Friday, June 5, 2015

Clothes Clothes Clothes

Vintage 70s/80s red, white, & blue chevron striped shirt with vintage jeans and vintage shell necklace. 

Vintage 80s guazy cotton trapeze tank top and vintage abalone shell necklace. 

Vintage 90s (Express or The Limited???) sequin tank top.

Vintage 90s GAP shirt and 80s midi skirt with pockets---trying to decide if it's a keeper or not.  I don't like it with this shirt, that's for sure---this outfit will not be repeated :(  

Vintage asian style print dress and kimono----favorite outfit by farrrrrrrr!

Another 70s/80s red, white, & blue striped shirt----I guess these colors and stripes are sort of my thing.  Vintage 70s leather braided belt that was dad's.   

Catherine Ogust shirt again. 

Vintage 80s BodyCentral sheer blouse and vintage jeans. 

Bunch of basic ootd's featuring lots of denim and vintage.  



  1. In strong competition the winner is the vintage asian style!

  2. Yes, the maxi will always get my vote, of course, but I must say all the cute little tops with jeans look really cool too. Looking gorgeous, Becky! xxx

  3. I like the limited/express green shirt.

  4. Vintage denim is the best. LOVE it when I score vintage Levi's at the thrift shop. I'm loving that midi skirt, too, though I agree with you that the t-shirt isn't it's best partner. Maybe if it were white? Gauze tops, I miss gauze tops. EVERYWHERE in the '60s & '70s, so hard to find now!

  5. Love the maxi and kimono as much that I've just dug one of mine out to wear next week! All the outfits are fab and that midi would look fantastic with a tight red tee. xxx

  6. The asian style with the kimono is a winner ! Great look ! And the green top i also like a bit moore but all of them are great.

  7. Oh I love that dress and kimono look- wonderful! Also love that top in the last photo- such an amazing print. Lally X

  8. There is so much vintage cute in this post! I especially love the green shirt!