Monday, May 5, 2014

I know! Another waterfall!

This time we were at Catawba Falls.  I wore my kimono jacket from Marketplace Handwork of India.  They let me choose an item to review and I chose this cotton kimono jacket, sold here.  It is definitely my style with an Ikat-style print and it's cotton.  This is the sort of item I use all the time when it's hot---easier than sunscreen!  Just cover-up!  Annnnd when I go on hikes.  There is usually a break from the sun, but I use usually wear long sleeves or a lightweight jacket so I don't get as many scratches or close-encounters with critters.

Old hats, jeans/pants, and sneakers are usually the way I roll on hikes.  With a swimsuit underneath in case we end up somewhere where the water is irresistible.


I customized my jacket with this patch from Etsy store PhoenixCompost.  Super cool little shop with anarchist/feminists/environmentalists and what-have-u patches.  I also want to add a few studs to the sleeves, but I'm slow with projects.  I felt it was the perfect patch because it looks cool and MarketPlace of India is a fair trade company.  I've had lots of compliments already.
Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday because we out here!  Hooking up to Nancy'sFashionStyle

Love & Light,
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  1. Hi Becky - that's a really great MarketPlace jacket and your patch makes it super-fab. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xox

  2. Well, you can never see too many waterfalls. And you can't have too many cool jackets either! Isn't that your second; didn't you win the Marketplace giveaway over at Bella's too? It's such a great colour, and I adore the Shelley quote on the patch you added on the back. xxx

  3. Great nature and hikes are so fun ! The jacket is so cool !

  4. I don't mind how many waterfalls you show us! That jacket is wonderful, love the patch you've added to. Glad you won Bella's giveaway as I know you'll rock that other one, too! x

  5. Jealous of your waterfalls! I need to explore! :D

  6. That looks so peaceful and who can tire of waterfalls? The jacket is funky and the patch makes it you!

  7. Can't have too many waterfalls, and you SURE can't have too many kimono! Wonderful thought, too. There are some idealists left to hear ... so glad you are one! Pretty you, and I'm so glad you're getting away from it all.

  8. Beautiful kimono, which looks lovely on you next to the waterfall. The patch is a brilliant touch!

  9. ooo yes!!!!! that outfit is awesome! xxx