."

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3...


  1. Thanks for the link. Her products packaging is lovely!
    I do agree with you about buying locally and spending money in the small shops. As I grew up with a mom that owned a small cafeteria style restaurant and later on a bar; I can understand all the struggles of depending on the costumers to show up and spend some cash on your business in order for a family establishment to survive.

  2. What a great post - good for you for promoting your friend! Her products sound pretty good, and you're right that we all need to be more consumer conscious. And I love her glasses (I'm looking for some new ones, but they're mostly so expensive).

  3. Fark ME, you just said some brillant stuff that I COMPLETELY agree with, about V Day and small businesses....YEAH!
    Amanda is clearly an awesome chickie doing some awesome stuff! Right up my alley, but I wouldn't think I'd be able to get that amazing product shipped to NZ. Poop. I've liked her page, cos this sort of thing needs to be encouraged in everyway possible!!

  4. Hear hear! I'm totally with you on Valentine's Day (we've always made each a card but refuse to subscribe to the commercialism-fest) and great words about small businesses, too!
    Amanda is beautiful, what a great advert for her stupendously packaged skincare line. Her dress is gorgeous and I shall go and "like" her page right now!
    We're not a mum or dad business but buying from us enables us to eat and pay bills. xxx

  5. I'm totally with you! It's a great way to celebrate your friendship and it's good to support small businesses! I'm a painter in real life and I feel like an artisan with a small businness and I know how important is to be helped and encouraged!
    Your friend is stunning in her PinkCheetahVintage's dress!

  6. I couldn´t agree more.

  7. Yes yes yes! Becky, you are so right.
    Amanda is beautiful and I like the sound of her products very much. I have very tricky skin and my youngest daughter has a severe skin condition so we are always looking for good stuff we can use.
    And yay to supporting individual small businesses over big corporate chains.
    Oh, and the dress from your store is stunning, definitely something I would wear! xxxxx

  8. nice look! your blog is so good!
    happy san valentine for you!

  9. love the top! and i hear ya with the Vday stuff. always looking for some great skin care products!

  10. Her products look wonderful--the emu serum looks right up my alley.

    Love the top she has on from your shop--I must stop by!