Monday, April 29, 2013

Light & Life

First off, let's discuss my recently thrifted vintage yellow crystally plasticy necklace.  At first I was like, "Hmmmm".  Then I was all like, "I am keeping this, motha!"
I thought I was doing a good job of showing off all my other jewelry, too...  But, it's kind of a crap angle.  But, you can see the awesome necklace.  Next, please notice my DISCO BALL tee.  That's right.  A worn faded tee with a disco ball.  I bought this ages ago at a consignment shop called Plato's Closet.  I am getting more use out of it now that I have the bra-lets (originally shown here).  I am wearing the blue and black velvet one.  Lace skirt is thrifted and looks similar to my other black sequin skirt here, but is a different one.
I will be wearing sunnies from now on because otherwise I squint and look angry.  I was actually happy here, but the sun was too much!
Worked late at the booth Saturday night because the lovely Joe (talked about him and his art here), stayed after hours for me.  Afterward, I took him for a quick beer and then X-man and the rest of the Wolf Pack went to eat at Vallarta's.  The original one because the others suck.
I ran into these lovely young ladies who let me take their picture.
They are BFFs who like to dress as twins and they had awesome yarn in their hair.  Since I am a newbie about asking people to let me take their pics, I got absolutely no other good info.  Still, they are awesome.  They mentioned they had matching cool shoes earlier, but had changed.  This does not diminish the awesomeness.  It just impresses me more that there was originally more.
Sunday the Wolf Pack (BTW this is our family nickname) headed to Dunedin for the local food festival.  All about eating & growing local.
We ate at Sweet Pea's Cafe.  Local food, family owned, independently run, lots of organic choices...  Super kid friendly.
We chose to eat outside.  You can't see it, but back to the left there is a big section with tons a tables and a huge yard.

Fun, fun, fun.
Right out front was the drum circle in the park.
There were some hula-hooping ladies later that blew mind with their skills.
There was also a lantern making booth.  Girl London and Baby Dream made lanterns, but I was too busy helping to take pics.  I did snap a shot of this awesome lady who had the bright idea of hanging hers from a tree to work on instead of doing it at the table.
Hard to tell in the pic, but her hair is pink and purple.  All the lanterns were going to be lit at 8:30 for the Light & Life festival theme.
Was a beautiful day.
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Whoa, it's Monday

Busy weekend.  Still celebrating Girl London's B-Day with a massive trip to Islands of Adventures on Saturday with all the kids, including her little buddy.  Worked a booth at the local market on Sunday.  Then had Baby Dream wake up sick in the middle of the night.  She's absolutely fine now.  But, it was enough to make me completely tired now.  
I have just drank two cups of coffee and I feel like I just might have to keep drinking it all day.  I have been catching up on work emails and questions like crazy.  I don't think I will be caught up by the time it is swim lessons and gymnastics for my two girl wonders...
I need an S on my chest for this shiz!
I've worn it before, but this shirt is a DIY cut up thrifted find from the boys dept.  Some people go crazy over it and other people look at me sideways.
Hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday.  
It will probably be a couple of days for me to catch up on everyone's blogs and posts!!  
Talk/Read/Write/Whatever to you soooon!
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Black & White

One of my favorite combos, plus stripes, plus fuller skirt, plus a bit of chevron print, plus short, sleeve...
Kind of an amazing dress.  I had several visions of styling it that went awry. I ended up with an 80s black & gold situation that is just not right.  I think this dress would work better for someone who enjoys wearing a more classic & polished retro/pin-up style or something.

Dress is listed here.

My shoes are the Anne Michelle boots I talked about in a previous post.  The belt is black and gold thrifted with amazing hardware that I love, necklace old and from Steinmart, and my earrings are vintage 80s door-knockers.
Who's there?
My fabulous earrings bitch!  Let us in!
I adore them.  They are big and incredibly unrealistically lightweight.  Lots of people don't like them and think they are tacky.
I think I'm visible enough to hook up with Patti today!  And Modish Matrons!
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vintage Girl

