Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vintage Girl

So Girl London turned 6 this week.  I took cupcakes to her class and all the kids went nuts.  They sang happy birthday, kept hugging me (cupcakes DO help you win popularity contests in the Kindergarden class), and were all around adorbz.
I spent the night before whipstitch hemming this vintage 70s girls dress for my daughter to wear.  It is about a size or so too big and was about 8 inches too long.  She wanted that shit done for the big day!
(Excuse the weirdness-- I smudged out the other kids faces to respect their privacy.)
Girl London likes MAXI dresses/skirts and when I mean maxi, I mean maxi.  She wants 'em floor length.  Very hard to find these days.  I let her pick out some fabric and we are going to make a few more.  One of her friends at school told her she "looked so pretty she couldn't stand it!"  Kids are a hoot sometimes.
Even though Girl London loves vintage clothes she constantly advises me to "start selling other things besides vintage, because nobody is buying vintage".  Thanks hon'...  Sometimes I feel like she's right.
Here is another cute little embroidered girls smock I found recently that Girl London says she wants to wear, but hasn't yet.  I told her if she doesn't really want it then it's going in the store.  We'll see if it's a keeper.  She's picky. Personally, I love it and would wear it if I could squeeze my big self into it.

In other news I am seriously considering buying a pair of shoes that are a size too small because I am so obsessed with them.  I know this is a bad idea, but I feel like I am willing to pay the painful toe price.
<3 <3 <3


  1. Your daughter is adorable, and she looks so like you! Thanks for the tip about cupcakes. I wonder if that would work on the unique and special people I work with, : |

  2. Happy birthday to your girl London! I love the dress she wore to school, she's a beauty and looks just like you! I'd so wear tat yellow dress to;). I agree with the munchkin not everyone is into vintage but there are plenty of modern designers you can find second hand too.

    Don't buy the shoes, life is too short for messes up feet.

  3. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! I like em long enough to trip me over too!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Happy Birthday to your pretty little girl! xxx

  5. Happy Birthday to your amazing daughter!!!This post makes me so happy, your girl could get along so well with mine ,even if probabily she would be a little bit jealous of that fabulous maxi! Children can be wise, but they probabily don't understand that follow our dreams is better and healtier than became rich, my then 6 years old daughter (now she's 7) said: 'I don't want mommy to be a painter like Van Gogh, he was crazy and he cut his ear off!'.
    Small shoes are not for me, try to walk in them first!
    Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Your girl looks like a delight.So jealous she wears long dresses with such grace.Happy birthday to your precious!

  7. Ahhh, gorgeous birthday girl in her vintage maxi dress - a girl after my own heart! My girls don't mind a bit of vintage, but only like some of my stuff - not everything gets a thumbs up, that's for sure. Though I did hear them arguing over a particular dress which they both want AFTER MUM IS DEAD. Err, thanks, darlings, pinch the pennies off my poor dead eyes too, why don't you?!
    I know what you mean about vintage selling, it's an up and down business and hard going sometimes.
    Nooooo, don't buy shoes that will hurt your feet, you won't wear them! There will be other pairs to fall in love with, wait it out. xxxxx

  8. I hope Girl London had a brilliant birthday, she looks super pretty in that get-up and you look gorgeous too...I'm not a big fan of cupcakes but I'd just have to give you a hug for being so lovely anyway :)
    It's a bit too late for me to change tack now as regards to selling something other than vintage cause I've accumulated years worth of stock. I think it's got more to do with finding that illusive formula of successful selling cause it is obvious that some peeps crack it and do very well from selling vintage...try and try again, we'll get there in the end ;)
    Shoes that are too small is never a good idea, unless you are into pain...sore feet rivals toothache in my book...xXx

  9. Do NOT buy shoes that are too small! Buy them for a friend, instead. And I love the yellow huipil! I have a few of them myself from my glory days in Mexico. Happy birthday to Girl London! You done good, Mom!

  10. So cute! Seeing girls have fun gives me a vicarious thrill.

  11. So pretty - both of you. And the dresses! Gah!

  12. Ah your little girl is so cute, happy birthday to her! And I love the maxi dress and the yellow dress, as you say, it's a shame it's not a bit bigger, it's so pretty. I have been there with the shoes too. I bought another pair of high heels when out charity shopping yesterday, and I know I'll be too self conscious to go out in them because I'm tall, but they were just so lovely I had to have them! xx

  13. Very cute indeed, I'd wear that amazing smock if it was in my size!

  14. Girl London is a beauty! And I love that she loves vintage maxis! I bought a gorg pair of second- hand boots that were too small, even after stretching them. You could always buy em to get the thrill and sell em in your shop if you think they'll sell. Curious to see them! But yes, too-small shoes never live happily ever after on your feet! Xo

  15. Happy Birthday to London. as beautiful as her mum.
    Have you tried facebook and Ebay???

  16. Happy birthday to her ! She looks cute in that dress :)


    1. Happy late birthday to baby girl!
      You and your daughter are so stylish; is so refreshing that you both have your own style that stand up from others.
      Think abut your nice feet that you are going to need to run around after the kids before you buy those shoes.