Sunday, September 21, 2014


A couple of weeks ago my mom flew in for a quick visit and we all popped down to see my Grandma.  In this picture we have the 4 generations.  And our dogs.

Let me tell you, it is a treat to watch your mom with her mom.  We'll leave it at that.
This is my grandmother and my grandfather back in the day.  Probably 40s/50s or something.  

This is her before she was married as a teen.  Her name was Dorothy and she was from Kansas!  Obviously, she loves the Wizard of Oz. 

Speaking of the 50s I found this little cupcake dress.  It looks ragged in this picture for some reason, but it's really a pretty pale baby blue.  It was about $2 in the rag bins.  Pretty much thinking of keeping it in case Girl London wants to eventually wear it to a dance. 

It is getting cooler here and I can anticipate the season changing and it is making me want to wear black.  

I pulled out the leopard blazer already!  Jackets are so exciting for me still. 
Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday!!!

Love & Light,
Becky xoxox


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Big Love Fest

It has come to my attention that I have basically stopped taking pics of most of the things we do.  However, the X-man takes pics all the time, of everywhere we go, and everything we do.  He puts it all on Facebook.  If you are friends with the X-man on Facebook then you know EVERYTHING.  His Facebook is a better blog than my blog.  Basically, I swipe pics from him to make posts.

Asheville has a million festivals.  They are all pretty fun.  This is one we went to with art, music, and food called the Big Love Fest. 

I actually found a vintage dress here!!!  I bought it, but it was too big.  That almost NEVER happens.
It's a blue 50s/60s brocade one.  Has some flaws, but I am not the type to care as long as it's not on some really inopportune spot.  X-man was like, "Isn't that one almost just like the other one?"
YES. It is.  Because I like blue and I like brocade.  Too bad it don't work.  Now listed here.

I was really happy that morning because I finally bleached my roots.  I traded a vintage dress for this handmade necklace.  My dress is from T@rget.  Years ago.  I actually bought it when I was pregnant with Girl London and could in no way fit into it.  Eventually I got to wear it.  Here I am squeezing into it again!!  It's really sturdy and well-made.  One of those special collections.  I got it on major clearance.  I don't buy clothes from there anymore, but I do not regret this purchase at all. 

Lovely dirty mirror selfie so you can actually see it.  Probably need to take some cleaner to this stat.

Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday.  C u there!

Love & light,
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