Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Uniform

Very into midi skirts and shorter tops right now.  This here is the exact same top half of an outfit from this post, but with a different thrifted skirt and different boots.

 The not so uniform uniform??

This next outfit is a recently thrifted black midi/maxi.  It is cotton with an under skirt and has little sequins.  I actually had to sew up a few holes near the zipper, but totally worth it.  I will be giving away my other black maxi that was not quite right.  This one is a bit boho/gothic and I paired it with a super duper old cheap retail shirt.  They are sort of different styles...  Kind of a pink Beetlejuice meets Star from Lost Boys.  Kind of. And my earrings from Drifted.  Lately they are my go-to earrings, even though they are red velvet and black danglers.  They just 'go'.  The X-man like this outfit!
Had to move a new console into the booth today because the other one sold and things were NOT looking good w/o some furniture in this spot.
You can't see it at the bottom under all the shroom kitchen decor, but it's actually a cool 70s rosewood piece with a leather top and cool silver hardware.
Clothes all ready to go!!  Wanted to take some individual pics because I think everyone would appreciate some of this stuff, but alas, time ran out.  I was even 5 minutes late picking up my 3 year from pre-school I was so busy at the booth!  They know me, though, and it was all good :)
P.S.  Notice the two purple suitcases in the corner???? It was very hard letting those go, I tell you!  Want!!!!!
I also put up my first two skateboard/shelves I bought at a little parking lot/street market for $5.  I saw this in Karen's blog Where Did U Get That in this Shop Fix post she did.  So much inspo from her blog and I love the Shop Fix series she does. My version here:

After fixing up the booth a bit we began to finish up the soundtrack for
the Art Show Saturday night and it is almost done.
Now for some down time :)


  1. Love the stripey top! The shop looks fab - I especially love the purple suitcases, the floral dress at the front of the rack and the skateboard shelves look fantastic!!

    Sarah xxx

  2. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I love the crop top, full skirt combo in the first & the punky striped top below! You always look fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing your booth! What interesting things you have, I'm in love with that Hawaiian print dress (I'm sure I have it's twin in skirt form) and intrigued by the rainbow print behind the suitcases! x

  3. The not so uniform uniform is perfect for everyday, the red skirt is stunning and so the shoes and the striped top!
    I'm sure you are working a lot in your booth and that you'll fix everything soon, the clothes are beautiful and I really love how you are organizing, the skateboard shelves are brilliant, now I need to find some old skateboards!

  4. Ooh, another wonderful skirt, love! I say if a look is working for you, and this one certainly is, then rock it, baby! Your booth looks very rummage-worthy! Xo

  5. Your booth looks wonderful, I wish I could come over and have a good old rummage.
    I spy a fair few things that I'd love to try on, I'm a sucker for radioactively bright colours and psychedelic prints, the busier the better in my opinion :)
    A few years ago when we were clearing out some stuff in the loft, hubby came across one of his old knackered snowboards and I said that rather than throwing it out he could make a cool display shelf for his boys toys out of it, he wasn't convinced. However seeing those funky skateboard shelves make me even more convinced that it would have looked awesome.
    You look fab in your long skirt ensembles, the not so uniform uniform totally works!
    Lot's of love,

  6. Love and want the firts skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are sooooooooooooooooooo GORGEOUS.

  7. Love your orange skirt! Is that your shop? Would love a rummage!

  8. I really want to come and look round your booth!! It looks great. And I love your first skirt with that top. The second skirt with the stripey top is also awesome, love it! You look so cool, I would totally buy loads from you!

  9. The short top-long skirt look is working so brilliantly, why change it? Love the colour and print of the first skirt and the black stripey sparkly Gothiness of the second outfit!
    Doesn't your booth look fabulous? Those purple suitcases will be hard to let go of, but then I spy all sorts of things I would like to keep - trays, saucepans, that 70s fondue, the floral biscuit barrel, and the bright print dress on the rail looks amazing, as does the one behind it. How can you bear to sell them?! xxxx

  10. Love the first bright skirt x

    1. Love the black and white outfit! The store has lots of color and charm!

  11. great outfits! those skirts are really fun!

  12. Your vintage booth is utterly glorious!! I think I could spend oh, about four hours poking about ... then come back tomorrow for some more!! I really love the red skirt and it's so lovely to see the necklace again:). I cannot resist stripes ... they always look fabulous. Gosh you're a busy woman, I could just hug you for being so fabulous!!! xoxo

  13. Your booth looks amazing - soo much cool stuff, all beautifully displayed! I wouldn't have been able to part with the purple suitcases...

  14. Just catching up with you girl....I love how your booth looks I'd be all over that bright dress on the end. You let the purple cases go ,NO!!!!!!!!!!! I am really digging your black skirt with the striped top, super cute girlie!