Friday, March 7, 2014


Well, I've mentioned that I am in Asheville now and we are working desperately trying to get this little house in working order.  One of the things that was going to be needing to be replaced was the front door.  Apparently at one point the glass had broken out of the little windows and the previous owners decided to just board up the front door instead of replacing the glass :(

That is (was) the front door.  Now, as silly as this sounds, I was lamenting buying a new door because even though the door was jacked, I could not imagine a brand spanking new door in it's place--killin' the vibe!!  Both the X-man and I knew that finding the same vintage door would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Well, lo and behold a thrift store miracle!  I am lucky that the X-man loves to thrift as much as I do and we often shop together when we have free time.  We love it.  He had seen a place by his work that he told me about so we decided to pop over on his day off.

Penny Center Thrift Store!!!!!!
It is really different in that it has an 'auction' section.  There is a starting price on a ticket and you write your name and 'bid'.  On a certain date whoever bids the highest wins.  If you are the only bidder you automatically win and if nobody bids the item is then eligible for sale at the 'starting bid' price.  Very cool.

I'm glancing through housewares and stuff like this:

When X-man runs over and says come with me, you're not going to believe this!!!
Annnnnnd look what he shows me:

This, my friends, is the SAME vintage door as our front door!!!  The proverbial needle!  Starting bid $8 and the bidding ended the next day. 

Long story short we won the door for $8.  X-man put it in today.

And now my back door gets to stay matched to the front--they have different squares but are a pair, and I am ecstatic.  

$8 door plus $25 supplies= $33 for the door of my dreams!!!!!  (And two hours of labor from the X-man.  He's amazing.)

So awesome. So awesome.  So awesome.
The thrill of second-hand shopping cannot be beat and we were rewarded with this most excellent find.  We never in our wildest dreams thought we would randomly stumble across this here door.
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Off to read some blogs now!!!!

Love & Light,
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  1. GET. OUT!!!!! What are the chances of that happening? So incredible to have found the perfect door locally and it's yours! It looks absolutely amazing, I love exterior doors that have some glass in them, this is gorgeous! xoxo

  2. Oh .. such luck ! Fun place to shop at .
    Have a great weekend .

  3. You deserve this find! I seriously can't believe this happened! What a cool door too and at 8 it was almost free. I hope you are getting settled in and loving it!

  4. Ha, so what ARE the chances? Fabulous luck - and we could all do with some of that!
    The door looks great, but I am looking at the pics of the thrift store in amazement - it's bloody HUGE! xxx

  5. Seriously awesome! I love it when stuff like that happens!

  6. Freaking awesome. They look great.

  7. What are the chances???? That must be the find of the year ...and its only March!
    I can't get over how massive your second-hand shops are, I can't wait to get to the States and rummage! x