Friday, March 28, 2014

A wee bit of shopping...

Ummm, ok.  So, the last few times I've been shopping for work, it seems like more and more is going into the "mine!" pile.  These earrings I talked about here and also this purse:

I would also like to add when I went to take the pic I noticed the paint brush in the vase, but decided to leave it for artistic purposes.  However, I did remove the green dental floss that someone had meticulously wound throughout my fake yellow flowers.  Hmmfph.

The purse was in the expensive locked up case in the thrift store.  It was $10 and it is marvellous.  A rainbow of yarn puffs adorn the top.

There is embroidered patch things on both sides as well as a Made in Italy wine bottle charm.

It has ethnic velvet or something rather material covering it.

Inside their is a little embroidered parrot with a tag "an original by Toni Cotton Palm Beach"

I really couldn't tell how old it is by looking at it...  It is MINT condition and just wasn't ringing massive 'vintage' bells.  I found one on Etsy that looks much more toned down and states it's a 60s item.
It is now my fancy go out purse.

Also, I have a leopard print velvet blazer---shown better here--that is sort of like my easy go to, add to any outfit to make it better jacket.  Boring outfit???  Add the velvet leopard blazer to cover the boring up!  I get so many compliments on it.  It was bought cheap retail many years ago.
Well, as usual, I just came across the BETTER VINTAGE VERSION.  Have you ever noticed this phenomenon?  There is a modern version of something and it's good...  But, then you finally run across the vintage version and you realize you didn't know what good was!

^^^^ My original velvet animal print^^^

Now my new to me 'nother velvet animal print:

All jewelery is secondhand, as well as the boots, which are from Etsy.  Dress is second-hand and fist seen here, where I really like it, but I am NOT liking it now.  This may move from the "mine" pile to the the "list" pile.  Some progress, I guess.

Keeping both animal print velvet blazerzzzzzzz!!  Hooking up to Bella's secondhandfirst link-up!  Edited to link up to SpyGirl Pattern Mix! and Happiness at Mid-Life!

Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3

P.S.  How long are you legitimately allowed to keep your room messy after you move and still say, "Excuse the mess!  I've just moved!"


  1. You can never go wrong with leopard print! Good to wear, good to have in the home (as long as its fake of course) .I have to show you a pic of my in high school with leopard print hair. (yea, I had leopard print hair, wore red lipstick) Look for the pic on facebook on a TBT in April...... BTW, I love that purse! Good choice!

  2. I meant to comment on your earring post: they are so lovely!

    And my, that purse is something else. I love the velvet and pom poms and patchwork effect - and the bottle on the side, how cool is that?

    When I want something now, I go to the thrift shop because I invariably have found that, the odd time I've bought something I wanted for full-price retail, I later have found a second-hand or vintage version! It's some crazy rule of the universe and it's similar to your vintage rule!

    I really like that dress. It has a 90s grungy-pretty look to it and looks killer with the boots. Maybe hide it for a month or so - I bet when you rediscover it you'll fall in love again!

  3. Nice pictures! A lot of colours :)

  4. That is the best fucking purse I've ever seen in my life. Make sure your children understand that you are to be buried with it.

  5. That purse are a great find ! The leo jackets can rock any outfit and are so lovely , two pieces that can live for a long time in ones closet . You look great !

  6. This purse is lovely, no wonder you're keeping it :) x

  7. That bag is insane, of course you had to have it! x

  8. Amazing blazer! So cute. Love the purse too.

  9. Gorgeous jacket! What a great find.

  10. Answer - as long as you like!
    Leopard print+velvet=heaven!
    The little bag is the cutest thing (how do you fit everything in it for a night out though?!) xxx

  11. Sorry to inform you but I consider leopard print a neutral and both "must" be kept! That handbag is absolutely bonkers, so fab! My vintage/ secondhand rule is that if I sell or donate something I'm iffy on, usually something far better comes into my life via the thrift shop! Enjoy your goodies! XXX Jet

  12. Love how you're looking in your transitional looks ... gotta say, as annoying as I find most leopard prints, you rock them with your prints and should hang on to them. Just sayin'.
    Ant that has to be the best handbag in the universe.

  13. The purse. The purse. THE PURSE!!!!! Love!
    Yes, leopard goes with everything, as Jet says.
    Trying to figure out the print on first blazer photo. Quasi Southwestern?
    Anyhoo, great pattern mixes. Thanks for linking!

  14. I have always wanted a blazer like that but haven't found one that I love. And how fun is that purse!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.