Friday, March 28, 2014

A wee bit of shopping...

Ummm, ok.  So, the last few times I've been shopping for work, it seems like more and more is going into the "mine!" pile.  These earrings I talked about here and also this purse:

I would also like to add when I went to take the pic I noticed the paint brush in the vase, but decided to leave it for artistic purposes.  However, I did remove the green dental floss that someone had meticulously wound throughout my fake yellow flowers.  Hmmfph.

The purse was in the expensive locked up case in the thrift store.  It was $10 and it is marvellous.  A rainbow of yarn puffs adorn the top.

There is embroidered patch things on both sides as well as a Made in Italy wine bottle charm.

It has ethnic velvet or something rather material covering it.

Inside their is a little embroidered parrot with a tag "an original by Toni Cotton Palm Beach"

I really couldn't tell how old it is by looking at it...  It is MINT condition and just wasn't ringing massive 'vintage' bells.  I found one on Etsy that looks much more toned down and states it's a 60s item.
It is now my fancy go out purse.

Also, I have a leopard print velvet blazer---shown better here--that is sort of like my easy go to, add to any outfit to make it better jacket.  Boring outfit???  Add the velvet leopard blazer to cover the boring up!  I get so many compliments on it.  It was bought cheap retail many years ago.
Well, as usual, I just came across the BETTER VINTAGE VERSION.  Have you ever noticed this phenomenon?  There is a modern version of something and it's good...  But, then you finally run across the vintage version and you realize you didn't know what good was!

^^^^ My original velvet animal print^^^

Now my new to me 'nother velvet animal print:

All jewelery is secondhand, as well as the boots, which are from Etsy.  Dress is second-hand and fist seen here, where I really like it, but I am NOT liking it now.  This may move from the "mine" pile to the the "list" pile.  Some progress, I guess.

Keeping both animal print velvet blazerzzzzzzz!!  Hooking up to Bella's secondhandfirst link-up!  Edited to link up to SpyGirl Pattern Mix! and Happiness at Mid-Life!

Love & Light,
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P.S.  How long are you legitimately allowed to keep your room messy after you move and still say, "Excuse the mess!  I've just moved!"

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fractions: Practical Application

So, I have a bunch a favorite stores on Etsy that I follow and they throw up all their new items at me when I'm just browsing...  It's a little bit horrible because it makes me see a lot of stuff I want.

{{I JUST WANT TO STATE THAT IF MONEY WAS NO OBJECT I'D BUY EVERYTHING IN THIS STORE!!!!!  Everything.  And wear it all at once.  I literally drool over this store...  I don't even look at the squash blossom necklaces and cuffs anymore because it is in the NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN financial category of my life---but, if your budget is a little bigger than mine plzzzz check them out}}
Soooo one of my favorite, but out of my budget, stores is Navajo Dreams and the earrings (link here)  below really got my attention:

Well, I was bored last week and browsing through my favorites and I just kept getting stuck on these earrings, but $185 wasn't going to happen.  When I read the description I saw they were hallmarked Q.T. Sterling.  What could it hurt to google a bit, right?  Maybe, maybe, just maybe...

Flash forward to Ebay.  I found several similar pairs.  Some were auctions and some were priced buy it now for between approximately $24.99 to $60.
I took my chance on an auction and got these for $19 +FREE shipping: 

Here I am trying to model them, but close-ups are hard with earrings: 

 I was so happy, that I searched for a second pair and found these that were different colors than the original pair, but had the heart shape: 

I adore the turquoise & purple color!!!  

These were literally a fraction of the price.  Some vintage items are OOAK and super rare and if I had a bigger budget I would but it--NO HESITATION.   But, I don't have that kind of money and I have to scavenge affordable options for myself.   Since these were more recent vintage I was able to find a pair priced for my budget, support an independent seller, and shop sustainably.  It's all good.   

Also, about my outfit.  At least what you can see of it.  Remember when I talked about camo here.  Well, I realize now, the camp jacket is just too much for me, but I started wearing the camo hat I've had and CAN"T take it off.  I wear it constantly if I'm working or hanging out outside.  Also, I've been putting braids in my hair again.  I wore them when I used to wear the camo jacket and actually I have a long history of braid obsession, which I will share soon.  This post here also had braids. 

The embroidered vintage tunic is shown much better here and was found in a $5 rummage bin in the back of a little booth at Ren Fest.  It's actually pretty fantastic!  

Can't wait to see everyone's fun fashion--so glad it's the weekend :)

Love & Light, 
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SHOP HERE: PinkCHeetahVintage

Monday, March 17, 2014

That Green Lyfe

Yayyyyyy!  St. Paddy's Day!  Four leaf clovers, Guinness, corn beef stew, pinching people who don't wear green, ALL EVERYTHING IRISH!  Love it.

Here are some of the ways I live that green lyfe.
First of all, I love the color green.  Two of my favourite pieces of furniture are green.
This is a 1950s telephone table we got from the flea market in Tampa and we use it as a nightstand:

This green dresser was actually bought from a super cool Asheville store called Regeneration Station that I will do a post about later.  Huge consignment warehouse full of EVERYTINNNNNNG u want:

Yes, there are some scratches on the mirror, and yes, it's a little dirty.  This is my LAST MINUTE (really, is there any other way...  Not for me, at least.) St. Paddy's Day green post!

These pieces are like double green, because they're green (literally) and they're green as in second-hand.  You can't find this stuff at T@rget people!  I think we talked about living that #secondhandfirst   life here and another example of how amazing shopping second-hand can be for your home here.

