Thursday, December 12, 2013

The overlooked classic print: Camo

It doesn't get the mad play that plaid and polka dots get because it's a bit newer, but really, I do believe it has worked it's way into being a serious print staple.  I know I've loved it long time.

Here's a little tbt for you, 7th grade school pic circa 1988:

Before I ever plucked an eyebrow (I wish I'd never started!) and before everyone had a cell phone with a camera (this is the only pic I have of me wearing this jacket that I used to wear literally every day forever)...

I wore a little braid in my hair on the right for the entire year!  lolzzzz

Anyway, every time I run across a sweet little camo like this listed here

I always hold onto it a while, thinking it may have to be mine.
I'm letting this one go, but I will eventually get another one.  And cover it with patches and shit.  

For the record, I'd like to state that I can't stand fuckin' school pictures.  They are so awkward!  Ugh!  I prefer candid shots just in general.  I want to see a real expression dammit!  But, like I said, I don't have a ZILLION pics from way back to get all choosy about.

Love & light 
<3 <3 <3 

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  1. Cute post! Its amazing how things come back into fashion isnt it? Love army print! xx


  2. Naaw ... so cute !
    But i do agree with you on school photos ...

  3. How cute were you? I had a phase of living in camo army pants for a bit in the 1990s but never wore the jackets. The hipsters love them and TopShop charge a fortune for repros. x

  4. Ahhh, look at you! So gorgeous. I agree about school photos though, I don't bother buying the kids' pics, they're really expensive, and the ones I take are much better!
    I have never worn anything with a camouflage print, never ever. Is that odd? It doesn't speak to me at all, maybe it's the military associations, the sludgy colours, I don't know. Looks good on other people, but not for me.
    Can I just say again that it's good to have you back?! xxxx

  5. I agree. I love your school pic. It's funny when we get stuck on things. For me it was burgundy eye shadow. One year the school photographer sent be back - he said I should do something about my hair. TRAUMA!

  6. Awww... so cute! And the braid is terrific.

  7. You were drop dead gorgeous. I'll bet you had to beat the boys off with rolled-up newspaper. I love the braid - had one myself! And plaid RULES!!!

  8. I've never owned any camo, except for a military fancy dress outfit I made once!
    O, school pix. UGH. Never did me any favours!

  9. So cute :)
    I also had an army jacket but it was olive green, no camo. I covered it in punk band logos and badges. Unfortunately I don't have any photo of it :(