Thursday, March 7, 2013

Keepin' It

Even though it's long sleeve and I have an anti-long sleeve policy.  Although really, it's only a 3/4 sleeve so maybe we'll say it's a justifiable (on a technicality!).
It is a vintage Moroccan cotton shift shirt with the perfect amount of fade and awesome embroidery style detail.  I found it rummaging through a $5 bin at the Renaissance Festival.  We went once already with the kids and got to go again by ourselves last weekend.  We really had time to explore and so I got to dig deep (literally) and get this little random and unlikely find.
I just love it.

Necklace is vintage talked about before here and earrings are Drifted talked about before here.
Big ring on my left hand (can't see it--sorry!!) is also from the festival from a little hubby and wife team called Naughtycal Pirates who make their own pottery and jewelry and sell cool crystals, you know, doing their thing.  Super nice.  My ring is not quite the same as these, but this is a little look at some of their other rings.
 Just fun stuff.
On the first visit with the kids we took the girls to see the mermaid.  She was stunningly beautiful.  My older daughter (the one in the Strawberry Shortcake dress and big pink bow) was completely entranced.  She was face to face with that mermaid, trying to touch hands with her through the glass.  The mermaid would touch hands back and give her super long intense looks that I think only mermaids and 5 year old girls can relate to...
The mermaid made my little gypsy on the left kind of nervous  lolzzzz!!
I remember still believing in magical creatures when I was about the same age.  I would search all over the yard and when I would find four leaf clovers I would race from tree to tree thinking I might actually catch a leprechaun or unicorn or something if I was just fast enough!
Any magical moments lately?
<3 <3 <3


  1. Wow, what a superb shirt.

    I never saw a mermaid in person. Or even a real woman portraying one. That would be cool. There's a movie I'm trying to find from a decade ago about a mermaid called "She Monster." Its description sounded enticing.

  2. A lovely top and that floral print skirt is fabulous!
    The mermaid in the tank is inspired! I would have been fascinated as a girl seeing a mermaid (imitation or otherwise) and I remember reading fairy tales about them around that age.

  3. In my dreams I have a lot of delightfully magical, mysterious or bat-crap crazy moments :)
    That's why I love sleeping so much. I have amazing dreams, my husband is not convinced though, he just thinks I'm lazy and make shit up when I awake...hehehe ;)
    I played in the woods as a kid and my imagination was even more splendid back then, it was like having John Bauer designing a playground. My mum would also read me these awesome Scandinavian folklore stories at bedtime and they just made my imagination go into hyper drive...trolls, elves, witches, dragons, dwarves I "saw" them all ;)
    That Moroccan shirt is stunning and it looks great teamed with the purple floral skirt.

  4. I totally dig your new top, way to make an exception! But I'm sorry your sweet daughter dressed in that gorgeous dress steals the post! I am blow away by the mermaid in a tank and can almost believe that she never has to come up for air. What a blast for the family, can I go too!!!!!

  5. OMG, mermaids in person? What a little girl's dream! We have a museum in the old Chateau here dedicated to Lac Annecy and believe it or not, there are mermaid skeletons on display that were purportedly found in the lake. Still trying to figure that one out but hey, sometimes it's nicer to go with the magical explanation, isnt't it?

    I'm grooving on the Moroccan pieces too now - there's a gal next door whose shop is full of bits and bobs, and she's going on a buying trip soon! May have to pop in....

    I LOVE the vintage necklace. What era is it?


  6. That tunic is fantastic, I love it with the full skirt and the kick ass ankle boots, you look festival ready!
    that tray of rings look exactly like the ones on the markets in Goa. I've run out of fingers now but always have to try them on and swoon over the.
    That mermaid is gorgeous! x

  7. A magical moment lead you to that great top, Becky! What a great find- I can imagine many stylings for it.
    Mermaids are real! What a marvelous moment you've captured on your camera!

  8. The shirt print design is a great match to the purple and lavender flowers. I love your ring and necklaces.

  9. Ankle long skirts are fine for everyone except me. Why? And the pattern of the skirt is beautiful!

  10. I like the top but I really love that skirt! it's stunning, what kind of material is it, it looks like of dressy but you've grunged it up with a hippy top and cool shoes. The Mermaid looks mad, I'd love to visit her! xxx

  11. 3/4 sleeves are perfection to me.
    Love, love your skirt and gorgeous booties, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Well, the whole ensemble.
    have a fantastic Sunday.

  12. I love rings! and the name of your blog is amazing!

  13. I own/direct my town's Ren faire (on our second year now) and when my faire gets bigger we are SO getting some mermaids!