Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh yeah, Shoezzzzz

Come on, pick one pair to showcase?  So hard!
But, I think I'm going to start with these cheap Anne Michelle platform knock-off bondage type booties:
They are a nice taupe color that sort of goes with everything and have a soft lining.  I planned on wearing them with my favorite tunic this weekend, but jumped the gun in showing them 'cause I want to be part of Bella's Shoe Sine.
Here is a pic from a year and a half ago of me wearing them with literally my fav dress of all time.  It is one of my mom's from the 70s and it is perfect.
  It is sleeveless, semi-sheer, has cute little drawstring shoulder details.  I love it.
This was an evening that the X-Man's Paul Mitchell school was doing a huge hair show in Ybor.
Fun Fun Fun
Becky <3 <3 <3


  1. You're absolutely right ... your mum's 70s frock is an absolute winner. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it with the gold metal belt (don't you just love them?) and your favourite boots:). I couldn't settle on one pair of shoes for Bella's shoe thingy, I had to pick two posts;) xoxoxoxo

  2. In the first shot of the shoes I pondered how one would pull those off, but you really rocked them. Gorgeous shoes and outfit.

    1. You looks stunning in mami's dress and the shoes are out of this world! Ah good times at Yvor City! I did the same back in 88-90 when I lived in Clearwater but always hang out in Tampa and Saint Pete beach.

  3. Wow this dress is so 70's hot and so is your hair meow! Love how you styled these boots!

  4. O, yeah, those boots are FUINKY, baby! And I love LOVE your Mom's frock!!!
    It's so special to have garments that belonged to your Mama and wear them!!!
    My Mama kept nothing, and besides, she was way taller and bigger boned than me!Bugger!

  5. Wow, your hair is amazing, the dress is sasstastic and as for you all I can say is YOWZA YOWZA YOWZA!

  6. Oh, those are great shoes! And I love, LOVE your bangs!

  7. Cool shoes, and you look great in that outfit! I love the gold belt, and I love the suggestions you gave me on my post for belting that maxi dress.

  8. That dress is GOOOORGEOUS!

    Sarah xxx

  9. I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!! Your boots are fab too!

  10. I love those boots and that dress is stunning, really nice that it was your mum's too, I love things that have a personal connection like that. xx

  11. Yes they are nice indeed!
    The dress is pretty on you, love the gold belt, perfect with the dress and you know what you look a bit like a young Goldie Hawn -


    XMen is very handsome!

  12. That is a gorgeous dress, no wonder you love it! Don't you look like Goldie Hawn in that picture? You beautiful lady! x

  13. Such a beautiful dress of your mum's, and the boots work perfectly with it. You look stunning, Becky! xxxx

  14. really lovely dress, it looks great on you! Your hair always looks great too!

  15. Oh gosh.... I LOVE your mom's dress from the 70's, but then I too am a girl from that decade. You looked smashing in it!

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