Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mac Down!!

Mac Down!!
It's like 'man down'!!!  Except it's my computer.
My Mac had had a meltdown.  I lost loads of work.  I'm borrowing an old PC.  It's more like PU!  Sorry all you PC users...  I'm just not used to it.  I'm having to borrow my mom's Mac so I can edit photos for work because I just can't figure that out on the PC.
Grrrrrr.  So I ma trying to keep up with everyone, but I will be posting less until I can get things sorted. Unfortunately, just popping out for a new Mac is not really an option at this moment.

 This maxi is a super thin viscous cotton that is a summer favorite.  I love the graphic black and white print.

I'm also digging the shadows and light in these pics.

The amazing necklace is from triian and I adore it.  It's a crazy green/orange/leather/python situation and I'd say it's perfect for hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday.

<3 <3 <3

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Getting things ready for my consignment booth.  I am starting to focus on shorts and tees and bathing suits.  Summer is super SLOW business-wise and I am hoping by really focusing I can do all right. I am also going to start panning some special vendor events at the store.  I've loosely (and kind of lamely) titled it as the "Summer of Fun" in my head, which doesn't even reference anything specific in what I'm planning.  I always feel unorganized and lacking focus and yet I constantly seem to find myself thinking up or planning some event.  The ideas start out loose and w/o a pattern, like a huge mess of yarn.  Then as the vision becomes stronger, it's like I'm pulling one string, and all the yarn starts tightening up.  It's like the opposite of pulling a string to unravel a sweater.  I pull a string and the sweater takes shape.
Enough weirdness about how my amazing brain works.  For now.  It's Cinco De Mayo and I have been drinking.
 This vintage maxi was a lucky little find.  I actually wasn't sure if it was going to be for me or for the shop.
 But, after I put it on I loved it.
Sometimes the empire waist things don't work so well for me because I have a tummy.  And I'm in my 30s (late 30s, but still...)  Lord help you if your in 30s with a less than flat belly!!!  The "are you expecting" questions. glances, innuendos come fast and furious.  I am going to be honest here:  It's mostly older women who do this!!!  Clearly, this is not all older ladies.  But, ALL my experiences have been such.
Sometimes, when I think about being 50 or 60, I think it will be great because I can just let my tummy be--- and nobody will accuse it of being knocked up!!
I think sometimes it just gets tiring being so over-scrutinized as a woman in general.
Hooking up with Patti at Visible Monday!
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Heavy Metal

So Jill at Everything Just So and Adrienne at The Rich Life on a Budget  are hosting the How I Wear My Metallic posts this week and I thought I would just share a little more...  You know, going heavy on the metal.
One of my favorite dresses is a scandalously sheer and super tight low cut lurex number that I thrifted.  It literally has a runner in the chest.  But, I LOVE it.  (These pics were taken about a year ago.) Now for sale HERE!!!
It's got small puffed sleeves, stripes, and a peplum.  I am wearing it with a gold belt with a big buckle.
I think the belt is from Steinmart, as is the necklace.  The dress is a bronze/gold/black lurex.  Patterned tights from Dillard's that have proved invaluable!!  I wear them with so many outfits-- even though they now also have runners (but, clearly runners don't stop me!).  The boots are the same Anne Michelle ones I showed in detail here for Bella's Shoe Shine series.
I didn't include my friend in the pic because I wasn't sure if she wanted to be on the blog and I wanted to post this ASAP so it would be somewhat current with the How I Wear My Metallics posts.
These are just more of my favorite metallic styles.  I love love love metallics and I think they are easy to incorporate to any outfit for a little (or a lot) of edge.
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