Sunday, April 5, 2015

DooDoo Brown

Everybody is talking about 70s fashion.  I am happy to see it pop up again, but I do admit there are some funny qualities about it.

Here is me in all my late 60s/early 70s glory.

(Disclaimer: BeautyFace app!!!!)  These poly knit or whatever back zipper shirts have been my jam since high school.  I've always liked them.  This one is the classic DooDoo brown and Pumpkin Orange color scheme that was immensely popular.  

These clogs (or ankle-breakers, as I like to call them) were on mega sale at Sierra Trading Post.  I have a hard time finding size 9 vintage shoes.

Another poly knit shirt on a different day.  This one a lovely maroon and navy blue striped situation.  Also, this big vintage yellow necklace (also shown here with one of my fav shirts).  (Shirt now for sale here!!)  At one point it was for sale in my booth and really reasonably priced.  I was packing things away to move and tried it on and instantly fell in love.  I'm glad it never sold!  I wear it ALL the time.  Also, my dad's vintage belt.  Annnnd these thrifted flared G@@dwill jeans that are actually new T@rget stock.  They have a deal with each other and now sell their clothes at discounted prices.  They were $10.  More than a used pair, but still super reasonable.  I also like the high waist and flared cut.  I wear them so much!!!!

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P.S. I dedicate this post featuring 70s style to Connie Pappalardo


  1. Wow, I love your interpretation of '70s style. The first photo, you look like an anime star.

  2. You know I love the 1970s, too. I'm glad that top didn't sell 'cos you rock it! x

  3. So much better when the trends are interpreted by those who like it in their DNA, which I guess those who sell vintage does, for instance, you.

  4. Yes, you really own the 70's style - great look! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  5. Oh, you're back!! I am SO happy to see you here again. You look fabulous, darling, and I am LOVING your cat-eye. I'm a size nine, too, and it's true that they are hard to find. is another great resource (it's Zappo's clearing house). And - LOL - pumpkin!

  6. Fab tops, they look ace on you, but for me roll necks are a no no no can't bear the feeling of them round my throat!

  7. Nice pieces. I grew up in the Seventies so my memories of that time are very fond. I love bell-bottoms and brightly-colored shirts.

  8. Brown and orange, the colour combination that shouts Seventies! I love the styles of that decade, and you rock the sweaters, flares and clogs, Becky! xxx

  9. You look perfect in all of that 1970s finery. Love all the pieces, the comphy clogs, your hair and make-up :) I've been obsessed with 60s-70s as a style muse lately, too. It's been hard not to scoop up every piece I see from the era.