Monday, October 20, 2014

Never Enough Old Leopard Jackets

I've found yet another vintage leopard print coat.  This one really is perfect.  Perfect size, length, weight...

I've decided to sell the leopard blazer in the first pic in this old post and I actually can't find the leopard jacket in the second pic in the post...  So, even tho it seems I am constantly acquiring leopard print jackets, I will soon enough be back down to one.

Anyhow, just popping in to show off my new favourite jacket and hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday! & Spread the Kindness link-up---this jacket was def a Good-Buy :D

Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3

P.S.  Also, having some issues with people actually glorifying and being proud of being self-confessed greedy bastards.  Who thinks it's good to have an ungenerous soul?  Who related to Ebenezer Scrooge or wants to be Mr. Burns???  Who did you admire as a kid?  What qualities do heroes have?  We have some issues here in America over what people we admire, that's for sure :(


  1. Haha....I love that comment at the end about greed!!! I love love love the leopard print jacket! I love anything leopard print. It never ever goes out of style in fashion or home décor. Every genre, goes with country western, old school punk, avant garde, mod, shabby..Hollywood.. It is timeless, .I guess because leopards never go out of style and they wear it best!

  2. That leopard is a brilliant find! It looks gorgeous on. I've limited my collection to just the one, its good to share the feline fabulousness, isn't it?
    Greedy bastards? What am I missing? xxx

  3. I agree, we need quality heroes! Like Doctor Who, always saving the human race : > Love your animal print coat, and thanks for sharing with Vis Monday, xox.

  4. The coat is a beauty. I need one!
    Oh, the general public often pick people to look up to who I think are dreadful. I've come to the conclusion most of society are pretty dim-witted, and more bothered about money and empty celebrity than anything with more substance. xxx

  5. Love that great coat ! Leo can be so rockn roll in the right combo !

  6. I think I'm like the only blogger around that doesn't have leopard jacket of some sort. Is it time for me to join the club???

  7. Your adorableness is never ending. Love this look, and I don't even like leopard! Purrrrrfect with your printed dress under.
    What brought on the rant? I agree completely, by the way. Better heros, better stories!

  8. The coat is gorgeous! and...whuuut who's glorifying being greedy? What? where? Ew.