So Girl London turned 6 this week.  I took cupcakes to her class and all the kids went nuts.  They sang happy birthday, kept hugging me (cupcakes DO help you win popularity contests in the Kindergarden class), and were all around adorbz.
I spent the night before whipstitch hemming this vintage 70s girls dress for my daughter to wear.  It is about a size or so too big and was about 8 inches too long.  She wanted that shit done for the big day!
(Excuse the weirdness-- I smudged out the other kids faces to respect their privacy.)
Girl London likes MAXI dresses/skirts and when I mean maxi, I mean maxi.  She wants 'em floor length.  Very hard to find these days.  I let her pick out some fabric and we are going to make a few more.  One of her friends at school told her she "looked so pretty she couldn't stand it!"  Kids are a hoot sometimes.
Even though Girl London loves vintage clothes she constantly advises me to "start selling other things besides vintage, because nobody is buying vintage".  Thanks hon'...  Sometimes I feel like she's right.
Here is another cute little embroidered girls smock I found recently that Girl London says she wants to wear, but hasn't yet.  I told her if she doesn't really want it then it's going in the store.  We'll see if it's a keeper.  She's picky. Personally, I love it and would wear it if I could squeeze my big self into it.

In other news I am seriously considering buying a pair of shoes that are a size too small because I am so obsessed with them.  I know this is a bad idea, but I feel like I am willing to pay the painful toe price.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh yeah, Shoezzzzz

Come on, pick one pair to showcase?  So hard!
But, I think I'm going to start with these cheap Anne Michelle platform knock-off bondage type booties:
They are a nice taupe color that sort of goes with everything and have a soft lining.  I planned on wearing them with my favorite tunic this weekend, but jumped the gun in showing them 'cause I want to be part of Bella's Shoe Sine.
Here is a pic from a year and a half ago of me wearing them with literally my fav dress of all time.  It is one of my mom's from the 70s and it is perfect.
  It is sleeveless, semi-sheer, has cute little drawstring shoulder details.  I love it.
This was an evening that the X-Man's Paul Mitchell school was doing a huge hair show in Ybor.
Fun Fun Fun
Becky <3 <3 <3

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Burnt Out

Worked a booth at the market today and literally got burnt.  Massive sunburn.  WTF Florida sun!  How do you get me every time?  I put sunscreen on my arms and everything. Ughhhh.
But, Saturday was a bit more relaxing...
Wore this little vintage frock yesterday to go to tea with my mom and the girls.
I have a soft spot for baby blue.  I am not usually a pastel girl, but I do love pale blue.  It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
I am listing it here.  The boat neck and rose print are perfection, but the cap sleeves are too girly for me.
I am getting so picky.  Like a picky old lady.  I guess I AM a picky old lady!
This is what I get when I tell the girls I'm going to snap a pic.  Give 'em a minute or two and the Sailor Moon poses start.  Seriously.
YUM!!  Notice the little DIY twisty flower ring Girl London made for herself?
More later when I not so tired.  Linking up to Patti's Visible Monday!
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Get Drifted

You've seen a lot of these pieces before...  One of the reasons I don't post more frequently is that my outfits are very similar mash-ups and mix-ups of things I've already posted.  
This outfit is about an even mix of retail/thrifted/vintage/ and small business (handmade).
Love these shoes.  There will probably be no more closed toes boots until next winter.  Too hot.

I have a thing for muscle tees.  I hear lots of ladies talk about not wanting to show their arms...  I don't care about that and mine are not tiny.  I feel like they make me look tough.
See the bottom tips of those long earrings...  Those are hand-made by an amazing friend of mine that went to high school with me over 2 decades ago.  She runs a brilliant company call Drifted.
It's all up-cycled hand-made jewelry and belt buckles from things like old surfboards.
These are super long badass leather and gold stud ones I am wearing and there are more sold here.  I am totally going to get these next.
I have another pair of shorter red velvet earrings from them that I've worn in several posts already.
For fun updated check their Facebook page here.
The best part about Drifted besides how freakin' cool their stuff is, the fact that it's green, the fact that I've known and loved the owner forever (Lil' Lisa!!-- so proud of you!!), is that fact that I know all the other things they support.  First of all, she supports her family, she is outspoken and fights for equal rights for all, she stands up for what she believes-- like fighting against GMOs and corporations like Monsanto...  This is the future of business.  Don't let the 'small' part fool you.  Small will be the new big.
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