Monday, June 17, 2013

Purple Urple

All purple everything.
It's already fading and I've already redone it...  And it's already fading again!!  You get the idea.  Purple is hard to keep up!

Since dying my hair purple I've been wanting to wear purple.  Which gets a little weird.  I don't want to end up all Grape Ape and shiz.  But, I can't stop.

I also would like to say it is sometimes a bit much how many people want to comment on my hair.  Lots positive, but lots begging me to please dye it back to 'normal'.  

Also, trying to figure out why my outside shots are blurry because my inside shots for clothes seem to be just fine!!  Ahhhhh, photography!  Blasted camera!  You making me mad!
Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday because I'm feeling it :)
Hope everyone had a good Father's Day if you were celebrating.  The X-man had a good one.
Becky <3 <3 <3

SPY GIRL: (Edit) Hi Anne!!  Linking up with this old post where I had purple hair and was still with my soon to be ex-husband lololol!!!!  I feel like this post is soooooo relatable!!


  1. You look amazing and I adore your total purple look!! I think it's obvious that nature didn't planned for us to have liliac hair or orange (like mine) so probabily a natural colour could be more flattering on us, but why we can't have fun doing whatever we like with ourself? At least is just a dye and we can come back to normal when we prefer..if we want!
    Love xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love your purple hair and sweet dress! How rude for people to proffer an opinion on YOUR hair. Who wants to be natural anyway, it's way overrated. xxx

  3. You look GRAPE in your purple hair! I want to teleport you over here to soCal and stand you under a jacaranda and revel in all the purpletude.
    I traveled one year to SXSW with a friend who had dyed his hair bright purple (as bright as the purple band in your left side blog background). People were gawking at him nonstop. He couldn't be a shrinking VIOLET (harhar)!!!

  4. Visible and Awesome, Becky. Love this look. I wish we could just *grow* whatever hair color we wanted : > Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday.

  5. I love your hair !
    I dyed my hair Purple to awhile a go but it faded so fast ... its really hard work to keep the Colour .
    You are so fab !

  6. Becky, you look beautifully cool!
    Loving your purple on purple action!
    Hair color does brings lots of opinion from others, my vote is to keep the purple!!!
    Have a great week,

  7. I'm LOVING the all purple Grape Ape look!!!
    I believe all those intense colours are hard to maintian...:( it looks SO good! I'm pretty into that frock too!! XXX

  8. So cute! The colors in the dress are beautiful and your hair is very distinctive.

  9. I love your hair all grape and shit! Screw everybody else. You look yummy! Sometimes my camera does this it's because it's focusing on the foreground. I hate that!

  10. Your purple hair is glorious, but oh yes, the strong colours do fade terribly. So great when you first do it, then the dreaded upkeep... That is such a pretty dress, and it does look fabulous with your hair.
    Oh don't get me started on people thinking they have license to say what they like to you about how you look... So bloody rude! The world should be very grateful I don't say what I think about how a lot of people dress, it wouldn't be complimentary, but I am too polite to say it out loud! xxxx

  11. Your hair! Love that you combine it with a purple dress!

  12. Loved your interview at Bella's. Your purple hair looks stunning with the dress that you chose today. Perfect combination.

  13. You are so gutsy for dying your hair purple. I think you're one of those rare people that just pull it off, and I think it's fantastic that you're in an all purple attire. Talk about monochrome :)


  14. do you know purple lasted only abut a week on me! yep one week! Ive never had a colour do that before, it just will NOT take to my and green all fine and pink and red but nope purple is a no go zone for me! If you look on my 'about me' page you will see it! oh i love it on you though, you look so divine! loved your write up as well on the citizen rock star! your motto 'pretty is too limiting' is my new mantra!! also wanted to let you know i'm holding a new fashion linky every tuesday over at my place starting next week! the shiny t tuesday posts are becoming a link up with prompts...the prompt for next week is 'WHEN PATTERNS SPEAKS' Would be fab to see you there xxx jane xxxx

  15. I don't wear much purple, because at the university where I worked, and where my financial demise took place (see my very first blog post), the school color was purple. Not only did we have to sell everything purple, but the rat bastards pressured us to wear it, too.

