Friday, June 14, 2013

The Citizen Rosebud!!!!!!!!!!

I'm fucking famous.  Like a superstar and shit.
Did you see the article Bell Q. wrote about me????
Check it here!!!!!!!!

Take the pledge:

I took it here!!!

Seriously, go read the article.  Bella's amazing.  Has an incredibly cool curated Etsy vintage shop and is a super supporter of small biz, women's biz, local & independent biz...  And she has the awesome 40+ blogroll reminding ladies that you do NOT have to fashionably fade away after 40 like some of the mainstream media might have you believe!!  Ch-ch-check it all out HERE!!!
Becky <3 <3 <3


  1. Congratulations Becky and of course I saw it, read it and commented on it.
    Well deserve and so happy for you!
    Bella is the best she is kind and is always assisting in promoting our blogging community so selfishly.
    I hope that you have a fun and happy father's day with your lovely family,

  2. Bella rocks my socks! How sweet of her to do that. I freaking love your green dress with the motojacket.

  3. Yeah - she is great and so are you !


  4. I did go read it. You ARE fucking famous, for real! Congratulations, you deserve it. Your shop looks amazing, makes me almost want to fly to Tampa (almost)! And I love your hair that color.

  5. Yay! Great profile. Can I have your autograph, Becky??

  6. Bella makes me wanna hurry up and be 40. She makes it look to cool!

  7. Ha, you ARE famous, Becky! And looking amazing too. xxx

  8. You are famous! I loved your interview, your answers were fantastic and the photos rocked! x

  9. I love how Bella features so many different bloggers on her blog in such a generous way. Your interview was great and I love these pics of you, the first one is so cool, even though you said your photography skills weren't so great then, I think it's a great picture, green obviously suits you! xx

  10. yep read it, loved it, adopted your words as some to live by! ROCK STAR!!!! x

  11. Fabulous feature, and wonderful both of you.