Sunday, January 25, 2015

So Much Good Beer & Food

One of our favorite little brewery/bar to hang is Burial.  It is a small, but awesome little family owned spot.  On Sundays they have delicious food at noon and then live music.

This was the menu today and it was amazing.  They have a little tiny outdoor kitchen set up on the patio where they cook right in front of you.  I should of taken pics of the food, but I didn't, I just ate it.  The red velvet waffles were so yum!  I had the Donut Skillet Stout (my usual) and they actually put a donut hole from Vortex Donuts on a little stick in your beer and it pairs so well.  A portion of the money they make from the Sunday brunches go to a local food charity.  The music was great, as well.

There was a poet:

The music was fantastic!  My friend snapped a shot of our kids while we were hanging outside.  They have a big outdoor area and there are always tons of families and kids.  There is really every age group from 20-70.  Asheville has a super inclusive vibe.

I wore a 60s shirt with a pointed collar and back zipper.  I didn't like the full length pics even though I did really like my outfit.   I wore flared jeans with it.

Pic of the bling!

Hooking up with Patti's Visible Monday!!!

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