    THAT being said, your hair looks fabulous!

  16. I like the purple hair, keep it purple you know what, it looks nice as well when it fades a bit - Girl keep it purple, who cares, if you like it keep it, people always have something to say, i'm passed that, i do what i want really!

    Your focus problem is indeed an adjustment - check your AF - point of focus...i wish i had my camera with me, I'm at work... i will get back to you on this -

    Looking great!



  17. Who knew purple hair could so compliment your complexion in a big way?! It looks great!!! And of course, wear purple ... I'd think the challenge would be keeping shades complimentary. There are so many kinds of purple, but you've got it right so far.
    Get out there and shine, Beauty!

  18. OMG your hair!! I love it. And I love that you matched it to your outfit.

  19. please don't dye your hair back. i love it. the dress is perfect.

  20. I like the purple hair. From your roots it looks like you have darker hair, maybe if you go a few shades deeper it will hold better. Are you dyeing yourself or at a salon? Either way, I think a darker, deeper shade of purple would suit you and last bunches longer.

    Barbara @

  21. The purple hair is fabulous on you and that dress is lovely. I'm with Vix natural is so over rated! Vix and Krista had a conversation a while back about a dry shampoo that cleans your hair and doesn't mess with the colour...just a thought.

  22. I am kinda feelin' that purple hair, to tell you the truth. And I am definitely loving it with that dress! What do the kiddies say? XO, Jill

  23. I love the purple hair nd it looks fab on you!!!! I want to dye my hair a pretty colour too!!!

  24. you look so cute! ive been wanting to dye my hair other than black but not brave enough to do it!

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  25. I love your dress, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work :)

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  26. I never thought I'd say this, but I love your purple hair! And the head to toe purple is AH-mazing - you look wonderful Becky. Xo

  27. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww I see you have gone purple all the ways, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    love it.

  28. Aw, I love the purple hair and dress!

  29. Your hair is beautiful-I love it!! I also love those shoes!!! XXOO

  30. I love all purple everything! Your hair is fantastic. Worth the maintenance!

  31. I was missing you, my friend. Are you ok?

  32. Beautiful purple outfit ;)

    I am following you beautiful blog and hope you follow back

  33. amazing purple hair! when I had I found it the most hard to keep.
    great dress as well!

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  34. I'm soooooooooo behind dammit!!! Gawd I LOVE your hair so, SOOOOOOOOOO much! I know what you mean about wanting to WEAR purple now that you are a purple-hair princess, I keep looking at pink now that my hair is pink, which is something I never really went for pre-pink hair. I use Manic Panic's Amplified range (mine hair is Hot Hot Pink) and it simply does NOT fade on me - I just retouch my roots, which means a $22 bottle has lasted me two months! It could be because my hair was so bleached and porous though. Haters are B-O-R-I-N-G sods. xoxoxoxo

  35. I want this hair!!! i am actually gonna try pink chalk highlights to see if the will show up in my dark hair.

    PS, what camera do u use?
    I do know that raising your iso will cause blur, as the lens's 'eye' is open longer and we usually accidentally move a little bit/ maybe try a flash at a low iso?
    I notice your shoes are in focus. Is your camera centered . If not, t it may be fixed in your bottom left/right side?


  36. Ah, EXCELLENT! Glad to see! Thanks for linking!
    I remember going to SXSW back in 2000 with a pal who had gone purple. It was true about the comments, he got the same. And the unabashed stares!

  37. Wonderful purple hair! I also have purple hair - I use a brand called Splat, and highly recommend it. I dye it myself and buy it at London Drugs (a drug store in Canada). I use the shade called "Luscious Lavender" - and it DOESN'T FADE. You do need to stay out of the sun (it will go magenta from dark purple in the sun), and be warned, it is really heavy-duty dye (it'll turn your scalp dark purple for a week). I shampoo every day and it's still vivid!

  38. Oh, and fuck those people who are begging you to dye it back. It's your hair, do what you want!