To take it a bit further, I'm gonna brag on my baby the X-man.  Asheville is amazing, but when driving up our otherwise gorgeous little hill, we noticed the sides of the street were covered with trash.  I also noticed an older gentlemen literally picking up bag of garbage several days in a row.  When I told Xavier about the man, he was immediately like, "I'm going clean that sh@t up".  He contacted Asheville Green Works to ask to adopt the street.  He is in the process of getting approved, but the X-man went ahead and cleaned it up already.  He stated, "I don't need to wait for some agency  to tell me I'm approved to clean a street."  He went out last weekend on Saturday morning and cleaned up 7 bags worth of trash.

Hooking up to Spy Girl's Green Day post lolzzzz

Also, if you've gotten this far, I would like to add I have found the best vintage clothing store ever and am considering selling my soul to acquire ALL THE EVERYTHING in it.  More on that later.  I can't share it, yet, because my heart is too greedy and filled with lust for the STUFF.  It's local anyway, so you have to come to Asheville to shop there.  If you come I PROMISE I will take you there.
I'll probably do a post later...  I just want to pretend that I own the place for a while.  Is that so bad?

Love & Light,
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Black Velvet Goldmine

You might have already seen an IG post about these YRU velvet platforms I got at a massive sale a few months ago at DollsKill.  They were like $30.  They are actually even more expensive now, so I'm happy I got them when I did.

I LOVE the rainbow laces.  I have a 'thing' for rainbows.
Purple velvet skirt is thrifted.  I think I may have mentioned here that velvet is happening now, right? 
Also, the massive FreePeople cuff that I've practically lived in since I got it...  Mentioned previously here.  Plus, a vintage flea market ring, and a little DIY crystal ring.  Aaaaand a bacon band-aid.  It was a good-bye gift from one of the X-man's work friends, but let's be honest, I am a hot clumsy mess and use all the band-aids. 

Another one of my favorite vintage necklaces, bought from another vendor where I used to have a booth, details here

I was wearing these in a thrift store the day of the Asheville Mardi Gras parade--doing a little shopping before joining in the revelry--and this girl was wheeling around a dude in a wheelchair and when she saw my shoes she was basically like, YES!  Later, they were checking out in the line before me with like, a massive toaster, I mean I swear this thing had like 8 slots for bread.  It was insane.  They were going on and on about how much toast they were going to make!  lolzzzzz

So, I'm totally hooking up to Bella's ShoeShine!!!!!  C U there!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

If I could have these...

socks right here from MAGGIESFARMTIEDYE on Etsy

then I would have worn them when I went out Saturday night in this here vintage dress: 

Crappy pics because I was in a hurry.  My cousin and her boyfriend popped into Asheville for the weekend from Atlanta and we had our first real visitor!

My boots are leather knee-high and I got them from Etsy also for $25.  Not bad!  They are a little big, but my plan is to buy tall socks--like the ones above (WANT those bad!!) to wear with them in cold weather.  This dress used to be for sale in my shop because it was long sleeve (remember that old "no long sleeve" rule I used to talk about here and here--no longer necessary!!), but not anymore because it's cool enough here to wear it.  With tall boots.  And socks.  I need socks.  Seriously, I only had like 4 pair of ankle socks because I hardly ever wore closed toe shoes.  I need those socks!!!!!
I really did want to wear them with this outfit, but had to borrow the X-man's basic black instead.  Boooo!

Any way, linking up to Patti's Visible Monday and Spy Girls Sock Inspiration!!!!  

Love & Light,
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Friday, March 7, 2014


Well, I've mentioned that I am in Asheville now and we are working desperately trying to get this little house in working order.  One of the things that was going to be needing to be replaced was the front door.  Apparently at one point the glass had broken out of the little windows and the previous owners decided to just board up the front door instead of replacing the glass :(

That is (was) the front door.  Now, as silly as this sounds, I was lamenting buying a new door because even though the door was jacked, I could not imagine a brand spanking new door in it's place--killin' the vibe!!  Both the X-man and I knew that finding the same vintage door would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Well, lo and behold a thrift store miracle!  I am lucky that the X-man loves to thrift as much as I do and we often shop together when we have free time.  We love it.  He had seen a place by his work that he told me about so we decided to pop over on his day off.

Penny Center Thrift Store!!!!!!
It is really different in that it has an 'auction' section.  There is a starting price on a ticket and you write your name and 'bid'.  On a certain date whoever bids the highest wins.  If you are the only bidder you automatically win and if nobody bids the item is then eligible for sale at the 'starting bid' price.  Very cool.

I'm glancing through housewares and stuff like this:

When X-man runs over and says come with me, you're not going to believe this!!!
Annnnnnd look what he shows me:

This, my friends, is the SAME vintage door as our front door!!!  The proverbial needle!  Starting bid $8 and the bidding ended the next day. 

Long story short we won the door for $8.  X-man put it in today.

And now my back door gets to stay matched to the front--they have different squares but are a pair, and I am ecstatic.  

$8 door plus $25 supplies= $33 for the door of my dreams!!!!!  (And two hours of labor from the X-man.  He's amazing.)

So awesome. So awesome.  So awesome.
The thrill of second-hand shopping cannot be beat and we were rewarded with this most excellent find.  We never in our wildest dreams thought we would randomly stumble across this here door.
#sustainable #local #smallbiz #shopsecondhandfirst #homedecor

Off to read some blogs now!!!!

Love & Light,
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