Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Game Day & Tiger Bay Cafe

Sooooooooo, today was a big game day.  Liverpool vs. Sevilla and my boy's team lost :(

He is a big time soccer fan.  More on that later, but let's just say he was super stoked and looking forward to this game.  He wore his vintage 1991 Liverpool jersey in anticipation.  Looking super fine if I do say so myself.  He'd probably say it too, tho.

Before the game we decided to pop out for lunch.  We have a pretty tight budget, so we picked a really reasonable little lunch spot we'd both been wanting to try.  It's a combo coffee bar & cafe.

It's called BattleCat Coffee Bar.  I've had the coffee and stuff, but never eaten at the little cafe inside, called Tiger Bay Cafe.

It has a super lovely outdoor area

We headed straight through to the back to Tiger Bay Cafe since we were starved! 

We got the Smoked Chicken Salad Wrap & the Chicken Avacodo Panini.  It was like $16 or something including a 20% tip.

The super cute staff let me take her pic!  She had a lovely accent and when I accidentally gave her my old bank card and it got declined, she insisted I cut it up immediately so I wouldn't keep making the same mistake lololol!!!!  She grabbed the scissors and was basically helping me live my life!!  The bf----who I like to call "CandyMan" (mf eats a LOT of candy) was like, "I've been trying to get her to do that FOREVER!"
Srsly tho...  U think I'm gonna listen to him?  I did what the cute cafe lady asked immediately hahahaha!!!!!

 One thing I love about Asheville is all the art.  I've mentioned before it's been called 'The Paris of the South' and is a huge haven for artists.  Many small local biz support local artists and have a lot of displays.

Cute little spaces to eat and hang in here!!

This is the BattleCat area in the front where you can grab coffee and beer and stuff among other refreshments.

You know how it goes with the phone pics!!!  So sorry for the poor quality, but I think you get the gist.
The day was so lovely we obvi sat outside.  This is bae b4 he knew his team would lose.

He drank an IPA.  I think it was 2 Hearted...   And I drank a Crispin Cider.

We split our meals bcuz we like to share and get to taste more stuff.  Both were SOOOOO delish.  I think the Chicken Avacodo Panini was my fav this round tho, but I wouldn't say no to the Smoke Chicken Wrap!!!


On the way home we stopped at Ingles and I grabbed guess what???  Some more hot sauce!!  This is a local Asheville made sauce called Firewalker Hot Sauce that I really like a lot.  So does my bff Sam.  Sam and I first had it over cheese sticks at a local pub.  CandyMan claims it's not hot enough so I guess the whole bottle is for me and my girl if there is any left when she gets here for another visit.

Off to check out what everyone else is up to!!!

Love & Light

Asheville Little House 


  1. Gosh I love these sweet little local artsy places. I feel sorry for the snobby rich people that never visit the funky places. They ain't livin'. (Can you tell that I live around on bunch of snobby people?)

  2. Bella and I absolutely CANNOT live without hot sauce. It's like "we have no foooooood!" if it's all gone hahaaa!! I would love to visit that gorgeous place - just my cuppa tea! Thank you for sharing sweets - sorry the boy lost tho' xoxoxoox

  3. Nooooo! If I'd known your man was a Liverpool fan I'd have bought him something I saw in a charity shop yesterday. If its still there next week I'll get it!!
    Loved this post, great to follow you about and see what you get up to. That cafe is so cool! xxx

  4. Oh, damn that looks glorious. Sorry about Liverpool. I, too, am having sports anxiety as my beloved Oklahoma Thunder is struggling...but, honey, what I REALLY want to know is what were you WEARING?

  5. Dang I wish we had places like that around here. He had one cool spot downtown but only like 20 of the same people ever went to it so it closed. I used to host events there and even threw a massive birthday party for myself there with like 30 people I didn't even really like just to help support the biz. Man this town sucks.