Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Holy Grail

So, I think we all know that the Holy Grail of shoes is one that looks amazing and is super comfortable.    Everyone probably knows by now that I am a mom of two.  Part of what makes me long for super comfy shoes (other than the fact that I'm getting older and my feet hurt dang it!) is that we often spend long fun days at place like Disney World and Busch Gardens (we have annual passes).
I usually say no to ad or sponsorship offers.  Kind of embarrassed to admit that when Sole Provisions contacted me I was going to ignore it until I saw the Orthaheel brand.
My husband and my mom made fun of me to no end that I became excited at the 'ortha' part--- you see, I thought the might be orthopaedic and therefore comfy.

I picked sandals because I wear them constantly-----practically year round.  I'm serious.  I probably buy at least two pair of sandals a year that I literally wear out.
I picked these: The Orthaheel Mia Black 

The soles of the shoe were marvellous!!!
The downside was they ran super big and so might feet were sort of rubbing on the straps.  I am going to give them to my mom to try because she is a size bigger.  The website said to size down if you were in between sizes, but it almost seemed like a whole size big for me.  I was kind of daft and wore them anyway---- I should of returned them for a smaller size!
After my mom tries them out I'll let everybody know what she thinks about them.  She was VERY interested in the Orthaheels herself after she stopped making fun of me for wanting comfy heels.

I'd also like to add that the Sole Provision customer service rep that contacted me was super sweet and thorough.  If this is any indication of how they handle their business then that is a big plus.  Prompt and thoughtful responses, prompt shipping... 

Going to hook up to Bella's Shoe Shine since I have some shoes to talk about!!!!!