Sunday, April 19, 2015

Outfits Only

Going to keep this short & sweet.  Just a little outfit recap.

First off is these sweet vintage overalls I got of Etsy with a thrifted vintage 80s Cozumel souvenir t-shirt with sweet white piping.  I would like to say that while I have not been to Cozumel, I have been to Mexico, so I feel the shirt is warranted.  Also, I love it.

Next, my vintage skirt that was a hand me down from my mom:

Wearing lots of vintage, second-hand, and gifted accessories.  Old thrifted Dawn of the dead tee.  

Both the skirt and overalls were shown last in this post here.

This is me wearing my Karina dress I won in Patti's Visible Monday giveaway.  I wasn't sure if it was going to work for me.  My build has not worked well with wrap dresses in the past, so I was weary.  I picked the Daisy Wrap Black Neutral Floral print  because the dark floral print reminded me of the 80s/90s grunge dresses I used to wear and I felt the shape was a bit sexier.

I love, love, love it!!!!!  Super easy and comfy to wear!  Def going to be a go-to spring/summer/fall dress for me.  I got compliments yo :D
My favorite part is the low cut front and the flutter sleeves.  I am small busted with broad shoulders and often find this shape works well for me.

Wanted to thank both Karina dresses and Patti for the opportunity!!  My only wish would be that they would make an even sexier version!!  Almost veering into 70s wrap disco territory.  I would be v into that for sure.

Love & Light,
<3 <3 <3


  1. First, congratulations on having a mother with taste and tell her I said so. Second, I too have an orange Cozumel t-shirt and let's start a trend. Third, everybody EVERYBODY looks amazing in a wrap dress - and you are no exception!

    SO happy to have you back.

  2. I love the retro vibes you have going here, in the overalls and the flowy skirt from your mum. Great Cozumel T.
    What's interesting about Karina is their dresses can be adapted so well to suit the wearer, like how you've hiked the grunge vibe. It looks great on you!

  3. That dress really is so great on you ! And oh how i want overalls now ...

  4. I'm not a fan of wrap dresses in general but that one looks fabulous on you. Shows off your bod a treat! xxx

  5. You look fabulous in your Karina wrap dress, Becky! I often wish you were still in Tampa so we could shop together. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  6. You look great in the Karina dress, what a fab win! And the hand-me-down skirt from your mum is a beauty. xxx

  7. I wish I could wear wrap dresses, I'm the wrong shape somehow. You look fab in yours mind.

  8. Really cute overalls and great wrap dress!

    Alena &

  9. You are such a beauty, you could wear a bag and pull it off, Becky! Cute choices, though, and I love your summery look. Hope you and yours are thriving!

  10. I think you pulled off the dress so well and it's not overly sweet with the edgier accessories.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  11. Sorry I'm so late to the party! I'm only getting to read blog posts once a week now. You look greaaaaaat. Always!

  12. Hi Becky!

    You are so such a beautiful darling with those long bangs and huge eyes!! I love these vintage pieces you've styled and the skirt from your mom is perfectly accessorized with the antique-looking chunky jewelry!

    Kiss kiss,

    adorn la femme

  13. That Karina Dress! SO SO pretty! Lucky you!