Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day Sloots

Heyyyyyyyy hotties,

Here is another mad lazy post and I'm actually doing it on Mother's Day bcuz I do what I want.

This Adidas jacket was borrowed for the day bcuz somebody actually left it at my house so I basically had to wear it.  It's since been confiscated by it's original owner, but I'll always have this pic.

Annnnnd a vintage black tulle and sequin prom dress I've been hoarding, but can't actually really zip up w/o, you know, some major help...

It's now listed here:

Also, if you're interested or just nosey, check out the little Airbnb place I've got going on...  Asheville is a pretty sweet little city if you've been paying attention to my blog, you might want to visit :)

Love & Light,



  1. You are one busy little momma. What a shame they had to confiscate that sweatshirt. It look so cozy and broken in, the perfect thing to wear over a prom dress.

  2. I love prom dresses. I especially like that one. And, remember, Auntie Mame said if you can breathe, then it's not tight enough. I envision someday having a thrift shop that ONLY sells prom, black-tie, mother-of-the-bride, etc. And if I EVER go to Asheville (and one never knows, does one) I will DEFINITELY reside in your little BNB!