Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some faves

Going to talk about a few favorites.

This here is one of my favorite dresses.  It's a little 60s Liberty Circle dress I bought off Etsy a few years ago for about $16.

Wearing with some of my fav pieces of bling, including the bastard massive cuff for Vix!

More fav things!!
Last Sunday I had a friend and her family from high school that I haven't seen since high school come to Asheville for a little visit and vacay.  Used to call her Little Lisa because she is such a tiny little thing and I've talked about her here when she was running her company...  Now, she is doing incredible things.  I'm so happy for her.

The X-man, Little Lisa, Me!!!!!!
It also happened to be our 20 year high school reunion---perfection.

Her husband and kids are awesome and our kids had the best time. EVER.

Her 2 beautiful boyzzz + my two beautiful girlzzz = 22222222222 much fun!

They stayed for several days in our little guest house and we hiked and explored Asheville together.

That same weekend I also had another high school friend pop into town with her family---no pics---but, it was sooooooooo great to see her.  Coincidently, our daughters were the same age and were pre-school friends and in the same Daisy Scout Troop, so Girl London was blowing up happy to see her Tampa friend in Asheville <3

I also went to a house party thrown by some friends of ours that also live in Asheville (and went to high school with the X-man and I in Tampa---LOTS of people from Florida here---they call us Floridiots! hahahaha) annnnnnnd ran into ANOTHER friend who was popping through town on her way from Denver back to Tampa.  
Used to party with this chica here back in the day and hadn't seen her face for about 15 years.  Nice :)

Ok, last one!  We also ran into X-man's best friend's little brother.  They moved to Charlotte recently and randomly popped up in Asheville after a hike and we got to hang with them downtown.  Probably hadn't seen these guys since Girl London was an infant and we used to do these monthly dinner parties--- unfortunately no pics. 

Another favorite thing I want to talk about is MY NEW FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH rn.

The Hazel Mill Amphitheatre.

I am drama crazy.  Can't act, don't want to act, but absolutely love live theatre.  You are allowed to bring chairs blankets, some people bring little tables, picnics, wine, beer...  No smoking tho!!  Although we are assured by the announcer before every performance that if Asheville takes a turn like Denver, that they might bend the 'no smoking' rule lolzzzzzz

It is run by the Montford Park Players, one of the longest running Shakespeare companies and GET THIS--- all summer performances are FREEEEEEEEEEEE!   It always starts at about 7:30 in the evening, so it quickly gets dark and I love it!!!  

Heaven, I tell ya'.  We've seen Taming of the Shrew (amazing--it was even better than the performance I saw at the Job Theatre in Tampa!) and Tartuffe (they decided to honor Moliere because they thought Shakespeare would approve.  I agree!!!  I had only read that play and it was so awesome to see it preformed).  Coriolanus is next.  It is rarely preformed so this should be a treat. 

The Players lent their theatre to The Fox & Beggar Theatre  earlier this year for the show Animalia that I have to say was literally one of the most magical performances I have ever seen.  It took you into the past/present/furure/dreaming/waking/death/love/magic/life...  If you click the link there is a little video, but really it was just this miracle of the moment that only live performance can reach.  It also had a live orchestra to accompany the show.  

So that was some faves of mine.
Trying to keep it positive because the news has been a downer lately and giving me a bit of anxiety ughhhh

Totally hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday!

Love & Light, 
<3 <3 <3 


  1. Your vintage dress is the bomb, Becky. Outdoor theater is so cool, wish I were there! Thanks for linking up, xox

  2. Love that cool vintage dress!
    Dawn Lucy

  3. What an incredible summer you're having Beck!! You had me with that amazing dress and the massive bastard Vix cuff, but the adventures are thoroughly hedonistic!! Isn't it a relief when all the kids get on well and there are few or no clashes? Makes the time you have together with friends so much more precious. xoxox

  4. It sounds as though you are having a really good summer, and catching up with lots of friends. Love your favourite dress, and that amphitheatre looks so cool, what a great place to enjoy some theatre (for free, and with beer!) Xxx

  5. Lovely dress! the cuff goes so perfectly with it! I love live theatre too, although I prefer musicals! :)

  6. That first dress is gorgeous on you, I love it! Send it this way if you ever get bored! xxx

  7. Beautiful dress I can see why you love it! I can't image re connecting with folks from high school, ever! I'm glad it was so positive for you!
    The kids all together what an adorable photo!

  8. I. Love. Shakespeare. And you are one lucky girl, OBVIOUSLY on many levels. Enjoy your drama, your clothes, your jewelry, your friends, your X-Man (high school sweethearts?), and your kids. Fuck the news.

  9. What a spectacular dress! It's wonderful to have the opportunity to catch up with old friends and to discover new places. Please do let me know if you ever make it to Nashville ;-)


  10. Looks like a great time was had by all ... what sweet faces. That's a great dress, and completely you! So pretty, and you made it your own. Speaking of sweet ... those little shoetie-booties are the best!

  11. Looks like a great day! Love the liberty dress, it's amazing!

  12. Dang that dress is awesome! Call me crazy but I love theater, I love to act, I'm pretty good at it but I haaaaaate going to see other people's plays. I don't even like to watch the plays I'm in. I'm so weird!

  13. I love live theater too! It's the best. And I love your dress!

  14. ooo, I luv that dress, the print is fantastic and you look fabulous in it. What a blast from the past you've been having with old friends in your new town. Sounds like a great summer. Thanks for stopping by Project Minima and I look forward to Jan's book.