Monday, March 4, 2013

Can't Even Blame the Dress

This dress caught my attention while thrifting.  It wasn't exactly my style, but it it pretty close.  Loved the super thin cotton and the full skirt, and of course, the roses.  Love rose prints.  But the colors made me hesitate (I'm not usually good with tan colors) and the slightly high waist was no bueno.  Basically, because it sort of gives off that maternity vibe.  Plus, I've gained so much weight that my tummy is bigger.  I'm NOT preggo, but this dress sort of makes me nervous that I'll be looking preggo...  Oh, and it has a ties at the waist that tie in the back!!  I actually hate this on a dress or shirt or anything unless it is sort of formal or more like a sash with a big bow.  Actual bows are ok.
But when I put it on I just like it anyway.
(Sorry about the crazy eyes!!!!  I missed my Top Model class this week :)
It's not actually fair to blame the dress for me looking preggo anyway!  I blame the 200 Samoas I can't stop eating! Damn it cookies!  Why you gotta be so delicious??
Dress is thrifted
Vintage leather jacket, also shown here
Vintage men's Italian leather boots, also shown here
Necklace and earrings all talked about here 

I have to say that my earrings from Drifted are my favorites.  I wear them almost every single day.  These are kind a deep red velvet with black netting and beyond lightweight (super important!!). They happen to match this outfit, but I wear them with everything.  I almost think of them as little red extensions in my hair, because they are so long and noticeable.  I've also worn and talked about them here, as well as MANY other posts.  I am going to say they are on their way to becoming a 'signature' item/look of mine.  So, now I am desperately craving another pair, these Hustler Whiskers.  Hand-made  and I so WANT!  You know I need 'em to 'cause everyday I'm hustlin'.  lolzzzz

Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday!!!
Hooking up to SpyGirl with the closest thing I have to BEIGE lolololol!!!!!!


  1. This dress is so exquisite!
    Love the pattern and you look so good girl!
    Love that you paired it with that biker's jacket
    I love the dress my down look

    Ariane xxx

  2. What are you talking about, looking preggo?! DOH! It's a lovely, frock, I love the colours, the print is so pretty and you are wearing it like a PRO! The boots are perfect with it!
    It looks like a frock you could eat in, my fave kind! Looking preggo my arse, you need a slap for that, missy!!!

  3. Pretty new frock for sure and I worry about high waisted stuff making me look prego too. You do not look pre go, ok!!! Vix taught me to try adding a vest and I swear it really works a charm, like what you did by adding the jacket. I can also see why you dig those feather ear rings too.

  4. The dress has a really unusual look to it -- which is great. Most clothes are boring these days. This one stands out. And love the earrings and boots. Lots of panache here.

  5. I didn't notice the preggo shape, I think the dress is beautiful and it looks lovely! The leather jacket is always perfect with floral and feminine dresses and the boots and the earrings make all looks even better!

  6. I don't see anything like pregnancy either! Just a fab dress on gorgeous you. Thanks for linking up!

  7. I think you hid the flaws you describe in the shape brilliantly pairing it with that fab biker jacket! I love a rose print myself too.

  8. I really like the dress print and it fits you very well and it doesn't look like you are pregnant at all!
    I also enjoy how you mix it up with the jacket and the boots, great look!

  9. In the thumbnail on Visible Monday I thought you were wearing a giant chocolate chip cookie - lol!!

    It's a cool dress, and I think it looks great on you (except when you extend it into the shape of a chocolate chip cookie). It'll be so comfy in hot weather. It looks nice with a jacket, but would be great with a vest, too.

  10. The print is amazing -- I would have been able to resist it either.

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You kill me. I adore that dress, and YOU in it.

  12. You don't look pregnant in the slightest! With that fabulous print, the kick ass jacket and the boots I didn't even notice the dress was beige - if that makes sense! You look stunning! x

  13. The colours in the print are so rich, it's beautiful on you. I love the luster of your boots as well. /Madison

  14. I love the dress, the print and colour are great, and it works so well with those fabulous boots and rock chick jacket. Maternity wear? I don't think so, Becky! You look lovely! xxxx

  15. Deffo not preggo! It's a pretty dress and has a great grunge vibe which you look fantastic in anyway, so it's a winner! Xx

  16. I don't think you look preggers either but like Krista already mentioned nipping the dress in with a waistcoat would take away the volume issue around the waist. I rather like dresses with this grunge style carefree cut,especially on days when I do feel a bit bloated, you can just let your belly bloat away to its hearts content hidden behind loads of swishy fabric, I like that :)
    I really like the colours, the print is lush & you've teamed it perfectly with that funky biker jacket and the leather boots, you look fab...xXx

  17. Nope, not looking preggers at all. Glorious dress, but as fair as you are I see why you might be shy of pale neutrals. The print is beautiful on you, and you avoid wash-out by the jacket next to your face. It toughens up what is a fairly conservative dress. When it gets too hot for the jacket, keep the boots, and perhaps something at the neck like a thin scarf or bright necklace to keep away the cream!
    You look great in it!

  18. do love the colors in this outfit. But I am a bit biased. Red is my fave color..

  19. Dress looks well constructed, I think I would remove some of that dark brown border to bring up the length a bit.

  20. You are fabulous! This dress is fabulous. Those boots are fabulous. The jacket is fabulous. Your earrings are fabulous. Did I say fabulous?!