Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dreamy Dresses

Hey all you bloggy babes!

I must say that Asheville summers are niiiiiice :D

Fact:  The X-man and I moved to Asheville w/o ever visiting, not even once.  We also picked our house online w/o seeing it in person.  We picked a new place to move using some personal criteria for our lifestyle and researched a bunch of places (Google street view was a HUGE help!!!) and ended up in Asheville.  People thought it sounded insane.  I just want to say that we are loving this city and I am so thankful for the internet for making it possible!

Ok.  I've discovered two awesome ladies who sell used & vintage clothes.
The first one is UrbanGypsyTrunkShow and she is a real hoot!  She does local pop up shops with music and hula hoops and all her stuff is usually between $4-10!!!!  I LOVEEEEE affordable vintage!

That's Girl London doing some hoops and the Urban Gypsy herself in the blue skirt in the tent.  She's so funny.  We've gone to two of the pop-ups and she was so friendly and outgoing and I was like, "Uggghhhhhhh duuuuuuuuh".  Has that ever happened to you???  I have these lovely moments of absolute social awkwardness and in my head I'm like, "What a great lady!!!!"

Anywho, I got the dress on the left below from her for $10.  It's a repro, but in the style I love and with peacocks in pattern.   Peacocks are awesome.  It's a little sheer so I have to wear the cotton slip I talked about in my last post here underneath it, which is great because it gives me reasons to wear it more often!  I've worn the dress a few times already, but haven't taken any pics.

Nowwwwwww, the dress on the right.  The one in front.  This is the real deal 60s 70s super soft cotton gauzy dress I've been dreaming of...  I have a couple of dresses that come close, including the one sold to me as vintage and shipped in the manufacturer's vacuum sealed plastic (this was no mistake),  and this 80s one, but this one ^^^^ is the dream one.

Bought this little baby from a shop that the X-man and I kept driving by and wanting to check out.


Obviously, we must go here!
There was usually a massive pile of stuff out front when we would drive by.  And the place would be closed.  And we'd be like, "Who would leave all this amazing stuff out front and just not be open?"  Then one day when we went back to try again, we met Angie, the owner and we understood.
She was "not open...." (long dramatic pause as she gazes out at us from a sort of make shift head wrap that she was holding draped across her face Princess Jazmine style) "but open".
Works for us!!!

Shop is chock full of goodies!  You can see her in the back hiding my dress.  I didn't have cash, so I actually had to leave to get cash and come back.  She was super nice.

Almost forgot to mention!!  When we came back to get the dress she gifted the X-man this vintage 60s picture he was drooling over:

He was sooooooo happy!!

Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3]



  1. Amazing dresses - so glad you found one to replace the fake one. So cool that you decided to move to a town and home sight unseen, and even cooler that you're loving it. And such a great shop with amazing vintage - well, that's just the icing on the cake!

  2. Wow, you moved somewhere without even visiting? That's so funny! But hey, if it worked out, then who's to say it wasn't perfectly reasonable, right?! And if the vintage is good, then that's a sign!
    Love the dresses, and how great to find a genuine vintage one, and from a local seller too. "Not open... but open" sounds suitably hippy dippy! Both the pop up stall and the shop look like wonderful places to browse; it's soooo much better to buy your stuff from lovely sellers who you chat to and connect with, rather than bored teenagers in some chain store! xxxx

  3. That is so brave! I couldn't imagine moving somewhere I had never been before. I love the painting so much, it's ace.

  4. That's so great that your town is working out. And to find kindred spirits there is a bonus. I always thought it would be romantic to live in a tent like that outdoor stall. Of course, that would last about one sunny day before I packed it in.
    Your dresses are gorgeous. So many treasures live in those open/not open shops. I'm glad you made it in.

  5. I am totally in love with your dream dress - it is the dress of my dreams too. I bet you will wear it a lot. With boots. With clogs. With thongs (flip-flops?). Bare-footed...
    The repro is v.nice too.
    I would be sooooo happy if I had that Animales painting too. Gifted - even happier!

  6. love the animal print! I also love the store banner!

  7. I'd be happy, too. That's a masterwork that will someday be worth a gazillion dollars. Don't worry about social awkwardness. You are not alone. ALL writers are socially awkward. That's why they write.

    You must be a writer.

  8. Looks like you found some great vintage sellers! I love the Urban Gypsy's set up!

  9. Wow what great places , just like heaven !

  10. Well Becky it's signs of the time! picking your house and city on street view - We are doing the same as to where we want to go in Spain and France at the end of the month -
    Love the US for their fantastic thrift shops, it's nothing compare to here and a lot cheaper -


  11. That was very brave glad it all worked out well!
    That shop looks amazing. xxx

  12. Free vintage Mexican art! Free vintage Mexican art! YAY!!! And I looooove the two dresses you got!

  13. now i want to move to Asheville!!! it looks great. if a place has good second hand then its great for me. i love how you moved there the modern version of sticking a pin in the map but not really.
    you look great. love lucyxxx

  14. i've being looking at your post again. i've being thinking of buying a bus to have a mobile shop. and looking at urban gyspy i'm getting more and more tempted.!!!! thanks for the comment. talk soon lucyxx

  15. I love Asheville so much. There's no other city like it!

  16. I want to visit the area, I hear there's tons of astounding nature around to explore as well! :) Your blog keeps inspiring me to get on it collecting wares for a future potential vintage clothing biz. Glad you guys are loving your new city. What's around you is truly paramount.