Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why u so obsessed wit me?

This is what all my Brit friends must ask!!

Because I really do love England & Wales.

Here is my recently thrifted vintage Kappa Wales jacket.

Used to love Kappa, Adidas, and all those dope soccer styles in the 90s.  One of my best friends, and old roomie, is half British, and he was a soccer player and I used to swipe all his track suits to wear. 
So excited to find this and a keeper for sure. 

And this English soccer tee the same day.  You think they were originally from the same person?

Also, did everyone know about this 'Beauty Face' thing on the Android phone camera???
I am using it here.  Basically, it smoothes out all the blemishes and wrinkles for that Barbie look.  Not gonna lie.  I kind of dig it.  

We went out to this little vintage booth/antique store opening---I cannot remember the name rn.  I met one of the gorgeous vintage dealers (wish I'd snapped her pic!) and she was super sweet.  There were a lot of cute things I really liked, but they were too small for me. 

I wore an old thrifted 90s velvet top and some thrifted trippy palazzos. Oh yeah, and the amazing necklace I picked up in Dahlonega, GA.  I was there for my cousin's wedding and as we were passing through town on the way to the reception we saw a antique store. We popped in, met the most awesome vintage seller/owner, originally from Miami, and shopped the shit out of her store.

I added rings and my new (to me) leopard print jacket shown here.

I also wanted to discuss this thrifted leopard print hat.  I think it's great and it gets cold here and I'm thinking I might actually get to wear it (I've had it stashed for a while).  I'm just wondering how much use I'll get out of it because I will NEVER wear it with my leopard print jacket.  I don't care about everyone else, but I get weird feelings with too much matching print.

This is a dress from Antique Addict. One of my fav vintage stores that I've been frequenting since high school.   The owner Maryce is so nice and was a huge inspo for me.  I did a post with this dress as a brunette in 2012 here.   I loveeeee the color green and I'm always a sucker for a green dress.

So that is a little bit of my current fashion.  My mom popped into town this weekend on her way to/from a wedding in Highland.  So, that was nice!

I'll be checking blogs soon and def hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday.
Hooking up to HatAttack!!!!
& #iwillwearwhatilike

Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3


  1. Love those palazzo pants and your gorgeous green knit dress, Becky. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and wear the heck out of that leopard hat! xox

  2. Ha ha. Like you need beauty face. You're already there. I'm an Anglophile mesef, too. Lovely palazzos and that green dress! Damn it, girl. Very cute!

  3. That vintage store looks cool...where is it?



  4. Yes, we Brits are so cool, aren't we? Hahaha, you'd soon change your mind if you lived here! No, that's unfair - perhaps we don't always see the beauty and the fascination of what we have all around us, and there certainly is a lot to love about GB.
    A lot to love here too, Becky, especially those palazzos, the green dress and the leopard print hat. Just wear the hat with a different jacket/coat, it'll look amazing! xxx

  5. You need to change the second line to being "Brit obsessed". Wales is a different country entirely and get well pissed off by being called English!
    Love the psychedelic skirt and the tribal pendant and the green boucle dress is adorable. xxx

  6. Yep ... great pieces all! You're looking good, with or without the anti-ageing ap. Excellent soccer gear, and you're always perfect in your bohemian pieces. Loving your hair, these days ... very 60s!

  7. Don't you wish those beautifying apps and tools can be used in real life? Click a button and all your makeup and everything is done perfectly in a second.

  8. You look amazing in every one of your vintage wonders! I love the hat- so think you need to put it on your head and wear ti stat!

  9. Love that warehouse of well-staged vintage goodness. I want one! One cane dream. Love your outfit photos as always. I need to get to snapping some of these :) I want to start wearing more vintage.

  10. Ha! I get weird feelings about things matching too. That's a gorgeous hat. I love how you shopped the shit out of the store - great phrase. And you DO look like Barbie. I like your natural face best but it's way to fun not to try this other stuff whenever we feel like it.